A Gnome By Any Other Name

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John Carlson (A.K.A. The Paranormalist) is a bipedal hominoid who can sometimes be found stalking the sidewalks of New Jersey USA or lurking at his favorite neighborhood watering hole. His wife and sons have put up with his interest in and occasional confrontations with the paranormal. John encourages readers of this website to share any personal experiences, if they wish to do so. You are not alone.

My paternal grandparents were from Sweden, and my grandmother would often tell me stories about the Tomtar, small gnomish folk who lived in the forest or on farms. My fascination with the wee folk began there. Here we explore these legends.

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My paternal grandmother was born in a rural area of Sweden in 1891, and when I was a boy she told me stories of the Tomtar,  small beings that took the appearance of old, bearded men. Tomtar were no more than 3 feet tall and wore pointed hats, which we’ve of course come to associate with gnomes and similar creatures. Legend tells that Tomtar were capable of invisibility and could shapeshift, sometimes taking the appearance of a large, grown man.

Also, according to legend — and Grandma Alice’s stories — Tomtar would usually be found on a farm and would carry out chores at night and help care for the farmer’s animals. It was thought to be bad luck to see one, but my grandmother claimed that she would often find his small footprints in the snow or mud around her home.

The Tomten
Tomten of Scandinavia

Although basically a benevolent spirit, Tomtarna were easily offended and could be vindictive. If, for example, Tomten felt that the farmer was mistreating his livestock, heard swearing in the barn, or neglecting to clean up a mess, he would become incensed and cause mischief. Items around the house were found broken, the milk curdled, even the cows’ tails tied together. Tomtar also became angered and would seek revenge if they were seen or if the farmer and his family failed to leave a bowl of porridge and butter out for him on Christmas Eve. My grandmother and her family used to follow this tradition, leaving out porridge with butter for Tomten each Christmas Eve.

My grandmother was quite insistent that the gnome-like Tomtarna were not merely the stuff of fairytale and legend, but real beings that occupied the farms and rural landscapes of Sweden. It was these stories that contributed to my lifelong fascination with tales of diminutive humanoids. Originally coming out of the pagan traditions regarding “earth spirits” and the worship of the natural world, Tomtarna later became associated with ungodly or heathen beliefs after the Christianization of Scandinavia. However, despite the sometimes negative association, they have remained a popular figure in Swedish folklore.

Obviously, the more familiar correlative is the Gnome, of which their are purportedly a great many variations and go by many names, including Erdmanleins (Germany), Nains (Britain), Nisse or Nissen (Norway and also Sweden), Tontti (Finland), Dudje (Bulgaria and Albania), and others. Not surprisingly, legends of little people are found not only in Europe, but throughout the world.

In North America the Native American people speak of “little feet” or “baby feet” that often inhabit mountainous regions or dwell underground. These beings are also said to have various magical and psychic powers, including the power of invisibility and to mentally confuse any human foolish enough to pursue them. Encounters with these entities are also associated with memory loss and periods of missing time, much akin to the reports that we hear in relation to the UFO/alien abduction phenomena (a subject that I’ll save for another post). An excellent article on Native American lore concerning little people or babyfeet in North America can be found on Dr. Karl Shuker’s blog.

Pedro Mountain Mummy - 14" high
Pedro Mountain Mummy – 14″ high

In 1932, gold prospectors Cecil Main and Frank Carr, blasting open the walls of a gulch in the Pedro Mountains of Wyoming, discovered a cavern that had been sealed behind a wall of rock. Within the cavern sat, cross-legged, a small, wizened figure no more than 14″ high. The tiny manneken was naturally preserved and mummified, having been spared from the elements because of that fact that it was sealed within the cave. The creature was removed from the cavern and later examined and underwent an x-ray analysis by Dr. Henry Shapiro of the American Museum of Natural History. The fact that the little man sported a full set of teeth and a fully-fused skull dispelled any possibility of the small humanoid being an infant. Interestingly, the Shoshone people told of the Nimerigar, a small, aggressive people who occupied that region of Wyoming. The Nimerigar were supposed to have hunted with bows and poison arrows and lived in the Wind River and Pedro Mountains.

Personally, the question that I most frequently ponder is “are accounts of these creatures merely folklore, or are they based in truth?” I imagine that posing this question would be much more quickly dismissed prior to 2004’s discovery of Homo floresiensis on the Indonesian island of Flores. These diminutive humanoids, which have become known as “hobbits”, appears to be a separate species of human that only grew about a meter tall. The bones found are believed to be as young as 13,000 years old, demonstrating that this tiny human lived at the same time as modern Homo sapiens. If a distinctly different version of humanoid existed alongside modern humans, I believe that we must entertain the idea that other such diminutive humanoids may have lived elsewhere throughout the world.

In South America many of the native people speak of the Duende, a race of small goblin- or gnome-like creatures that make their home in the surrounding forests and mountains. Recently, a video of a small, pointy-hatted being in Argentina surfaced on the Internet. The creature, if it is a fake, is a convincing one. It shuffles out of some high grass with a strange sideways gait, into a road as a group of teenagers returning from a fishing trip lounge nearby. The boys seem genuinely startled, judging from the scream that escapes one of them as the being appears.

The video, of course, is so outlandish that it has been dismissed by most who have seen it, but coming from a graphics background I’m of the opinion that this creature is not a CGI creation, and it certainly seems to be quite diminutive — of proportions that you might only see from a person who suffers from primordial dwarfism, an exceedingly rare condition. His hat barely clears the high grass out of which it shuffles. I’ve posted it below for the readers to judge for themselves.

So, is it possible that little people once existed, or do currently exist? If so, are they flesh-and-blood beings such as ourselves, simply an undiscovered race of creatures that have cleverly hidden from us? Or, are they something more than that? Are they of an interdimensional or paranormal nature? Folklore has consistently described them as having magical gifts and properties but is that nothing more than myth and fairytale?

As the newer developments in quantum physics point us to a different view of the nature of reality, that we exist not in a Universe, but a Multiverse is it possible that there might be beings that can traverse these different planes of existence, moving between our reality and others? What connection, if any, have reports of these creatures in a paranormal context have to do with the modern reports of alien abductions and missing time experiences? This is an area that I personally find fascinating and will revisit frequently in the course of my writing on this blog. Meanwhile, I encourage anyone who has an opinion about such matters to comment on this article.

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  1. Hello John, After reading these posts, I realized something strange from the past, here goes; I am from Texas and am now 43 years old, but My wife and I moved to Colorado in 1990, We lived there for 8 years, In 1996 we were living in Loveland, Co., You could see the Devils backbone from our front yard in the foothills, and sometimes you could see Indian’s performing rituals there, this is in the foothills on backroads – only 2 or 3 miles from the highway entry to the Roosevelt Forest, on your way to Estes Park(you know where the Stanley Hotel is) through the Big Thompson River Canyon, anyway one morning in 1996 probably April or May of that year, I woke up before sunrise probably about 5:30 AM, and as soon as I opened my eyes there was this strange Goldish/yellow colored little old man with a hat on, I was instantly in shock, he was sitting/ or hunched down there with his/it’s back against the wall, only about a foot or so tall, he was not clearly defined as it was all 1 Goldish hazy color, but I could see it was an old man wearing some kind of old hat, and it never looked at me, just stared straight ahead! Well I thought I would have a heart attack, I couldn’t speak, and just rolled over clumsily trying to wake up my wife who was asleep on the other side of the bed, I always thought it was a ghost or something, but now I believe it must have been one of these little people, there were alot of rocks in the back yard of this 2 story home- probably limestone – and I mean tons of them in the ground and a large number of them exposed where the soil was washed away like an embankment, with a small river down the hill below, man really weird stuff though, also my wife and I once saw a long telephone cord rise in the air and dance around in the same home, we just looked at each other in disbelief, I was raised in a Christian home and had never seen anything like this before, I have since moved back to Texas, one other thing about Colorado, I was picking my wife up from the Summit Restaurant where she worked at about 9:00 PM in 1998 shortly before we left Co., and pulled out on this same highway that was about 4 miles up the road from the entrance road/highway to the Roosevelt forest in Loveland, we had just pulled out on the road, and a Giant White Owl at least 3 feet or more tall landed in the road in front of our car, I mean I had to stomp the brakes and come to a complete stop, it’s eyes were freaking huge! Bigger than Silver dollars and glowing bright yellow – very surreal, I couldn’t believe what I / We were seeing, I honked the horn, and it just sat there for a minute or 2, which seemed like a long time, it finally flew away, but no one believes how huge it was, but I know what we saw! Anyway, hopefully this seems interesting to someone, if you need any more details – feel free to ask, Thanks, Charles

    • Hi Charles — What I’m finding particularly interesting is the fact that there were those large rocks on (and under) your property. I’ve gotten other comments and emails from people who have said they’ve seen these small humanoids in areas where there were large rocks and boulders nearby. I’m wondering about the significance of this, if there is one. So what happened after you awoke your wife? Was it still there, or did it disappear? Any other sightings of this entity by you or your wife, or physical evidence such as footprints? Just curious.

      Interesting about owl too. I’m sure you’ve probably heard about owl sightings being associated with missing time incidents and alien abduction. Was there any unaccounted loss of time when you saw this huge owl? I know that the North American Great Horned Owls can be up to two feet in height/length, but three feet is unusually large. Also odd that it was white. I know that there are white owls, but as far as I know, the Great Horned Owls aren’t normally white. Since they’re the largest species I’d assume that’s what it was — if it was a “real” owl. When I was doing our old podcast show we had a couple of interesting talks about large bird sightings. I’ve always found these stories fascinating.

      If anything else comes to mind, please let me know! I appreciate your sharing this.


  2. Hello John, Thanks for the quick reply, when I managed to awaken my wife, the thing(Golden little old man) was no longer there, And as I said – I was badly shaken for a couple hours, even days as I remember, we noticed a few strange things in the house through the time we were there renting the place, as for the rocks, there are tons of giant boulders as you go into the Thompson Canyon, I mean giant walls of them, cliff looking areas, I mean we’re talking the Rocky Mountains here, there’s stones in the ground everywhere around there, but anyway as far as the Owl, It was a completely White Owl – like a snow Owl – think of the front cover of Rush-Fly By Night 1974 Album Cover, but gigantic – seriously over 3 to 4 feet Tall! The size of a 7 or 8 year old healthy child, I know it’s hard to believe – but it is the truth as I know it, funny thing is years before on a road miles from the area at night(still in Northern Colorado), we saw a giant white owl fly off of a tree in front of us on an old back road(black top) which was very similar to the one we encountered in the highway, the same owl – I don’t know how many Giant white Owls there are there, but the odds aren’t that good for there being a bunch of them! I hope it wasn’t a cover for alien abduction as you brought up, missing time I don’t recall as we had no pressing engagements on the the night in question, but I certainly hope not, I would be really worried if I thought that were the case, anyway , hope that answers your questions, your welcome to ask more, Thanks, Charles

    • Great! Thanks, Charles. I’m planning to start doing a monthly podcast soon and I’d love to speak with you.

      Sorry, didn’t mean to worry you concerning the owl sighting. Sounds like a legitimate sighting of a very unusually large bird. But, owls are often a “screen memory” when missing time incidents are involved, which is why I had to ask. Curiously, I am listening to Rush’s Fly By Night album right now. Spooky!

  3. Opps, forgot to say that, as far as Footprints, I never noticed any, but I never really looked for footprints, because I had assumed that it must have been a ghost or guardian angel or something like that I had seen, but it scared the you know what out of me! And as for the Giant White Owl, My wife Tammie saw this giant owl on both occasions with me, so I know I’m not nuts, you can interview her sometime if you want, I can send you my personal phone number through e-mail if you like, Thanks, Charles

  4. Wow Jon, I’ve been enthralled for the past hour or so reading your post and all the comments. Personally I feel we attract certain types of elements into our lives. For some those elements are bad, for others good and for even others a wild mix of the two. I also feel we can protect ourselves through keeping our control and not giving it over to others.

    Like you, I feel good and evil are relative and not a certainty. There’s just so much that could be said here. Thanks for the wonderful blog! Hugs, Elaine

  5. I had an occurrence/sighting about 3 weeks ago, in Northern California while driving the Coast Highway. I wouldn’t pursue trying to find out more about this, at first I wasn’t sure myself, however I can not get it out of my mind. I was in a forested section of the highway, driving north, and as I rounded the corner, I swear I saw a small man type figure (gnome?), no more than about 2 -2.5 ft tall, dressed in dark pants, coat, and hat (not pointy) step from the side of the road into the bushes, simply disappearing. I don’t look for such things, but my mind instantly recorded it as a possibility. As I was not sure of what I saw, i delayed asking my wife, who was sitting right next to me, and has had paranormal experiences herself; she didn’t see anything. I guess I’m not absolutely sure about what I saw, but I know it was unusual. Charlie

    • Charlie — I get enough emails and comments on the blog about such sightings that I have to believe that there’s something to it. If these beings exist, then they’re either of a paranormal nature (perhaps physical beings that can cross through their plane of reality into ours) or they’re a race of humanoid creatures that have co-existed with humans throughout our history and have managed to have effectively concealed their presence through the years, outside of the occasional sighting. The third possibility of course is that these are all lies, hoaxes, mistaken identification of existing animals, etc. But given that tales about the presence of little folk go back thousands of years and exist in every culture throughout the world, I’m led to think that it’s possible that they may exist.

      Thanks for letting us know about this. By the way, any other strange sightings or odd/unexplained occurrences happen to you recently or at any other point in your life? I find that a lot of people, when they think about it, recall that they’ve had other strange unusual events happen to them at least once. Just curious.

      Than ks again — John

  6. Back when my daughter was born (1997) my husband saw a gnome looking down our daughter in her crib. He turned on the light late at night to check on her and their he was. His back was against the wall and his arms were holding himself up on top of the crib side. He didn’t look scary but it was almost look like he was checking on her. When the gnome saw my husband he pushed himself up, raised his arms up in the air and down he went. He ran to get a flashlight to look under the crib but couldn’t find him. Never saw him again. My husband still recalls the events, his clothing and the expression on the gnomes face to this very day. Freaky. I know he wouldn’t make that up. We live in Florida.


  7. I believe that these types of encounters will incease in frequency, the closer we get to 2012 and beyond. The planets frequency is being raised, and more love will come into the world. That day where it is so that humanity nolonger oppresses, suppress, hate, or hunt beings different from ourselves, many beings that have been hidden from us for centuries, or even millennia, will once again be visible. But only good such beings will be seen, the evil ones will not even be able to appear to our eyes anymore.

    • Manindra — That may very well be. I’ve heard others express similar thoughts about a spiritual change on the horizon and it’s possible effects on our perception. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  8. John, the comments by Charles Yancey, about a huge white owl seen on two occasions by him and his wife, could have been a psy-ops kinda thing akin to the type in the movie “The Fourth Kind”, where victims of supposed Sumerian “Gods”/Annunaki type of Extraterrestrial abduction all saw an owl (can´t recall if it was white, though), that was sitting outside of their homes, prior to extremely scary events, that had some of them crippled, and at least two people dead. Several people went missing, simply dissapeared. This owl later is stated as thought to be unreal, to simply not exist, but somehow being induced into the minds of people in that scenario which the movie is based on. A kind of psy-ops owl, if you will, psychologically induced into the minds of hapless victims.

    CNN ran a story years back about it, maybe it was all true, I have no idea. But I find it likely that some powers that be could find it usefull to mess with peoples minds, to induce fear, and use it against them for ulterior purposes. Such as with 9/11 2001, which has been proved dozens of times by experts worldwide to be a false-flag operation started by intelligence agencies in the US for si´nister purposes (a controlled demolition made to look like a terrorist attack – plenty of Youtube videoes on it). Here is the link to a Wikipedia article on that movie:


    One of the scariest movies I ever saw, until I found another article on the internet (I cannot find it anymore, though), in which it was explained that it was not at all Extraterrestrials who were behind the horror the movie depicts (the movie claims that the story is based on real events), but Goverment Agents trying to put a fear of such into innocent people, for sinister reasons, by sending first sleeper gas into their homes, after which they messed so badly with their minds in the unconscious state through hypnosis, pychological warfare, that the victims thought later that they had been visited, operated on, by real ET beings, when instead it was just some psychos from one of the many covert military programs that whistle blowers have been talking about for years.

    The article I read (it has vanished from the Google search results), also stated that in addition to using sleeper gas, the people behind the false-flag operation used covertly obtained anti-gravity technology with magnetic tractor beams-tech mounted on stealth helicopters to steal the child of one of the victims, a psychologist who interviewed several of the victims (as portrayed in the movie by Milla Jovovich. In the movie, one thinks it´s a UFO that does it. Could be, could have been in the real past scenario that the movie claims to mimick. I do not know if the US Government has been in bed with evil ET´s to abduct humans. Maybe, for actually some sources on the internet have stated that there has been a programme of abductees-for-advanced ET Tech programme.

    But if so, I do believe it has been stopped, or will be, by much more powerfull good ET´s. I think, though, that whomever were behind that horror, would be fully capable of “appearing” UFO´s where they want even though they may not have been real. It is also known as stage-craft, which is supposed to be part of false-flag operations that seek to create mass-panic in populations worldwide in order to get people to support wars for instance. Today, based on what I know now, I believe that the events depicted in that movie, could have been merely experiments on a smaller scale as preparations for psy-ops on a much larger scale.

    All this about covert programs (I included it, because I found it relevant as part of this thread, where there are many reports of sightings of otherworldly beings since I think that at least some of these could be fakes by powers-that-be) have now been nearly fully exposed publicly by worldfamous UFO Authority #1, Steven M. Greer, in his book Hidden Truth Forbidden Knowledge. And also in countless interviews with him by media worldwide, and also during numerous UFO Conventions, to having been behind the covert theft of upwards 2.4 Trillion Dollars over decades to fund a subversion of the American Constitution for a worldwide Fascist Nazi Fourth Reich take-over as also forewarned of constantly by Alex Jones over on Prisonplanet.com. I followed both or years, and I can see that that which they warn of actually happens.

    And, the good news, it is being countered, stopped, killed in infancy, by citizens everywhere, who are waking up! But the only place where that is being told is on the internet. Because, many say, the media is so heavily controlled and manipulated, that it would never come out on tv.

    Richard Dolan talks of this specifically in the Youtube movie about the secret space program, where he shows how it was discovered that all of that money had gone missing, unaccounted for. Greer and his team has over 500 witnesses who formerly worked for these programs, and who got enough of the secrecy, and defected. There are live videostreams of the first internet conference from 2001 in the New York Press Club, where he and 20 such witnesses came forth and out of the secrecy for the first time.

    In order to plan and carry-out all of that, Greer has stated several times, and based off of direct interviews with inner circle people, and the people who worked for those covert programs, they had to create their own Shadow Government, free from all oversight, and checks by the Congress, Military, people etc. as forewarned of by President Eisenhower in his farewell speech in 1954 about the dangers of disastrous misplacement of power by the Military Industrial Complex. It is posted directly on Disclosureproject.com mainpage as text and video). So beware! Be prepared. Don´t be fooled!

    In case, it wasn´t a psy-ops owl, then it is possible that it came from the Inner Earth through hidden airshafts inside the mountains (didn´t Charles Yancey write that he saw the huge white owl in a mountaineous area?), and out on the surface to do whtever it wants to do.

    A Clairvoyant woman once told me that she could feel that there are living Dinosaurs inside our Earth, living under our feet, in what could be a legendary Shangri-La, sequestered away from us surface dwellers until a time where love rules the world again, and not hate or fear with what it makes people do to eachother. Pre-historic Pterodactyls are said to be flying around in remote areas of the world, where they can live undisturbed by people who may want to make money off of the sensation their proved existence would give them, or who might want to put them in a Zoo.

    The worldfamous Explorer David H. childress wrote an article on the internet about this Cryptozoologic topic, where he stated that he thought that these fantastic birds live in the Chilean desert, the Atacama Desert I think it is called (never been there or to the US, so sorry for any errors), where the remoteness of the wilderness there would allow for them to live autonomously. I once read that such predator birds have been known to attack motorists on highways in the southern most part of Argentina. As for the article by Childress, I have read many of his books, and he is right about a lot of what he asserts on mostly ancient cities around the world. Here is the link to that article:


    Here is another link, to a Youtube video called Living Dino Tribute which shows what must be an authentic, downed Pteranodon or Pterodactyl:


    A Yogi whom I know, said to me a couple of years ago that one of this friends has seen living Pterodactyls flying high in the Himalayas, and that they use Black Magic. Maybe to conceal themselves, when not wanting to be seen, like Gnomes may do?

    A woman whos name is Laura M. Eisenhower (grandchild of U.S. President Eisenhower) states in a Youtube interview, that we need to free ourselves from FEAR, as this is being used heavily to incapacitate us all to not discover our true spiritual potential (for reasons of power and control), and so rather than being imprisoned by fear, we should boldly endeavour to be positive, take care of our bodies and minds, and become strong so none of all of that low-frequency satanic stuff done by stupid men and women who apparently in their insanity think they can stop the New Age of Light (dimensional shift hinted at in my first comment) through grotesque manipulations of people worldwide.

    Then I am sure that many things that we see will be interpreted right, and not wrong, as through fear. We really only have to fear…fear itself. About taking care of our bodies, I think she means to not take things into it that will harm it or weaken it, such as the poisons of alcohol, excessive sugar from soft drinks, candies, symptom-controlling drugs instead of causally healing herbs etc. Alcohol has done a lot of damage to myself, and I am done with it for good.

  9. Hello, I just read your article about gnomes and some of the legends and also saw that mummified gnome and wanted to tell you that my husband and I had an encounter with what I can only describe as a gnome . It lived in an old shack on the property that we were living on . The old shack was just creepy and none of the animals domestic or wildlife would go near it and my husband and I heard a huge fight or something going on in the shack and my husband went to see what was happening as it sounded as though a cat were trapped in a rat trap or something and when he went in he found a cat lying in a corner that looked as though it had been put through a meat grinder , when he went back in to take the cat to bury it the cat was gone and there was no way it got up walked out and we never saw anyone or anything come out of that shack . We saw it at night , well early in the morning actually usually around 3 in the morning and it had the most evil chuckle I have ever heard . It wore maroon colored pants that were baggy , a yellow shirt brown vest type thing , a waist coat I think it is called and a red pointed hat . It would sit at the pond in our front yard and I believe he was catching the Coy fish that I put in the pond . I believe that he would look through our windows at different times and that was just the creepiest feeling . It would imitate our voices and make it sound like we were calling to each other when we weren’t. We have two year old twin daughters and I was always worried about them . You know how as children we hear things about children being abducted by mythical creatures and I always worried that the creepy creature would steal one or both or our daughters in the night . Needless to say we didn’t get much sleep while living there . We just recently found out about another family who lived in the same house and had similar experiences with the creepy gnome thing and she and I went to the house just to make sure we were talking about the same place . We had thought we might take pictures of that shack but it was torn down and the woman who lives there now didn’t want to talk to us about it . I can honestly tell you that that was one of the most if not “the most”frightening thing I have ever dealt with . My husband and I are both military , I was in the Army and my husband was in the Marines and we both served in Iraq and Afghanistan and we both saw combat but even that didn’t seem as frightening as the experience we had with that creepy gnome creature . The other lady who had the experience with the creepy creature also had children and she and her little boy who was 4 I think saw the thing one evening as they returned home from shopping . It did the same creepy grin and chuckle that it did to us .One thing that really made that thing look sinister and evil were it’s teeth , it had long jagged teeth and seemed to love to inflict fear by showing them . I never really thought about these things still existing , I believe they did at one because the legends and lore had to start some where . If some one else had told me that they had experienced what we did I would not have believed them but seeing it for myself I know they are out there and having met some one else that lived in the same house and had the same exact experience tells me I’m not crazy and didn’t dream it all . After we started seeing that creature I went on the internet and looked up everything I could find about them and then on youtube I saw several videos of gnomes . There was a couple that seemed to be more convincing than others . I just hope that I never experience anything like that again . I still would like to know where they come from and how did they get here . I have a couple of little girls that live by me and they keep insisting that there are real fairies in my garden by my pond . They are so sincere and since my experience I don’t want to tell them that fairies don’t exist as they very well may exist .
    Thanks for reading this

    • Hi Charlie — I receive a lot of interesting comments on this blog and emails from people with all sorts of strange experiences, but yours is definitely among the most fascinating that I’ve heard. I do believe that these beings exist. They may be a race of creatures that have co-existed with man throughout history, but have remained, for the most part, wary of us and in hiding. Or, they might be interdimensional / paranormal types of creatures that enter or world from another parallel reality. Whatever the case may be, I do think that they’re real.

      Just out of curiosity, can you tell me what state this took place and the time frame (years) that this occurred? It sounds as if it was a fairly rural, isolated area, but I’d like to get a better idea of the surroundings. You may have come across some of Jason Offut’s articles, but he had one on his blog that seemed somewhat similar to yours. I believe it took place in California. If you Google ‘jason offut gnome’ you can find some of his articles. His blog is https://from-the-shadows.blogspot.com/ and he wrote an interesting article here: https://www.examiner.net/lifestyle/storytellers/x1800183640/Offutt-Evil-gnome-terrorizes-family.

      I recently interviewed a man who grew up nearby here in northeastern NJ who claimed to have been terrorized by a gnome-like creature when he was a child. His brothers all have described seeing the creature and being frightened by it as well. I’m left to believe that there’s something to these stories. Thanks again for sharing this with me. If you think of any other details, I’d love to hear about them. A final question, if I may: have you or your husband had any other strange encounters or experiences during your lives? Doesn’t necessarily have to be gnome- or creature-related, just things that were strange or unexplainable. I find that often people who have one odd experience often have others when they think about it. They may seem unrelated, but my feeling is that they are not. Thanks again, Charlie. — John

  10. Charlie Epps, you wrote:

    “I still would like to know where they come from and how did they get here.”

    My reply:

    These beings that you have described could be Dero´s, short for Detrimental Robots, which I first read about in a book catalogue published by Adventures Unlimited Press. I read about it in connection with a listed book about a man called Ray Palmer and the Shaver Mystery.

    I didn´t read the book itself, but on the internet there is a number of articles on it, which explain that he too had had encounters with evil gnome-like beings. He thought that they lived in the deep underground, and that they used ancient machinery to create havoc on the surface world. In the article I read, there was mention of a psychic woman who had showed someone who these beings were and that they had cities underground. Hard to believe for some, who have been raised on the belief that we are the only dwellers on the planet save for animals, plants and insects etc. But that is a lie propagated for personal reasons by the Establishment, I believe.

    I have had direct encounter with one of these, but I do not fear them as much as others may do as I would rather get curious, or angry, than scared. I saw one such being, black like coal, out of the corner of my eye, one day in the Spring of this year. I was in a garden in Copenhagen, when I felt this presence, and could see peripherally, out of the corner of my eye, that something was watching me, on a roof to my left. When I turned to see what it was, it vanished! It felt mean, with malicious intent, but it apparently chose to dissapear.

    Upon viewing a video on Youtube about Tesla Lightwall Teleportation technology, I believe that these gnomes sighted around the world are coming from a secret and very ancient civilisation that had to retreat underground long ago thanks to issues pertaining to the Sun´s rays that made it lethal to them. But in order to reach the surface faster than normal travel through tunnels and caves allow, they have developed teleportation technology to reach the surface very fast. Otherwise, the being that I saw, could not vanish like it did. For it was surely there, I both felt it and saw it.

    I believe that they can see us on the surface, from where they live, and that they can pinpoint any point on the surface with their technology, and then lock on to it, and lo and behold, they are teleported to that point. And back again from it to where they came from if they need to get away quickly. Reason I believe they teleport, and not interdimensionally shift, is because beings of such mean intent, cannot go to any higher dimensions above our 3. Dimension, and if they come from any lower dimension I find it incredible if they could even shift from that to ours being as lowfrequency as they must be. Hate begets crudeness which begets low vibration which begets low dimension. So they teleport, not phase shift. They cannot. Not easily at least.

    Teleportation is to disintegrate matter and rearrange it. Phase shift, or dimensional shifting, is to raise or lower ones vibration so one is visible only where the phased into frequency rules. Like a tuner on a radio, the higher or lower you go, the more “channels” you hear. So, like there is the FM and AM frequency modulation band, there is the the dimensional frequency band too. They cannot use that, since they are too low in frequency to rise higher. Unless technology can protect them from the high vibes of our dimension and then allow them to stay for certain periods of time and then being forced to dissapear. With next years Photon Bell pass-through by our planet, I think their days of visiting us are over, as we will all go up at least one dimension higher than now. I think that they will blow up or simply die if they try to ascend up the dimensional ladder higher than the 3. Dimension.

    In the Norwegian movie, the Trollhunter, it is being stated that Trolls (meaning Monster, and it clearly not the real name of these beings, but a term given to them out of fear by early colonizers in Norway and other Scandinavian countries) will explode or turn to stone, if they are exposed to direct sunlight. I find it highly likely, that these Gnomes that you write of, are from the Dero race underground, and that there are many types of such Dero creatures. And I think that they are also what the Scandinavian ancient peoples called Trolls.

    One needs to be protected from such beings, which various types of spiritualists know how to get.

    Recently, we had two extremely strange accidents, near where I live, where cars crashed in ways that simply defy gravity. One with a woman inside it crashed into first one car, then a truck, which lifted her car up, punctured the chassis, and ripped the entire side open, with the loading ramp impossibly holding her car suspended in the air one side of it “glued” to th ramp, released it, with the right frontwheel being completely destroyed too when the car landed.

    Being on the scene of the accident when it happened, at first only hearing clearly first the crash, then nothing for a full two second, then another crash, then silence – I noticed near zero damage to the two cars that she hit, and I still cannot explain how it was possible for it to happen since there was no protruding part on the loading ramp which could so hold her car up in the air like that before it released the car.

    The other accident happened a couple of weeks later. Here, two cars hit eachother knocking the entire wheel shaft off of one of the cars, with there being damage from several, not one, impact on BOTH the cars, and with people on the scene wondering what the happened for hours. Nobody could explain how the two cars could crash in such a gravity defying way. For, if the one car hit the other, how can there be double impact damage on BOTH sides of BOTH cars seen so clearly, with also the wheelshaft knocked clean off?

    My conclusion is that somehow, somebody were remote-controlling the cars to crash in that otherwiseimpossible way. And it could well be that it was done by forces from the underground. We currently know nothing about the probably level of technology of any probably underground civilisation. Hence, we have no way of telling whether or not they could pull off such accidents. I believe that magnetic tractor beams were used to pull all of the involved cars into eachother, in both the accidents. And the ones using the beams, could see what happened on the surface while they did it, using remote viewing technology.

    Highly abusive of course, to use technology for such purposes. But the level of mischief that these Dero´s seem to want to do to us implies that they would likely not give a darn what they do with their machinery so long as it can harm us. And now that I have seen one of them, well almost if one count out the peripheral perspective, I am totally convinced that they exist. And seeing that this sighting of mine took place AFTER I had read the story about Ray Palmer and the Dero´s, it only lends even more credence to it. Try looking up Phil Schneider on Youtube. He told a similar story about a very scary and fatal encounter with such beings in the underground by the U.S. Military in the 70´ties since covered up. Phil Schneider was killed after holding public seminars about his findings following the incident. His widow thinks he was killed becasue he knew too much. But killing him will not keep the truth untold.

    Curiously, I read somwhere, that there are people who call on special teams of paranormal experts, to cleanse, rinse their houses of the rays coming from the underground which had so far caused lots of trouble inside these houses to the residents. Ray Palmer believed firmly in that these beings meant him harm, and had taken his precautions against these evil creatures, I would recommend that you read about him. Search for it in Google or use the Big Brother-free surveillance safe search engine called Gibiru.com.

    The 13. Dalai Lama and his Court were said to have lots of trouble with these evil beings as well. Every time they passed over certain areas of the Gobi Desert, their horses would drop dead. It was said to be because of such harmfull rays from the underground.

    • Interesting points, Manindra. Thank you for checking in with them. I’ve heard the Phil Schneider seminars on YouTube before, but I’m listening to them again now. I’ve long been interested in the idea of underground bases and civilizations and I’ve been reading up on the subject quite a bit recently. I’ll look up Ray Palmer as well.

      Have you read my post about the Skinwalker Ranch? The idea of the ranch being over one of these underground civilizations might make some sense, if there are such things. I’ve always leaned toward the interdimensional theory, but you could be correct about such beings teleporting from some hidden place within our own dimension.

      Regarding the trolls vs gnomes — my grandmother who was from Sweden always differentiated the gnomes (or “tomtegubben” as she called them) from trolls. Gnomes could be mischievous but were generally friendly and helpful, where the trolls were larger, more aggressive, and basically evil.

      Of course, all this stuff could be nonsense and simple folklore, but I’ve gotten so many emails and comments on this blog from people like yourself that sound very sane and sincere and claim to have had sightings of small humanoids. It’s very difficult to dismiss all of them just because this sort of thing might not fit into one’s view of the world. I, personally, do believe that there are other intelligences that interact with us human beings, although I couldn’t say why they do so or where they come from. The underground theory is a fascinating one though, and something I’m eager to learn more of.

  11. John, I think that we should not forget that when there was no tv or radio, or internet for that matter, people could not communicate with eachother in the way we can today. The point is that, in those days you could have a troll, or a gnome, walk any road in any country, and being seen by a few people, and then when the people who had seen them wanted to tell others about it, it could happen only locally, not nationally, or internationally as is possible with the internet today. And so started folklore: word of mouth narration about sightings of strange beings that noone knew who were, or how could even be. So one should not so easily dismiss folklore.

    Certainly there is always exaggerations, as people can always get carried away being too emotional or scared! But I believe that there is a core of truth to what you relate that your grandmother told you, perhaps she was telling you the plain truth without any exaggeration at all. The people of her day surely knew what they were talking about, for they lived to see it all when these beings felt more comfortable and safer moving among us surface dwellers, which they probably don´t today thanks to the violent direction our society has taken.

    When tv, and radio, and internet came to our world, it was suddenly possible for everyone to receive information much easier (and folklore died out). And for the ones controlling it, to blatantly withhold whatever parts of such information they cared to withhold, except perhaps as regards the still free internet, which has instead been infected with lots of disinformation.

    The bottomline is that we need to meet these beings ourselves, instead of talking with eachother about it! And I think it will come to be so more and more.

    I do believe in what your grandmother told you, that the Gnomes aren´t the same as the Trolls. Kind of like the Goblins and the Orks in the LOTR Universe that Tolkien invented. He had it all from myths and legends. And as Cate Blanchett relates in the opening sequence of the first LOTR movie by Peter Jackson, “History became legend, legend became myth, and for two and a half thousand years the Ring passed out of all knowledge”. So with the passing of time, all that had once been was forgotten. We don´t even know what really happened 200 years ago, since we cannot remember it ourselves, we have to look in up in history books that have been written by people whom we may or may not be able to trust!

    So there could have been lots of Trolls roaming about on the surface then, or Gnomes for that matter, but I think they have now felt it better to stay underground for fear of being captured or killed by Police or Military once people who freaked out seeing them and hysterically called “the cops” to get somebody to “remove them”. I can vividly imagine all of this, for even if a Brazillian Tarantula finds it way over here with the Banana shipments into a local supermarket, there is a huge commotion of fear and panic, and with police arriving on the scene within half an hour after the incident. Imagine what people would do then, if they saw a ten foot Troll strolling down the street in big city!

    So they stay out of sight, that is better for them if they want to live at least as things are now with the fear-programmed population that sits glued to tv´s and not realizing what it is doing to them. I have had my wake-up call! The media is incredibly loaded with programmes that do harm to us. But i´t is done in an incredibly subtle way, in order for people not to find out! But they can soon not keep it concealed much longer. Our planet is being raised up, and with it the consciousness of many is being raised too!

    I have seen huge Trolls strolling by windows where I was, wearing some kind of invisibility gear, so I could only etherically sense them. But they were there. Also saw them where I live. I was shown them, and I know who showed them to me. But that is another story. And they are the most powerfull beings I have ever seen. The Norwegian legend of the Dovre Troll speaks of this Troll that was so powerfull that it took over 40 of a Norwegian Kings men to hold him and put him in irons. He was then saved by the Kings son, and Dovre took this boy into his care, safe from the wrath of his father, until the King had died, and he could retutn to claim the Throne for himself.

    History as it really was, is fascinating. We must all endeavour to dispell the darkness of the many lies, fabrications that have been propagated over the years to keep us from thinking ourselves. By seeking the truth, praying that it may be shown to us so we are nolonger deceived. I did, and some of it was shown to me. It truly set me free. But also gave rise to even more questions.So I keep seeking more answers. I think that the reason why the LOTR movies, and the upcoming Hobbit movie, receives such great attention, is because there is a very very great need with people to know the true history. And within we all know some of it, and so love to have it shown on film as it probably was. Just a theory, but I don´t think I am too far off.

  12. So lets follow the premise that they do in fact existed and for 1,000 of years they were only seen once an while, in fact that there were several species of them, like many other life forms. They been able to keep hidden all these years, but now man has slowly encroached on their territory until they were forced out, do you think they maybe mad and dangerous to humans? Then if they are here wouldn’t they be-like any other living creature and bring along with them their own diseases, and parasites could this be a major threat to humans, Also, the one found in a mountain, what if he in fact possessed the ability or they do to travel through rock and many other materials because they operate at a higher frequency, this would explain why we only see them under certain conditions and why they could exist right next to us in ground structures or mountain ones or trees even. If they in fact could travel through most materials how would you catch them? We have seen many depictions in drawings and paintings of them in tree homes, caves, under trees under then ground, maybe they were just mine workers brought here to help retrieve minerals from our planet and now there becoming more active again because their boss’s are coming back! Lots of probing questions come to the surface in light of such a premise don’t you think, the fact is there could be many dangers in actually encountering one or capturing one. Food for thought I always remember the Hippies on-top of the building below the spaceship waiting and preparing for the their homeis to come home, I mean Gnome…LOL

    • Randy — I think it’s dangerous to assume such creatures are all benevolent. And I also agree that they might have good cause not to like us big folk. Most of the stories I’ve received from people about these sightings have said something about experiencing a strong sense of dread and fear. Interesting too that there are still reports of diminutive people being seen in Indonesia, Sumatra, and the Flores Islands where the so-called “Hobbit” skeletons were found (Homo floresiensis). And there has never been a good explanation for the mummified humanoid found inside that Pedro Mountain, Wyoming cave. The Native Americans tell a lot of tales of diminutive humanoids, but we’re always very quick to dismiss all the folklore of America’s native peoples as nothing more than fantasy. It could be that there has been a race (or several different races) of these little people that have co-existed with us Homo Sapiens for our entire history. Whether or not they’re magical or of a paranormal nature, I don’t know. I’d be hesitant to discount the possibility of their existence, however.

  13. Thanks, John. Will check it out right away.

    I would like to comment to Randy that I think the whole mystery of the Gnomes, Trolls, Dero´s has it´s explanation in simply lost history! Lost races, that nolonger figure in any history book, save for those written by independent researchers that relate how myths tell of them, legends similarly.

    I believe that the Trolls were a highly advanced race that lived here way before we ever came, but who fought devastating wars with high technology that wiped a lot of them out, if not almost all of the rest of them out as Nature responded back on their insane war in the form of a Pole Shift where you have boulders the size of mountains fly through the air, oceans being displaced from their very basins, forests that are burned down in minutes, new mountains created out of flat land as the Earth´s crust folds with Earthquakes reaching 15 on the Richter scale or higher and most living beings on the surface dying a quick death. Or a very slow one, left over to themselves in a destroyed surface world. Forcing them underground, where they may have lived most of the time ever since. They may have been forced to stay there after probable changes to the Sun, after such a pole shift.

    A war which must have been the one that is said to have destroyed Atlantis and Lemuria, mentioned by Michael Tsarion in his lecture on Youtube called Origins of Evil. The war between the two Divine Races. Sounds to me like some ethnic groups in the prehistoric world that exalted themselves to divine status, and when that wasn´t enough they fought for dominion over one another instead, destroying eachother in the process.

    Tsarion states in th videos that it was a war started by Lemurians, as they sought to vanquish an evil race of rulers in Alantis that had tried to subjugate them in a kind of global enslavement through hideous genetic manipulation, which they violently resisted once it dawned on them what had been done to them. It could well be, that, if he is right, the very evil rulers of Alantis could be the Dero race known to be evil and thought to use machines in the underground to cause harm above like I think I have personally witnessed as mentioned in my previous replies in this thread. The Trolls, always known to be huge in stature, could then have been the Lemurian Giants, who have been mentioned throughout all of recent research history by unorthodox researchers. Now hideous and dangerous, most likely thanks to degeneration of their genes throughout the ages in the post-cataclysmic world. I don´t think I am far off. In case Michael Tsarions scenario isn´t what happened, then I think it could be that the Trolls, Gnomes, Dero´s and other lost races fled a sinking Atlantis in the last of those upheavlas that finally destroyed her. They may have then settled in among others Scandinavia, Canada, North America, South America, and multiplied from there until they occupied quite large territories which they may have ruled over for millenia. Thousands of years later they could have been forced underground, by colonizers who, seeking new lands to occupy, and who were better equipped than them, seeing that any civiliation tends to degenerate over time cyclically and so also its technology, virtually overran them and forced them on the run.

    Look here for proof of Giants in prehistory –


    or search in Google for it.

    Beware of misinformation though such as uncorroborated, unverified finds. I always use specific sources for referral when someone states or shows something on the internet about prehistory. And then intuition which can be a great help sometimes in finding the right information.

  14. Randy, forgot to write that I do not think that the Trolls or Gnomes exist at a higher frequency. They cannot since they are cruder than us, at least the Trolls. They, at least the Trolls, exist t a lower frequency, and so they must use invisibility gear and teleportation tech to get around unseen. Since they are an older race than us, which they must be since they were said to have been here already when we arrived as newcomers to new lands, they have had this technology for ages where we have only recently understood it harnessed it through the many secret military programs such as related by Steven M. Greer over at Disclosureproject.com. I do not think we could get affected by any diseases coming from them. For they are lower in dimension than us, and therefore the vibes they send out cannot touch us. Not unless we go as crude as them through hate and violence which we are certainly capable of. That is why I had enough of all of the violence in the media, and refer to go higher in vibration by staying away from viewing it.

  15. John, I have now read your article on the Gorman ranch incidents. I have posted my comment in the Comments section under it – the article´´ s name is: Giant Wolves, UFOs, and Invisible Monsters.

  16. Interesting points, Manindra. I’ve visited Steve Quayle’s site and heard him on C2C many times. He’s a guy I’d love to interview. Giants have always been a subject that has interested me.

    I’ll check out your comment on the Skinwalker Ranch article. Sorry for the delay in replying, been a busy week on the job.

  17. Hope not to late to enter here.
    In 1995 I was talking my daughter (then aged about 5) and dog for a walk in a wood about five miles North of Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire, England one Sunday afternoon. We had gone along a path running in but at the side of the wood (which is large by English standards but stands alone surrounded by farmland) a little while when I suddenly found a small hat lying in the middle of the path.

    It was similar to those hats worn by pilgrim fathers and quakers in the 17th C – black made of felt with a leather strap around it and a buckle on the belt – it contained no manufacturers mark or details of country of origin. It was about four to five inches in width (including brim) and about 3 inches in height to crown. It was completely clean with no mud on it (although the path was quite muddy).

    I took the hat and held it and after examining it I placed it about nine inches off the ground on a bush.

    Of course it could have been a doll’s item but we had not seen any other people that day and it was certainly not the kind of place to be pushing a buggy or pram. It could have blown there but it is remote and the item was not dirty in any way.

    I remain perplexed! One thing of interest but not necessarily relevant…Shakespeare places Midsummer Night’s Dream in the Forest of Arden (admittedly he also puts it near od…Athens but that is poetic licence!)..This wood…would once of formed part of the Forest of Arden and remains one of the larger remaining fragments…

    On another matter…I don’t know if you hve heard of an english author called The writer and artist, BB (Denys Watkins-Pitchford) was born on 25 July 1905 in the village of Lamport, deep in the Northamptonshire countryside.
    Denys Watkins-Pitchford’s books have been written under the pen name ‘BB’, although the illustrations have always been signed with his real name, giving the impression that the author and illustrator are different people.

    He wrote and illustrated over 60 titles of which some 20 are children’s stories – the two most well-known being Brendon Chase and The Little Grey Men, the later winning the Carnegie Medal in 1942. In addition, he illustrated over 30 books by other authors with his distinctive black and white scraperboard illustrations and colour plates.
    His genius and contribution to literature was officially recognised in 1989 when he was awarded the MBE. He died in 1990 at the age of 85.

    The Little Grey Men tells the story of the last dwarves in England. He came to write it following a childhood incident which he describes as follows:
    “The seeds of the idea for The Little Grey Men were sown when, as a small child, BB saw ‘a diminutive being.3 It had a round, very red, bearded face about the size of a small crab apple. It wasn’t a dream I can still see the little red astonished face.'”
    For more information: https://www.welford.org/bb.htm

    • Andy — Very interesting, and thank you for the link to the BB website. I’m going to read through that today. I’ve had one or two other people tell me that they’ve found small hats, I find your account that much more compelling. I’ve also had a fair number of comments and emails sent to me privately of experiences with small, gnome-ish or dwarf-like beings. I’m always fascinated to hear of these. Maybe my fascination with the subject stems from my love of Tolkien’s books. I secretly hope that there really are hobbits about. But seriously, these stories of encounters with diminutive creatures are worldwide and go back centuries and right up to the modern day, and that makes it difficult for me to dismiss them all as being false. I think we shared (perhaps still share) this world with other intelligent beings, and the fact that they’re adept at avoiding us is understandable.

      Thanks for contributing your experience to the blog.

  18. my son saw a gnomes he was at the time 13 or 14 years old .That night we went to bed it was around 10:20 to 10:30pm my husband and i heard noises coming in front of our house he just thought it was the neighbors so we went to sleep my daughter saw bright lights from her window now keep in mine all are widows is facing our parking lot now my son he looks out of the window and saw 3 little men they were working on a work bench they look at my son and smile at him of course he got freak out and ran to my room and want to sleep in our room he didnt want to tell me why.All week he saw gnomes in a store on TV i had a gnome in front of my house but he throw it away till today he’s 21year old he dont like to see or talk about gnomes i have books about fairies and gnomes he get mad at me when i bring my books out so they are REAL Im a believer

  19. my family has many tales but the older i get the more i find out that most all of what the old people told me as a child was true. I suggest that you look around the cactus. my family is all over the states, but we started in texas.both of my grandmothers had 20 children each. my family always lived in texas before it was texas and to this day, crystal city texas & some in brownsville but i was never to go to deep into the cactus fields because the little men would come out and take me. i was told to never try to catch one because they would cut me up, i’d say with what and they would say with their knives. our parents were a different kind of parents than the whites. they prepared us for the world be throwing us in it and seeing if we could swim, i died once this way, but that’s another story. my point is look around the cactus fields and the dessert areas.i learned a lot & the old people talked the most if you’d ask them.

    • I’ve never heard of little men occupying cactus fields. Thank you for telling me about this. Is your heritage Mexican American or Native American? Just wondering where these traditions came from.

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  21. When I was six years old my younger sister was very poorly with measles and I had been moved out of the bedroom I shared with her to a smaller bedroom next door.I was awoken in the night by what can only be described as a gnome like creature, who was making a growling like noise and moving the bed. I was absolutely terrified and ran out of the bedroom into my parents room, who moved up in their bed to let me in as I was so terrified. Dad did get out of bed to investigate, but there was nothing there . This was understandable because this being had followed me into my parents beroom and was standind at the side of their bed. We moved from this house sortly after this incident and i havent spoken about it since,but i have always remembered it .
    Since this visit I have had numerous experiences some of which have been shared by relations and friends who have been visiting me at the time. These experiences have ranged from smells of tabbacco to moving saucepans . to knowing that family members have been born and when family members have died.These experiences have happened through numerous house moves and have affected both my husband and daughter. I really don’t like discussing these things with other people as they will undoubtedly think I am a raving looney , so it is lovely for be to be able to pass on these experiences to you,and to get it all off my chest. I hope you don’t think i am barking mad, believe me I am not, Its just such a relief to be able to tell you what I have genuinely gone through.

    • Hi Ginette,

      Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us. One of the purposes of this blog is to provide a forum where people can talk about these sort of things openly and without having to feel that they’re being judged. It’s just amazing to me that so many sane, reasonable people from all different walks of life have encountered strange & unexplained phenomena. The trouble is, it’s often difficult to talk about them without fear of being ridiculed, or at the very least, dismissed.

      Gnome-type stories are always particularly interesting to me for some reason. Perhaps that has something to do with my early “night terrors” and memories of seeing these small beings. That was a tough thing to have written about, and I can completely relate to the feeling of being labeled a looney! Nevertheless, I think I’m a pretty grounded and level-headed guy despite the fact that I’ve had some incidents of high strangeness in my life. And since beginning this blog in 2009, I’ve heard from many, many people who have both isolated encounters and an ongoing relationship with the paranormal. Makes me feel a bit less of an oddball to know that so many seemingly regular folk have had similar (and often much more intense and frequent) experiences. You can take some comfort in that fact too.

      Please feel free to keep in touch through this blog or by email at john@theparanomalist.com. Thanks again, Ginette, and best of luck. — John

  22. Hi John im from Scotland and have never seen or heard of them until i read your article.I enjoyed reading it.I think Scotland might be to cold,wet,windy and dull for them haha.I am curious now.Think theres something in the short apeman story of Sumatra.I have been there and the jungle is so consuming,anything could be in there hideing.

  23. I have an aunt in Guanajuato, Mexico. She and many other of my relatives have encountered these type of beings in the past. They are treated as any other type of paranormal entities such as ghosts. My aunt spoke of a gang of gnomes or “duendes” visiting her at night while she slept. She would hear giggling and small footsteps on a nightly basis. On some occasions they would even pull the blankets off the bed while she slept. She did not mind them being in the room (which I found odd), but began getting quite frustrated with the lack of sleep she got because of them. So one night when they pulled the blanket off of her, she yelled at them as if disciplining a child. Once she did that, she witnessed that their facial expressions became very sad in a way and they walked off as if they just had been punished. They never came back after that. She did not really describe them much, other than being small maybe 3 feet tall at the most and the facial expressions. I have told this story to many people and they remain skeptical about it, but I have heard that these actions are not uncommon of gnomes.

    • Hi Joe — I’ve heard of mischievous behavior being attributed to gnomes. Stories of the duende are common in Mexico and throughout Central and South America. Interesting how these accounts of little people span different cultures in so many countries and over such a long period of time. My grandmother from Sweden was very convinced of their existence. Here in New Jersey USA the indigenous Native Americans, the Lenni Lenape, tell of the Wematekan’is who were a race of little folk who lived in the forests. They were also said to be quite mischievous. I think there’s something more to these accounts than legend and folk tales.

  24. Hey John, thanks for the reply. I was wondering if you’ve ever heard of these gnomes carrying some sort of magical dust, amnesia dust if you will. I don’t know if that’s just a myth in Mexico. I have also been warned by my cousins, never to look them directly in the eyes and they were very serious about that.

    Should I be so frightened of these beings? When I visit my family in Mexico that is all I could think about at night. I don’t even know what I’d do if I encountered a gnome. Is it just the Hispanic culture that makes gnomes sound so dangerous?

    I’d appreciate if you could get back to me on this.

    • No problem, Joe. References to fairy dust and magical powder is pretty common throughout folklore, especially in the British Isles. I always find it interesting that there are so many similarities to these stories between different cultures that are geographically so far removed from each other. I’ll do some research and see if I can find out anything else pertaining to gnomes and magical dust or powder.

      Most of the people who have commented on this article or have emailed me privately have said that these little people sightings were accompanied by an almost unreasonable fear, and that their feeling was generally that these were evil and aggressive beings. That kind of goes against the cute-and-cuddly image that most of us have of gnomes. From what I’ve read and the stories my grandmother used to tell, the little folk can be benevolent and helpful, or very evil. Often they’re described as being very unpredictable, mischievous, and vindictive. If you do the wrong thing or mess with them, in other words, they can get angry and may try to get even or retaliate.

      Have you ever seen one or dreamed of them while at your aunt’s in Mexico? Wondering if you had an encounter that you’re repressing because you seem more frightened of them than you should be for someone who hasn’t encountered them directly. Just a thought.

  25. John, you read right through me! I have never told anyone at the thought of being ridiculed, but i heard tiny footsteps while staying there. A kind of very small thuds and the crackling of plastic of a 24 pack of bottled water near my bed, which I tried to associate with rats. One morning I searched for any evidence of rats in the 12×14 foot room. I flipped the bed over, moved furniture, and checked the walls for tiny cracks. I found nothing. No rat feces…nothing. Even the door has a very tight seal. The home is well built (and recently renovated) out of brick. Most rooms are scattered across the property. So once i found no evidence of rodents, I brought a small dog, a known rodent hunter, in the room and let sniff around. The dog didn’t act strange as if there where rats. So I let him out, since my aunt does not allow the dogs indoors. That night as I slept the noises again woke me. So I turn the lights on check around and found nothing. At this point I thought I was going crazy. I turned the lights off and drifted back to sleep. That was pretty much the end of it. Days went by with no activity and I came back to Chicago.

    As for dreams, I had a quite vivid one when I was about 7 or 8. I was running around my house with some friends and somehow I became separated from my them. I got to the front of my house, I turned to the right and saw a group of small human-like creatures. I wouldn’t call them gnomes. They were more like just heads with arms and legs. Human-like faces with long pointy rigid noses and a prominent brow. Their hair was an odd bowl cut. Their bodies had a very bright glow and they were all different colors, red ones, yellow ones, green ones, purple ones and blue ones. Once I made eye contact with them, they began to chase me to the back of my house. They were lunging at me as I swatted them away. I got to the back door, I ran in and slammed the door behind me and locked it. I felt safe and that’s all I remember about the dream. I hadn’t heard of gnomes or gnome tales before this dream.

    I am a very skeptical person myself, I tend to be very logical about these type of situations. My friends even seem to make fun of me for finding a logical reason in situations where most people seem to cry paranormal activity.

  26. I’m also from Panama (the little country), and have heard the folktales of the gnomes abducting kids. My mom used to always tell me that if I was ever approached by any to run home as fast as possible. I heard a story when I went to Chiriqui about the gnomes living under the bridges and how common they were. A lot of different locals talked to us about them. I live in VA now and haven’t ever experienced a gnome incident, but I have seen a demon with a huge smile on it’s face staring at me as I was laying in bed. Definitely not a dream, I know it was real. Very interesting that people all over are experiencing these things. Great article.

    • Thanks, Rob. In Central and South America they’re called duende, correct? Or is that a different type of creature? Stories of them is that part of the world are common.

  27. Glad to see more posters here; I check time to time. So Rob — I know it’s off track a bit, but can u fill us in on the smiling creature you saw?

  28. I’m from South Wales, UK, and when I was about 6, I saw a gnome-like, or goblin-like creature on my window sill. My dad and my sis also saw it.
    It was about 12 inches tall, it has a pointy hat, it smiled but it didn’t seem particularly friendly, and it scared me.
    I’ve never seen it since, but I remember it distinctly. If my dad and sis hadn’t also seen it, I would have, probably by now (I’m 42), decided I’d dreamt the entire experience. But I didn’t.

    • Hi Rachel — It’s much harder to dismiss these things when family members claim to have same the same creature. I’d probably chalk up to a dream or my childhood imagination too if I didn’t have others that confirmed the sightings. I recently interviewed (story to be coming soon on the website) a local man here in New Jersey USA who saw a small, gnome-ish creature in his home as a child. His was one of four boys and his brothers all say that they encountered the same being. None of the gnome stories that I’ve received from people seem to indicate that they’re the cute, friendly little people that are often depicted. Mention of an evil grin also comes up in many of the reports I’ve received. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing that. –John

  29. Actually John, you’ll recall in one of my posts….like the Dec. 22, 2010 one, that one morning my Mom saw two sweet little child aged gnomes standing just as high as under the doorknob, at the bedroom door for some time, apparently chatting about her. Over 25 years later, we found out that my grandmother had held powerful seances back then in that upstairs apartment before we had moved in. I am sure many are friendly, and just curious. While others are sinister and horrible. Same as people. In the famous Mediumship of Minnie Harrison, her sister who often materialized in spirit, verified that now that she was ‘on the other side,’ she saw the little people, and so finally knew for sure, that they were real.

    • Hi Rand. Good to hear from you again. I’ve no doubt you’re correct in assuming that some of these little people are good and some are evil (or at least temperamental or mischievous) just as are us Big Folk. I’ve heard enough of these stories to believe that these little people do exist, however — of that I have little doubt. Perhaps they occupy a different or parallel plane of existence and traverse between it and ours. I have noticed that in the majority of the reports I’ve receive they’re described as being unfriendly or the person will say that they sensed that they were evil or had a very strong reaction of fear when in their presence. The idea of friendly gnomes is more pleasant though, and I’m sure that those kinds are are out there as well. Thanks for adding to the discussion! — John

  30. Thanks for your assessment John. I’m sure you’re correct, since you have a much more extensive body of stories you’ve reviewed. I guess that’s what makes “the good ones” …good ones. Because they, leave us alone. Whereas, the bad ones, most often, show their ugly faces. ha! I spoke to a man in the Philippines last year, who said he never believed in them, but one afternoon, he saw a few of them, about 20 feet from him. There were 3 in black clothing, and one in white clothing. The one in white, had his wrists bound to a rope, that the others pulled him along on, walking in front, and behind him. Walking in a line like that, they all approached a tree, and a white light then emanated from the tree trunk, and they entered into it. He was paralyzed in his tracks, with fear, and it scared the hell out of him, and now he knows that they’re real. I got the impression it was traumatizing. In that culture, there are ones that wear black (bad), white (good), and red (may be either good or bad). Point is, unlike most stories, which are just sightings, this is the first that I had heard… that demonstrates that they have problems too! They’re clearly an interdimensional being, they get pregnant/bear children, have quarrels, are more psychically advanced than humans, and for the most part, keep to their own plane. It’s not impossible to contact them. This is achieved thru the art of magic, and also seance. I know someone who when he was a young man in England, knew the elderly owner of a bookstore who practiced the occult, and who told him to look under the table where they were chatting, and he saw the outline of a figure standing there. The owner explained that it was a gnome, of which he was accustomed to, and that it came because my friend was “open” to seeing them. I think seeing a small creature is by our nature, scary. I would prefer to see a child gnome, than an old, wrinkled one. I wouldn’t be afraid of a child one, and would very much enjoy it. Then again, perhaps not. LOL

    • Rand — I’m sure at least part of the perception of these entities as being evil probably comes from our own fearful reaction at seeing something so far outside of our normal concept of reality. In other words, we may be just be projecting the idea that they’re malevolent because of our fear and distress at seeing them. Both the stories you’ve just related are very fascinating. I have some trepidation about engaging in seances and “inviting” (purposely or inadvertently) these types of beings into my life. I’ve never done anything like that and I’m hesitant to do so, as curious as I am about the subject. I’ve heard of too many bad outcomes resulting from people engaging these practices.

  31. Hey John, I thought I’d endorse your last remark. I too, think that both seance and the Occult are not to be messed with. On rare occasions, with well developed, gifted and pure hearted Mediums, seance can be a beautiful experience. Whereas the occult (practitioners of genuine Magick etc.) is concerned, that’s often a path down a slippery slope. Occultists look down on Mediums and seance, because to them, it’s elementary contact with spirits, and represents the least of their abilities. There’s much more breadth to what they involve themselves in, thru spirit or entity assistance, and without it (such as creating their own thoughtforms). I just find it interesting to discover what unbelievable things are true, and then you want to know what more is true. Most people will live their whole lives and die, and never experience/take a serious look at the paranormal; mostly due to fear. To me, that is herd mentality, and a childish choice to die in willful ignorance. Man-made religions in their construction made us subservient and powerless, and in a position to beseech authority for help. There may be truth in the idea that as you grow/break free, spiritually, you assume some of your natural abilities as a co-creator and may be able to make a supernatural contribution toward shaping your life in a positive way and being able to help humanity a great deal more. It’s worth exploring. And I’d rather die an Explorer, than a slave to convention.

    • Well said, Rand! For some who is fascinated by the unknown and writes about these things, I’ve never seriously explored them. I read, collect stories/accounts from others, but have never sought out direct experience. Part of the reason for this is fear I’ll readily admit. I would never engage in Occult practices, but have considered seeking out a Medium. There’s a gentleman who lives in my immediate area here in the northeastern part of New Jersey named Craig McManus, who’s a well known psychic medium. I’ve considered contacting him — and actually plan to, because I’d like to interview him once I update this website (coming soon). I lost both my parents in the past three years, my father just last month, and I’ve thought about hiring him for a session or reading, or whatever you’d call it. I’m not sure if I’d go any further than that, however.

  32. Dear John, I’m so very very sorry to hear about your losses. Today, I was thinking of mentioning in my writings to a friend, my present fear of such loss. It’s devastating to think about. I cannot yet conceive of how you’re coping with it all. My Mom is 81, and I try to open her mind a bit, and would love to find the opportunity to show her the paranormal, so she can be strengthened the way I want to be, and want her to be, in approach to death. After me being a good Catholic all my life, I’m no longer interested in blind faith. Man perverts church. And your spirit powers are not of the Devil. They’re as natural as your right hand. Would you be afraid of your own right hand? They, (the Establishment) taught us to be. I don’t know on what criteria you rate McManus so well. I’m not sure if I’d heard of him before. I think that personal experience is essential to one like yourself who has done so much research. And, you may be fortunate, and experience something extraordinary. I’ve learned many things are real. And so my standards move up. I find that America doesn’t produce very many genuine Mediums. Lots of psychics of varying ability it does, but lots of those psychics fancy themselves to be Mediums, because it’s considered a higher status. They delude themselves, and are actually reading you using their own ability, and not getting it from a relative standing next to you. The only real proof of a genuine Medium, is where they give 1st Class Evidence, meaning….they tell you something which you presently do not know, and are able to verify later. This means they are not reading your thoughts. (You carry your past and present thoughts with you day to day in your electro-magnetic field and psychics are like T.V. picture tubes, converting your signal into information/pictures). I’ve had alleged Mediums read my thoughts word for word exactly to the letter, and tell me that the information is coming from my guide or relative. Not true. It’s very difficult to find a genuine and proper Medium. He/she must be exceptionally gifted, and without ego, and highly aware that most often lying spirits come in as imposters. They must have a long proven successful relationship with their Guide, who’ll fend off such deceivers. If you sit with Michael, he should have you say nothing. He can start off giving you personal details about a parent, but you won’t know if the reading was worthwhile until some time later when you discover….that something he said that you couldn’t verify at the time…turns out to be true. Like if he says…your mother says she’s with her baby sister now…and you find out later from a relative…that your mother had a still born baby sister. Tape the session if permitted. And Good Luck ! (Again, my condolences are very sincere, and I am afraid to be you. I don’t want to be there. I hope I can mature enough spiritually in time, to handle such loss. Sometimes there’s beautiful things to see [spirit lights, etc.] that help us to open our minds to the relief and reality that life does continue, and that we never really lose anyone). I want to be there. From what I’ve already learned, Life most likely continues. In seeking to see more, I’m a good Christian who’s let go of the demented religious authorities and lemmings, and who does not pathetically and medievally see the devil in everything. The Bible is a book of superb timeless wisdom; a manual for man to follow. But it is not infallible and man has corrupted it with sexism, bigotry, and intimidation. We are still not highly evolved, and when we learn for example, that Christ healed using his natural god given abilities, saying we too can do the same… THEN, we will no longer fear ourselves and will see our connection with our Creator’s Spirit. It’s about Identity. And helping others, and yourself, and not taking life or death too seriously. The greater part of Life, is likely on the other side. Find out something now. Without fear. We are Adults. And it appears, we are more than what goes to the grave. We possess a divine aspect. Though many suffer agony here, the Earth is beautiful. That is the 1st proof that someone cherishes us. If there is an Afterlife, then that is the Final proof that ‘Someone’ loves us.

    • Thanks very much, Rand. It has been a difficult few weeks, and really, a difficult several years. It’s hard to watch your parents decline physically and see the quality of their lives lessen so much. And of course, my father has missed my mother terrible since she passed in February 2009. And that has been sad to see. I was just glad that my wife and sons and I were able to spend a lot of time with him and to give him the support that he’s needed as his health declined further over these last three years.

      My mother was a very devout Catholic and my brother and sister and I were raised as Catholics, although my father was a Lutheran (he converted to Catholicism twenty-one years ago). I’m sure that some of my superstitions and reluctance to delve into the more non-traditional, esoteric pursuits stems from my religious upbringing. Also, I am rather wary and skeptical of many of these people who claim to be psychics or mediums. For a person who runs a blog about the unknown, I think I view these subjects with a pretty health dose of rational skepticism.

      Thanks again for the positive thoughts and kind words.

  33. Hi John,
    I was born in Lima Peru and I grew up listening to stories about duendes. We live in the capital and we come from a middle class educated family but there are no doubts duendes are real. I heard stories of houses where these little creatures let the people see them all the time and play tricks on them. As a matter of fact in my grandparents housr, my aunt and uncle saw one in different ocassions (not the little one but like the one seen in Argentina) also my cousin saw the little tiny one in the same house. My brother saw one last year in our housein Lima last year. He says he was dressed in green and orange. And my nephew saw one in my house here in the US, coming out of the shadows in my kids room. Unfortunately I have never seen one but I am sure I have one in my house since things are hidden for months And then found in the same place were left months ago or in weird places like my watch found inside a shoe after months.

    • Hi Mili,

      I’ve had several other people from Central and South America contact me with their stories of seeing the duende, or little people. I also recently interviewed someone who grew up nearby where I live here on the east coast of the USA who was regularly visited, along with his brothers, by some small, human-like entity as a child. There are a lot of educated, sane people who have seen these creatures and believe in them and in many countries (Iceland for example) their existence is taken for granted as fact. Personally, I think that they do exist, but I often wonder if that they exist here in our plane of reality and are simply an undiscovered species that has managed to stay undiscovered by modern human beings, or if they dwell in some kind of alternate dimension or universe but have the ability to cross over into ours.

      I’m curious to know if your family considers them evil or dangerous, or only mischievous? Thanks for letting me know about your experiences with these little folk. — John

  34. Hi John,
    According to my mom, these duendes are nature elemental beings same as fairies and ondines…that is why they are seen mostly in the woods. They do not live in this plane of reality or dimension but they have the ability to choose when to be seen and by whom. It has been said to me that the veil that separate dimensions is getting thinner so it is not uncommon that more people have these experiences. We donot fear them since we do not think they are evil but rather mischievous. Although I can tell you that when I get visits staying at my house that when they act up…and I think they have broken things in my house. I always talk to them and ask them to keep and eye on my housewhole I am away and to bring good fortune my way. I also heard they like honey and shiny coins or little objects to be left hidden for them. Thank you for reading my post and for replying.

    • Thanks, Mili. That’s my impression and understanding of them too. This also is similar to what my grandmother used to say about the Tomten back in Sweden (tomten, duende — I imagine we’re discussing the same or very similar creatures). I appreciate the follow up. — John

  35. Hi. I wanted to share my story with you. I came across this article through google because of a conversation I had with my father about my step mother whom now has passed on. my step mother was a very high spirited and lovely woman. She had developed her third eye chakra Im told my father. My father says that she would see “little people” and that they would take her jewelry and hide it from her and she would end up finding it in the most unusual places in the house! My father says that at first when she saw them, they were in her bathroom and that she freaked out. After some time she accepted this situation and would even laugh whenever she ended up finding a piece of her jewelry or other item in some place. I find this so bizzare but cool at the same time. He’s also mentioned her encounter with God or some God like creature of some sort as well and that she had a high spiritual frequency. What does this mean?? any answers? especially about these little people in her home? Thanks.

    • Hi Laleh. So sorry for the long delay in replying. I do try to follow up with everyone who leaves a comment or emails me, but been a bit swamped lately. I wish I did have an answer for you, but I can only offer some thoughts. These are either physical creatures that inhabit our world, but simply choose to stay hidden from us; OR, they are interdimensional or perhaps spiritual beings that can move back and forth at will from their plane of reality or dimension to ours. If your mother was a highly sensitive/spiritual person then it’s not surprising that she had encounters with little people. I think they reveal themselves to those kind of people, or perhaps those whose psychic powers are acute can see them more easily. Whatever the case may be, I do believe they exist. Stories of little people are found in every culture throughout the world over thousands of years. Even today many have described strange encounters with these entities. I’ve got quite a few emails and comments on my blog about such sightings and encounters.

      I suppose there is the possibility that these beings could fall into the “cryptid” class and are simply another type of humanoid that has the intelligence and capability to have remained hidden from us, but I’m more of the opinion that they might be able to occupy different dimensions and can travel into our world and into others. It sounds pretty far out, but I think this interdimensional idea explains a lot of what we think of as paranormal and supernatural.

      Thanks for telling us of your mom’s encounters. Feel free to keep in touch, love to hear from you again.

  36. I saw a gnome when I was probably 6 when I was sitting on the porch with my dad drinking a beer. It jumped from a tree and I saw the dark figure with a pointy hat. Years later I confessed this to my mother and before I was born, she was pregnant with my older brother and she described seeing the thing in our kitchen and she waved her hands through it and told it to leave and she said she never saw it again. What’s unusual about the entire event looking back through my childhood is I used to sleep walk into my brothers room and sleep on his floor. Not sure why I did this but maybe there’s some connection to the gnome and when she was pregnant with him. I hated that house and always have a eery feeling about it. Its built on an old plantation and the tree the gnome jumped out of has a hand built stone well right below it. I often wonder if the little bastard is under there now.

    • Hi Steve. Thanks for letting us know about your experience. As I just said to Laleh, the person who commented just before you, I think these beings could either be cryptids – i.e., an undiscovered species – or creatures that can move at will between different planes of existence (or dimensions, if you prefer). Some of the modern scientific findings point to the idea that we occupy a multiverse rather than a universe, so the idea of different planes or reality holds some validity. Could there be entities that can move from their dimension into ours? Maybe that’s where angels, demons, aliens, gnomes, etc. originate from. Perhaps not all from the same place, but they could all share the ability to travel between dimensions. I’d tend to lean toward that answer rather than thinking the creature you described is an undiscovered species. But honestly, I have no answers and all I can do is speculate.

      Thanks again for sharing your experience.

  37. Hi John, I believe in “tomtar”! My paternal grandfather´s father did see a little person on their farm. They where hard working people with no paranormal belief. But he was so convinced that it was a little tomte he saw. My grandmother saw things that we other didn´t and she saw them too! Later on the man in my life told me that he saw a tomte when he was about 10 years old. That might be around 1970 in Gunnarskog, in the western of Sweden. He was visiting his grandparents and his grandfather and him went out to the carpentry workshop where they used to make different things, birdhouses and more. The grandfather just went out in an arrend and Bosse were there by himself. Suddenly something grey, about 60-70 cm high ran past him. He could see that it was just like a little man, fully dressed in grey, with a woolen cap on it´s head. I have always heard that on Christmas Eve you should bring out a dish of rice pudding for tomten as a thank you for taking care of the farm during the year. When we were children, my sister and me did so but I suspect that the one who got the most porridge in the stomach was the fox, we saw his tracks…
    It´s very interesting to read your texts! Continue please!

    • Thanks for the great stories, Maria. Very interesting! Yes, my paternal grandmother was very insistent that these were real beings and told the same stories of leaving out food for them on Christmas Eve. I have a new article that I’m writing about a man who grew up in my region of the eastern USA and claims that he repeatedly saw a small human-like creature when he was a boy. His four brothers supposedly saw the same thing. Been behind on updating my blog, but check back soon and I’ll have that and some other new articles. Thank you again for sharing your grandparents’ experiences. — John

  38. Hi! I came across your article while searching for the plural of tomte…and many thanks to John of Sweden for the definitive clarification! The Tomten visits our house every Christmas! He plays tricks such as hanging pictures upside down, setting the clocks to the wrong time, putting soap on toothbrushes, filling boots with newspaper, replacing lightbulbs with carrots, etc. We look forward to it every year and the person who can find the most things wrong wins a small prize. We take turns playing tomte, and it’s one of our favourite activities to celebrate our Swedish heritage. 🙂

  39. It’s a gnome No question. What people fail to realize is gnomes are also sharpshooters answer can basically turn into a speck on the ground or a leaf or Whatever. I have been having experiences with gnomes for some time now. They mainly stay in trees or wooded areas. Believe me or don’t but I’ve actually spoken to a gnome. He didn’t speak but through sign and images he showed me. Gnomes are real. The one I spoke to wrote his name. It was Jim. Don’t care if u believe it. It’s true. I have over a hundred pics of them in undeniable form. People are just so scared to believe God forbid there really be something out there that They don’t fully understand. Anyone wanna see pics email me.

  40. HEY Derek, that’d be great to see your photos. I’ve posted a lot here, and my Mom saw the little people, and I know others who have also. John’s site & this Topic here, is superb and a great help! My email is: randcan99@gmail.com

  41. Thank you for this post. I just (last night) had an encounter with something I can only describe as a gnome. It didn’t feel “evil” but how does one process seeing something that they don’t believe in? Where does that fit in our version of reality? Anyway, I now believe that these beings do exist… Perhaps in a parallel world or dimension, and some of us are more sensitive to those realms. Glad I’m not alone.

    • Hi Karen — I’d be interested in hearing more about this. Where did this take place? Was it on your property or in you home? What did it look like? Did it speak to you or make any kind of noise? I’d love to hear some details about the encounter, if you’re willing to share. Or feel free to email me at john@theparanomalist.com if you don’t want to discuss it publicly. I agree with the parallel world/alternate dimension theory. I think that’s where these unexplained encounters originate from.

  42. I have seen little people several times, including wood gnomes, the rock people of Sedona, the gardens of the menehune in Hawaii, and nearly impossible manifestations of rainbows that defy the laws of physics, yet I am still no closer to understanding what I have seen, or why I have witnessed them.

    The one thing all of those events had in common was that they all occurred in very natural settings, which makes a lot of sense, to see nature spirits in natural surroundings. I have never believed nor practiced magic or paganism of any kind, and have always been convinced that magic and sorcery do not really work as forces in the universe, as so many people believe.
    I knew a number of ex-Findhorners who swore by the experience they had at Findhorn with the devas, but even Findhorn never recorded any sightings of the “little people,” only the channellings of information, or the devas work (indirectly) through the gardens. Roc claimed he saw a being, but it was not a “little people,” but Pan instead, which is very different than the beings I have seen.
    Some of these sightings and experiences that I have had lasted for literally hours, and were not just witnessed by myself, and sober at the time. Often they were associated with a state of worship and communion, but not always, like the time when I was 12, and was mowing the lawn and saw a gnome standing next to a tree watching me, with his hands behind his back, and then just sidestepped back behind the tree.
    I laughed, turned off the mower, and went to look behind the tree, but of course, he wasn’t there! That was a very vivid, very clear experience that lasted several seconds, enough to not be confused about what I was seeing. I didn’t see anything for a long time after that, but in my twenties had a profusion of experiences that, to this day, I cannot categorize or generalize.
    I have come to a general conclusion, though, about the spiritual connection to the supernatural experience. Often the mystical experience is equated to the spiritual experience, but I have come to know that seeing supernatural phenomenon is not the same thing as practicing the spiritual life, in doing good for others.
    In other words, seeing gnomes has nothing to do with being spiritual. I could never consider myself to be highly spiritual or overly religious, although I do believe in God and practice a religion in worshipping God the Father and Source of all things, beings, and places.
    So why are we seeing supernormal experiences? I would like to know as much as anyone. Great site, by the way, thanks for the opportunity to share my experiences with you!

    • Hi Dan,

      Thanks for sharing your experiences and your insights. It’s interesting that some people seem to have these encounters regularly while many do not at all. I think it might have something to do with mental & spiritual makeup of the individual. Just as my mother was very psychic while her four sisters and two brothers were not at all. I believe some folks are just more “in tune” to different vibrational frequencies.

      Thanks again for contributing your comments. I’m getting ready to relaunch the site soon and I have good little person article that I’ve been sitting on for a while, so check in again.

      Take care,


  43. You see John ! If you look back to my post of JAN. 30, 2011 — I make mention, the same as like Dan Watson’s May 13, 2013, comment here I just now saw… about > the rock people of Sedona!!! I describe how one followed my friend back home to Southern California. Her niece saw it also while sitting and reading in that particular valley, but it didn’t follow her back from Sedona. I don’t think I’d like to see one of those; they’re quite ugly. I’m hoping to meet up with a guy coming from Hawaii in a month, who’s lived there for many years, and says that he KNOWS, that the Menehune are real. I’ll share his experience if its noteworthy, when I hear it. Can’t wait for your NEW Article !!! It’s been a long wait John. Shake a leg! Thanks. : )

  44. When my brother was 6 and I 4, these little people would appear in my grandmothers basement at night. This was in Montana on a reservation where we experience a lot of weird things besides these little people. As I was too little to clearly remember, my brother holds the memories of these encounters. At different occasions someone in my family would hear me downstairs saying I wouldn’t tell or to go before they come. My brother had once been found with a bookshelf knocked over and his shoes underneath, not knowing how he was able to get out. My brother and I were told NEVER to tell or else. My grandma would go to wash laundry and see little red eyes from the darkness of the corner. My brother eventually told what was happening and forced me to tell, not knowing what would happen. Nothing did….we never saw the little people again. Most likely because we exposed them. I just want people to know they are real. They may come in different forms or natures, but these ones were friendly, but angered at the thought of adults knowing. Idk why and I probably never will but now I know that what we experienced goes back thousands of years and to be able to have that is….amazing. Scary, but amazing lol.

    • That is an amazing story, Leti, but I hear a lot of similar ones. Whether or not there are different species of these beings that come from different places, or if they’re all part of the same family is a question I’ve pondered. Do you or your brother recall what they looked like in appearance?

  45. They have beards and sharp teeth with red eyes. They also have hats and gnome like clothing. Some do not wear clothes at all. Their able to make themselves invisible to certain people and they try to get children to go with them. Children have disappeared and they say the little people eat children. However I do not know if that part is actually true.


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