A Gnome By Any Other Name

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John Carlson (A.K.A. The Paranormalist) is a bipedal hominoid who can sometimes be found stalking the sidewalks of New Jersey USA or lurking at his favorite neighborhood watering hole. His wife and sons have put up with his interest in and occasional confrontations with the paranormal. John encourages readers of this website to share any personal experiences, if they wish to do so. You are not alone.

My paternal grandparents were from Sweden, and my grandmother would often tell me stories about the Tomtar, small gnomish folk who lived in the forest or on farms. My fascination with the wee folk began there. Here we explore these legends.

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My paternal grandmother was born in a rural area of Sweden in 1891, and when I was a boy she told me stories of the Tomtar,  small beings that took the appearance of old, bearded men. Tomtar were no more than 3 feet tall and wore pointed hats, which we’ve of course come to associate with gnomes and similar creatures. Legend tells that Tomtar were capable of invisibility and could shapeshift, sometimes taking the appearance of a large, grown man.

Also, according to legend — and Grandma Alice’s stories — Tomtar would usually be found on a farm and would carry out chores at night and help care for the farmer’s animals. It was thought to be bad luck to see one, but my grandmother claimed that she would often find his small footprints in the snow or mud around her home.

The Tomten
Tomten of Scandinavia

Although basically a benevolent spirit, Tomtarna were easily offended and could be vindictive. If, for example, Tomten felt that the farmer was mistreating his livestock, heard swearing in the barn, or neglecting to clean up a mess, he would become incensed and cause mischief. Items around the house were found broken, the milk curdled, even the cows’ tails tied together. Tomtar also became angered and would seek revenge if they were seen or if the farmer and his family failed to leave a bowl of porridge and butter out for him on Christmas Eve. My grandmother and her family used to follow this tradition, leaving out porridge with butter for Tomten each Christmas Eve.

My grandmother was quite insistent that the gnome-like Tomtarna were not merely the stuff of fairytale and legend, but real beings that occupied the farms and rural landscapes of Sweden. It was these stories that contributed to my lifelong fascination with tales of diminutive humanoids. Originally coming out of the pagan traditions regarding “earth spirits” and the worship of the natural world, Tomtarna later became associated with ungodly or heathen beliefs after the Christianization of Scandinavia. However, despite the sometimes negative association, they have remained a popular figure in Swedish folklore.

Obviously, the more familiar correlative is the Gnome, of which their are purportedly a great many variations and go by many names, including Erdmanleins (Germany), Nains (Britain), Nisse or Nissen (Norway and also Sweden), Tontti (Finland), Dudje (Bulgaria and Albania), and others. Not surprisingly, legends of little people are found not only in Europe, but throughout the world.

In North America the Native American people speak of “little feet” or “baby feet” that often inhabit mountainous regions or dwell underground. These beings are also said to have various magical and psychic powers, including the power of invisibility and to mentally confuse any human foolish enough to pursue them. Encounters with these entities are also associated with memory loss and periods of missing time, much akin to the reports that we hear in relation to the UFO/alien abduction phenomena (a subject that I’ll save for another post). An excellent article on Native American lore concerning little people or babyfeet in North America can be found on Dr. Karl Shuker’s blog.

Pedro Mountain Mummy - 14" high
Pedro Mountain Mummy – 14″ high

In 1932, gold prospectors Cecil Main and Frank Carr, blasting open the walls of a gulch in the Pedro Mountains of Wyoming, discovered a cavern that had been sealed behind a wall of rock. Within the cavern sat, cross-legged, a small, wizened figure no more than 14″ high. The tiny manneken was naturally preserved and mummified, having been spared from the elements because of that fact that it was sealed within the cave. The creature was removed from the cavern and later examined and underwent an x-ray analysis by Dr. Henry Shapiro of the American Museum of Natural History. The fact that the little man sported a full set of teeth and a fully-fused skull dispelled any possibility of the small humanoid being an infant. Interestingly, the Shoshone people told of the Nimerigar, a small, aggressive people who occupied that region of Wyoming. The Nimerigar were supposed to have hunted with bows and poison arrows and lived in the Wind River and Pedro Mountains.

Personally, the question that I most frequently ponder is “are accounts of these creatures merely folklore, or are they based in truth?” I imagine that posing this question would be much more quickly dismissed prior to 2004’s discovery of Homo floresiensis on the Indonesian island of Flores. These diminutive humanoids, which have become known as “hobbits”, appears to be a separate species of human that only grew about a meter tall. The bones found are believed to be as young as 13,000 years old, demonstrating that this tiny human lived at the same time as modern Homo sapiens. If a distinctly different version of humanoid existed alongside modern humans, I believe that we must entertain the idea that other such diminutive humanoids may have lived elsewhere throughout the world.

In South America many of the native people speak of the Duende, a race of small goblin- or gnome-like creatures that make their home in the surrounding forests and mountains. Recently, a video of a small, pointy-hatted being in Argentina surfaced on the Internet. The creature, if it is a fake, is a convincing one. It shuffles out of some high grass with a strange sideways gait, into a road as a group of teenagers returning from a fishing trip lounge nearby. The boys seem genuinely startled, judging from the scream that escapes one of them as the being appears.

The video, of course, is so outlandish that it has been dismissed by most who have seen it, but coming from a graphics background I’m of the opinion that this creature is not a CGI creation, and it certainly seems to be quite diminutive — of proportions that you might only see from a person who suffers from primordial dwarfism, an exceedingly rare condition. His hat barely clears the high grass out of which it shuffles. I’ve posted it below for the readers to judge for themselves.

So, is it possible that little people once existed, or do currently exist? If so, are they flesh-and-blood beings such as ourselves, simply an undiscovered race of creatures that have cleverly hidden from us? Or, are they something more than that? Are they of an interdimensional or paranormal nature? Folklore has consistently described them as having magical gifts and properties but is that nothing more than myth and fairytale?

As the newer developments in quantum physics point us to a different view of the nature of reality, that we exist not in a Universe, but a Multiverse is it possible that there might be beings that can traverse these different planes of existence, moving between our reality and others? What connection, if any, have reports of these creatures in a paranormal context have to do with the modern reports of alien abductions and missing time experiences? This is an area that I personally find fascinating and will revisit frequently in the course of my writing on this blog. Meanwhile, I encourage anyone who has an opinion about such matters to comment on this article.

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  1. Tomte is the singular, not the plural. The plural is tomtar. Here is how it works:

    Gnome = Tomte
    The gnome = Tomten
    Gnomes = Tomtar
    The gnomes = Tomtarna

    • Thank you for the correction! My Swedish is poor, although my father speaks it fluently because his parents were born there. I mostly just know dirty words. And I can sing the Swedish birthday song.

      By the way, several years ago we found my grandfather’s birth certificate, and the original spelling of our family name was ‘Karlsson’. He was from Norkopping and came to New York City in 1904. They changed the name, Americanizing it to ‘Carlson’ when he registered at Ellis Island.

      Thanks again, Johan.

  2. Have you considered that the South American ‘gnome’ may be a small, fat child in a pointed hat? I don’t think it’s a CGI -created image at all, but it is entirely possible, and even probable, that it’s a very small adult or, more likely, a fat child.

    Just because the teens appear to be genuinely surprised and frightened doesn’t mean the being in question is of what we would call supernatural origin. We’ve all be surprised and frightened by other human beings if caught off guard or when coming upon them suddenly in unexpected places.

    • No! It’s a gnome, dammit! And where there are gnomes, there are sure to be hobbits. And I’m going to find them, and they’re going to take me to Middle Earth, and….

      Sorry, just kidding. Of course, it could have been a short, fat child, or a dwarf. This apparently took place late at night, at about 1 or 1:30 AM, so it would be unusual that someone was lying in wait in the brush wearing a gnome outfit in the hope that someone comes by so that it could jump out at them. That would be strange, but certainly not outside of the realm of possibility.

      According to the story that I read when this video was first released a couple of years ago, the article said that quite a few people in the area had seen this thing and purportedly were afraid to leave their homes at night. Still, a hoax is always very hard to rule out. It’s really more probable than the idea that it’s actually a gnome or duende. Nevertheless, I’ll admit that I WANT it to be a gnome.

  3. Hello, I found your link through Professor Hex, and just wanted to let you know that your article is one that intrigues me deeply! My boyfriend and I read tons of paranormal articles each day, and we both agree that this is one of the most interesting ones we have come across in weeks. Thanks for the great info, and I’ll be passing along this article via twitter! Best, Kiki

    • Wow, that’s really nice of you to say, Kiki. Thanks for the positive feedback. I hope to write more about the little folk in the near future. Right now I’m trying to write something about an excellent book that I read called Hunt for the Skinwalker. It’s not a huge book, but there’s SO much weird stuff and bizarre happenings in the story, it’s hard to tackle it all. That one might have to be in more than one part.

      I’m particularly interested in anything where the lines are blurred between areas that are normally compartmentalized, like the UFO phenomena in relation to a lot of the old tales about faerie folk talking people away, or missing time in relationship to sightings of little folk. Or out-of-place animals and cryptids in a paranormal context. That’s all very cool and interesting stuff to me, so keep checking back regularly because I’ll be doing a lot of writing. If you want to, you and your boyfriend can sign up for my RSS feed or get updates through my Facebook page. Just enter The Paranomalist in the search field.

      Thanks again for the kind words! And if you have any odd stories that you’d like to share, feel free.

  4. Great article there .

    Actually there is something similar in southeast Asian , my grand pa said that long time ago farming family would leave some food (mostly leftover ) to an little entity ( I forgot the name) . thus the little creature would take care of the house and see that its safe , once in a while it would show sign (like a faint shadow or outline ) to remind people that he is there. but if you forgot to put food , he is going to do some bad prank. I find it odd to see some identical point with European folklore.

    My Father also once told me stories of red clothed dwarf living deep in the forest and other wild stuff hes seen, I don’t know if its true or not but he seems firm with his point : paranormal seems to like to followed him somewhat from his native country to his new home in Canada.It may sound weird but the most recent happening was an encounter with 3ft greys like being popping out of an satellite dish…(its okay if you don’t believe even I have an hard time swallowing that)

    I never saw anything special in my life so that’s just what some of my family member experienced and told me …


    • You know, I mentioned Europe and North and South America, but I neglected to mention Asia (and Africa, for that matter). Actually, I’d thought of that but the article was getting kind of long and I didn’t want to write a whole book.

      There are accounts of little people all of the world, although I don’t know an awful lot about the ones in Asia. Something I’ll have to research. Cool stories, though. Yes, very interesting about the similarities coming from two such disparate cultures that are so far from each other geographically. I also find the fact that, as you said, the phenomena seemed to have “followed him”. That’s something else I’d like to discuss: the fact that some people are prone to seeing these things and often do throughout their lives. Popping out of the satellite dish is pretty wild, but who’s to say? Can we accept one thing and not another because it’s too “out there”?

      Thanks for checking in with that, Parady. Hope to hear from you again.

  5. what if i told you that little men come at night and make noises in our ceiling until one evening they remove 3 of our boards in the ceiling and leave foot prints. its scarey but true. Once we heard them sweeping and the other like a horse galloping. its crazy but true. Here in west africa,nigeria,niger state very close to the rocks.

    • Wow, that’s fascinating! I interviewed author Herbie Brennan who writes the Faerie Wars Chronicles series of books, and he claimed to have seen small, 0.6 meter tall “fairy horses” when he was a young man in Ireland. He told me he saw them near an ancient megalithic structure, and you say that you live near the rocks. That’s an interesting similarity. Please email me if you have any other experiences that you’d like to share.

  6. It’s not CGI.
    But it very well could be a small monkey with a brace over its back, forcing it to walk upright.

  7. dude, i think they are real. they’re demons. They’re not good. They have pychic powers. Off spring of the nephlim. They live under the ground. Where i lived, ithere was a guy who wrote a book about alien abduction but it was a fact that he hallicinated the thing. I need to read the book again. There were some details that seemed hokie. i’m going to check the family out, see what they can tell me. But i have my own stories. Like one, in the winter, two of us were ambushed by what seemed like a bunch of cops with red siren light, with the noise from CB radio and all. i looked like they had an ATV. we took off, and no one was following us, but we checked and there was no trace of anyone in the area at all. nothing. there was 3 feet of snow on the ground. it was very strange. also, i know as a kid i used to build these damns in this little stream that was in a gully. Then my damns would be unmade overnight. during the night even. i would leave at dusk, and come back in the moring. 7 am. Think of a large 1 foot round rock, heavy, coming out of a 10 foot ravine with no marks or tracks? the only human way is to pick it up, walk down the stream, then get out, then walk back and place the rock on the side, it makes no sense. And there was no tail that showed. i would walk, by habit, without leaving much of a trail, but adults would definitely leave a trail, specially in the dark. Impossible not too. IT was baffleing, and i wanted to see if it would happen if there was snow on the ground, then i can see for sure, what kind of trail there was. Gnomes. for sure. I went back recently, This was all years ago, but i went back, there;s just something funny with the area. There’s a place where there’s stone in a little spot, if like nook, with about 4 foot brush ceiling. but it’s nice and cleared. but it seems like a hang out cause the it seems like a lot of traffic, and there’s some rocks there. it just looks weird. and so i looked closer and sure there was a little trail, well worn, years and years old. it runs along the area, and yes, i found a tree with a door. the trail goes right too it, It was the nook of the roots, and where you would expect a hole, there was no hole. It’s as if yu make a door of the same bark. One more story, once i was back in these woods digging out fire pit, and i thought i saw someone walking down the trail to where i was at. But then it went behind a tree. i thought it was a freind playing trick on me, so i moved to the side, and it was like a shadow, and it moved and hide behind the tree again. i didn it again and it moved again. It was just a black shape. I thought it might have been a dog, but a dog wouldn’t hide that many times. so i freaked and ran straight out of there. maybe it was just dusk shadows but i boogied all the way home. I think it’s evil gnomes. evil children of the fallen angels. There;s other stories too. Like once, me an a friend were wrestlings. There was this weird old tree house that’s like 70-90 feet high we were at the base and my friend removed his 10 rings and silver bracelets so we could play fight. we both know the spot he put his stuff, it was like the nook of a tree. in the short time we fought, the stuff dissapeared. we never left the area. He thought i stole it, cause there was no explaination. I think he still thinks i stole it. cause he took a piss. there area is clear. you can’t sneak up on it. No human could have taken the stuff and i know where the nook tree was. It was a definate thing, they were definately gone. We searched the whole area.that was like 20 years ago, and when i went back, there was the same what i thought was raccoon poop in the same spot. as it always was. raccon poop in the same spot? it’s always there. for more than 20 year.could be raccoon poop or maybe not.
    They’re psychic. You can feel their presence. here’s another story, a group of friends, this is in a different state, had once been stealing gasoline from a DPW site for their motor cycles. They heard some voices coming from around this shed. They could recognize them as a friends voice. So the one guy who had a high pressure halogen flashlight decided to pull a prank. He was going to shine the light on the point where he thought he heard the voices which was in a field around the shed. These three people attest to seeing something tare through the weeds, and go up a tree.THey said the tree then was shaking massively for a good duration of time. they said it was the only tree moving and it was not the wind, and a large dead branch broke off during this time. Then they shined the light on what he said was a huge ugly face. and it had glowing red eyes. and the thing flew out of the tree screaming with a high pitch shriek that went on for a long time, They heard it going over a mountain will continuing to skreik. They said, anyone in the area would have had to hear it too. They thought it might have been a pterodactyl but that doesn’t explain the voices. I think it was a demon.

    I know they’re not lying about seeing something. Only one person claims to have seen it’s face. The others said they definitely saw something cut through the field. that could have been a rabit. The rocking of the tree, could have been a bob cat. Then they said it was definitely large and flew very fast, with a high piercing unearthly loud piercing wail. I figure that might have been one of them in fear, they say no way. It might have been a bob cat. they say no way. They heard in for a long time, with plenty of time to think about it. it was definitely flying at a fast rate. The voices, i thought might have been echoed from down the street, as sometime sounds travels weird., but they were all certain the voice was a particular friend, and that person was supposedly not in the area that night.
    i think it was a demon. surely it was. I think it has to trick you into accepting it’s invitiation.

    • Billy,

      Thanks for posting that. If you don’t mind telling me, what state do you live in? Just curious.

      You bring up a lot of interesting points. I think many of these types of beings have been interacting with mankind for as long as we’ve been around. I’m not convinced that they’re necessarily evil, but there often does seem to be some kind of “trickster” element, in that they enjoy provoking or frightening humans. I’ve also heard that they’re attracted to shiny objects and trinkets. so it’s interesting to hear about your friends missing jewelry.

      The creature that shrieked and had glowing red eyes also got my attention. I’ve been hearing a lot of similar stories of a Bigfoot-like creature here in New Jersey that has glowing red eyes and shrieks and screams (read my Bigfoot in New Jersey article for more about that). My wife heard these sounds and it gave her quite a scare.

      Thanks again, and let me know if you have any other experiences that you’d like to share.


  8. Hi John, i’m from NJ as well.

    yeah, i think they are evil but pretend to neutral or good. They would convince you of being outside of good or evil. They are spiritual creatures that know of Jesus and are against Jesus. they know they are condemned. They are evil. They want noting more than to darken your soul and turn you away from God. I;m telling you the truth.

    Here’s another story and i think you would find this interesting. There would be this things, and i would come often at night. usually late at night. It would be at the back of the yard in the wood.. never on the property, even thought there were lots of tall trees in his yard. IT would fly and make the sound of a whip snapping. there is no bird i can find that makes that sound. Though i’ve heard it hundreds of times, over years, no one else has ever heard it, which is very very odd. It would also retreat into the woods if i trying to get closer. It was as if it wanted to lead me to the deepest part of the forest. One time i almost went, it really led me to the point where the forest goes into the deepest area, but that place always felt ominous and spooky, not all woods feels like that. I’ll you that. some deep woods do not feel like that at all. Even after being out of state for seven years, i had gone back to find this thing still there. In all that time, no one else had ever heard it. strange.

  9. Oh, the thing that cut through the field, that was in western mass. It was three people who saw it, and according to them , the tree was swaying 30 feet each way.which i think is an exaggeration. more then 1 dead branch would have fallen. they said it was swaying pretty good.

  10. Perhaps gnomes are not completely evil, but they are of a magical nature. There’s a bunch of different, faerie folk. Faeries live by springs. They probobly all hang out together. I don’t think hobbits, which were race of small people, were magical in the same sense as faerie folk, They were a people outside of eden. the 1000’s of years during which these people lived is hardly seen by the scant probing of arceaology. When the Children of Adam came, about 6000 years ago, that’s when the world rapidly changed. Nimrod, Sargon I built many large cities as human cultures began to reach over into every corner. Man’s time to rule the earth had been established.

  11. Do you know how hard it is to find this information? I have heard of several native american tribes that believe in this ‘liitle people deal”…..but what is it when you see one in your home…in a hall….looks like a little old man…takes off running REAL fast and runs into the dining room and sounds as if it is tearing it up. you knock on the wall and they knock back. what is it and why is it there? i will never forget seeing it with a shit eating grin on its face. the state of this happening is louisiana. what is it and why is it there?

    • Wow! If you can, please elaborate. When did this occur, and how long did you hear this creature in your house? Have you seen it more than once or anywhere else?

      I wish I could answer your questions, but I don’t know anything about the nature of these types of phenomena. My belief is that beings of this kind can occupy many different realities and choose to enter ours from time to time or occasionally show themselves to us. There seems to often be some kind of mischievous “trickster” quality to these visits too. Do they need to feed on our fear, or do they just get bored and want our attention?

      I really don’t understand their nature or origin, but I think the fact that we’re finding out that through quantum physics that we’re living in a multiverse where parallel dimensions come into contact with each other, this lends some support to existence of these creatures that have been making their way into our folklore and legend for thousands of years.

      Any more detail you can provide, feel free to comment again or email me.


  12. it stayed like the whole summer…when i saw it…it just to took of so fast and the sound of damage it was doing…it was like a little old man maybe a foot high with one of those flat hats on….strange thing……one of my mothers students through the school board saw the same thing. the boys parents did not believe him until that boys mother saw it too. The thing is we know what it looks like…but what is it and why is it there.If they really do exist and this is not an illusion that we are seeing….why arent more people seeing whatever this is. why dont they just show themself. I do believe that dimensions are right in our face and we cant see them or break through them. I just wish that someone knew what this was…SOMEONE DOES.

  13. If anyone has answers or know something on this please let me know. Feel free to email me at unkown_22@yahoo.com. I have dealt with this for a long time now and have been doing good lately for I live in a differant area. That doesnt mean whatever this supernatural ordeal is cant follow you. lol i was tracked down when I was in Korea at at one time so I do know that it can follow you….I just been what you call LUCKY lately.

  14. ive come to belive that these creatures are real! Ive had close encounters with these creatures and they are not pretty
    this is a description of what i came to see:about 3 feet tall wrinkled face small red eyes with a grin,It had a pointy hat and pointy shoes that curled at the ends as i looked at it i rubbed my eyes to see if it was fake but it wasnt then it slightly faded away.
    I had also a second sighting it was small about 6 inches tall and it had the same face wrinkled and the smll red eyes.
    somehow i feel that the toys “trolls”have a tie to that

  15. At the time I saw mine ( he had a wrinkly face too) all kinds of ordeals were happening not to mention another paranormal activity was taking place in which everyone knew the other one was definitely not good. The characteristics of mine is similar to a lot of the reading I have been doing lately, except one thing…….the hat. He did not have a pointy hat as all others i read about do.
    Maybe he came to help with all the negative energy that was present and he came to run it off???? I like to think that at least.

  16. It’s always interesting to read incidents like this as it isn’t quite in the popular culture like a lot of other unusual sightings. It also seems odd that there are similar accounts from very different locations; I would think that, if they were living creatures, populations separated by vast amounts of time and geography would have different habits and, especially, clothing styles. Or perhaps there are more accounts out there but they’re not all connected with each other for that reason?

    • Gnomes, as they’re depicted in popular culture — pointy hats, beards, and all — are taken from the northern European tradition. In other cultures around the world whose folklore includes little people, they’re of described as being quite different. The “littlefeet” of North American indigenous people are supposedly like smaller versions of themselves, wearing buckskin and moccasins and using bows and arrows. Regardless of variations in their physical description, you find accounts of these little folk all over the world and over thousands of years.

      There was an good interview on Whitley Streiber’s website Unknown Country about little people in Indonesia that reportedly abduct people. The island of Flores is part of Indonesia, which is where the remains of the so-called Hobbits have been found. Could it be that some of these little people still exist?

  17. This is definitely an interesting article. I’ve never seen one, but I found something in my backyard once that looked like one of the gnome hats from European folklore. It was a small hat, about 2.5-3 inches long and conical– but the top was slightly rounded. It appeared to be made out of two layers of felt; the outside was red and the inside was pink. It was sewn together quite well, with an even seam dividing it in half, with that seam on the inside. It could have been manmade, but my neighbors at the time were all adults with college-age children or older, and there is a large field behind my house. I showed it to my parents, who looked at it and said, “Well, that’s neat. What are you going to do with it?” I put it back where I found it: near our swingset. The next day, it was gone. Weird, huh? Should I have kept it? Some old tales say that keeping the clothing of the little people gives you power over them, but at the same time, I think it might make them mad. I live in the Ohio Valley, so if you have any knowledge of sightings in my area, I’d love to hear them!

    • Angela,

      I think giving it back was the right thing to do. From what I’ve read, these creatures are basically friendly, but they can be vindictive. If you anger them, they’re not good enemies to have. This is according to the legends I’ve heard and from my grandmother’s tales. I’ll keep my eyes open for any Ohio Valley gnome sightings and let you know.


  18. Hello guys my name is Luis Fernando. I live at Panama (the small country). Gnomes are famous here in Panama in the parts away from the capital, where I live. Me and my friends love camping and going to the beach and as well, we know a lot of people there that have talked to us about them and other creatures. Surprisingly all the descriptions are alike. Before I tell my own story I want to say that I used to read a lot about witchcraft and other cults, not to practice but to know because I value knowledge more than anything, anyway for having this occult knowledge and books and stuff lets say I used to have problems with negative entities and I know by heart the feeling you get when something is getting weird really close to you. Now the story: Me and my friends were in my friend’s beach house which, since this is Panama *tropical country* there are forests everywhere even close to the beach, the thing is me and and my 2 best friends always lose something in that house and no matter how much we look for it or how good we remember the last place we put it just gets lost. In my case, my silver necklace which I had left wrapped in a towel under a chair to go play soccer in the yard *this happened at night* Disappeared it was gone and I recall the towel being folded way differently. My friends have also lost coins and a zippo and other stuff. Let’s its a theif well hes a hella good of a thief because to get to my necklace he would have had to pass right infront of us or somehow climb the electric fence that protects us from the woods.. Risk your life for a necklace I dont think so… The next night I was playing soccer by myself and I see this big grown man, whose face i didn’t get to see, He gave me a really weird feeling he was walking in front of the house the long street where my friend’s house is at and the closest house is 150meters away. I kicked the ball a little bit too strong and it got to the street so I ran and was outside probably 15 seconds later. When I look for the man he was not there and the street is very illuminated I thought I was hallucinating but I had that weird feeling for a couple of seconds and then later I just thought to my self oh he must have gone to the woods to get some wood for a fire.. And went back in thinking this was a normal thing to see at .. 12 in the night.. I told this whole story to a friend and he encouraged me to read about gnomes on the internet he said the man thing had nothing to do tho. but now that I see that the legends say the can confuse you and also shapeshift I believe its a possibility..
    Keep Jesus in your heart. Love him and do not let this sort of this corrupt his imagine. That’s how I got away from the demonic attacks.

    • Wow, Luis. That’s an interesting story. I’ll have to give that some thought before I can respond. It’s my birthday today and I’ve had mucho cervezas, so I’ll respond when I’m a little clearer in my mind.

      Buenos dias,


  19. just reading what billy says about gnomes “not knowing jesus.”

    …these creatures aren’t evil per se, but powerful in their own right, and their power does not come down from god, but rises up out of the earth.

    they existed before christianity, and therefore christianity has demonized them. happened to all the irish goddesses…turned beautiful powerful goddesses into evil witches, or if the culture would not let go of them, turned them into saints. bridgid is a good example. the only way the new religion can succeed is if it demonizes and marginalizes the old gods or else incorporates them. in order to be understood these entities have to looked at without the intervening distortion of christianity.

    also want to mention hunt for the skinwalker…read it through the first time in an effort to understand the more paranormal aspects of my sightings. read it through a couple more times, and saw the possibility that hoaxing had occurred, which i had not even considered on my first read through.

    discussion recently about trolls in sweden led me to your site which i really enjoyed. thanks

    • T’mara — I have to say that I agree with you. Billy is entitled to his opinions, but I personally do not think that belief in such creatures is any kind of affront to God, or that these beings are necessarily evil at all. A reader commented on my ‘Stone Circle‘ article suggested that I read a book titled The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries by W. Y. Evans-Wentz. I searched for it and found several chapters online, and it basically says the same thing that you’re saying: Christianity either demonized or incorporated them into its beliefs. I think we also tend to fear things those things that we don’t understand.

      Glad you like the gnomes article, thanks. And thank you for posting this comment.

  20. Hi, I am so amazed at all the stories. I believed on the gnomes because my Aunt from the Philippines has been sharing her stories. They used to sing and play a ukelele to her.
    Now, I have another family who have “gnomes” as his friends. My family has proven to me
    many things that they really existed. I have to asked permission from them if I can elaborate my stories.

    • Edith – Thanks! I’d love to hear more about your Aunt’s stories of gnomes in the Philippines, if she’s okay with your sharing them. I find it fascinating to hear so many similar stories of gnomes and little folk from all over the world. My best friend’s girlfriend is from the Philippines too. I’ll have to ask her if she’s heard any folk tales or knows of anyone who has had experiences with gnomes over there.

  21. John, as you said, these things may have no affront to God or anything of the like, but remember, if you tend to be wary of things like elves, trolls, gnomes, Hobbits, goblins, and such things. There is the Huge possibility that there are demons. Not gonna get religious or anything, but if these things truly exist, and have the powers people say they do, then its no far fetched thing to say that they aren’t really gnomes or little people, but demons taking the form of these little people. Im not stating it as fact, but it would be a very good way to sway people from things like god

  22. John, we also have a legend about little people in Montana. My boyfriend and his family are Northern Cheyenne and believe strongly in them. He tells me that the little people live in the hills and come out at night. He said they are very, very strong with wicked sharp teeth and have horrible tempers. I was told that people leave out tobacco products as a peace offering. I was also told that you were to never look them in the eye if I was too see one because they might kill you. Honestly I’m one of those people that has to see it to believe it but his family believe so strongly in them that sometimes it makes me wonder. Also, reading about little people stories from around the world really gets me thinking about them!

    • Hi Rosa – When I began to research this I was struck by the similarities between the northern European tales of gnomes, tomtar, nain, etc. and the Native American folklore of similar little folk. In some cases they’re described as being simply mischevious, and other times as being dangerous. Here in New Jersey the native Lenape people have legends of a little people called the Wematekan’is. I’ve also received stories from people in Asia and Africa of these small humanoids. It makes you think, doesn’t it? Are they all just folklore and fairytales, or is there something more to it? Thanks for telling me about Cheyenne legend. Do you know what they Cheyenne people call these guys? I’d be interested in knowing, if you can tell me.


  23. Hey John, Happy Holidays ! My niece is leaving for Ireland and I came across you/read posts here. Great stuff. Our reality, is a very sordid but fascinating existence to ponder. And you’re fortunate if you’re one of the few who’ve had extraordinary experiences. Truth is, we’re intended to pass thru this (human) life largely in the dark, and under unfair circumstances. Intelligences may intervene for better or for worse, but I don’t believe in any God that is thinking about you or that your life is worth saving. Earth is just a brief stop, on our soul’s journey. In Britain, as you know, if you disturb a fairy circle, you may be killed by the fae. Spirits have harmed and killed people. Non-human entities of unknown sorts I’m sure have also. We are at a disadvantage. Even aliens, of certain races/nations, have killed humans. We are part of a biological existence, spiritual existence, and interdimensional one. There is no fairness or rescue, and there is both good and bad fortune in regards to what entities may do for you. My friend’s relative in the Philippines was born with deformed tiny feet, and a “duende”/gnome (less than 12” tall) took interest and resides in her home. It’s helped her to prosper financially as long as she does not speak of him. I’d mention that just because there are similarities between little folk and greys, that doesn’t mean they are the same entity. Nature spirits are energies with intelligence in their own right, and we will never be able to catalog all that exists. Too few human beings have supernatural experiences anyway. You’re fortunate if your eyes have been opened. In regards to demons, I’m sure they exist in one form or another..whether it be indifferent/hostile aliens, thoughtforms we’ve created/constructed/energized thru cult worship, negative human spirits imitating ugliness, nature spirits trying to scare you off, or the uglier “relatives” of nature spirits (goblins etc.). It’s unfortunate the whole of humanity is ignorant, but apparently, that’s how it’s intended to be. I’m sure a knome walks into our dimension, as easily as you walk into your kitchen. It’s not their objective to make themselves known to the masses. They simply possess a bigger stomping ground (more than one dimension) than we. I was Catholic all my life, but I can see how Christianity has labeled everything the devil. Even aliens. That’s asinine. If some aliens are our enemies, then they’re just like us, a biological life form that has motives. Noticeably, most situations come down to WILL. Whether it be using your Will to drive out an entity from your home, or to fight for your life. But unfortunately, it’s only you that will save you. We’re naturally weak and afraid, so we prefer to call on a God. But in my opinion, Creation doesn’t require a thinking person thinking about you. We’re apart of an incomprehensibly vast network of sentient life, impacting each other at various stages of our existence. Today I kill you, and you move on, and tomorrow you kill or help me. We, and all the various entities in creation, grow together. The tragedy is the horror and torture that is a part of that progression. I think fairies and knomes are most often friendly, and endearing creatures. I think man’s nature is fixed and he will always be the source of atrocities. I also believe that after you die, you still don’t know everything, and then you have a kind of gentle death into a next life, and a next. Unfortunately, right after Earth, you’re probably the same jerk you were, just before you bit it. As I said, it’s a progression. Long speech huh? If you’re interested John, there’s a movement picking up steam again, of the physical materialization of spirits. Where your loved one returns to laugh, cry, and embrace you, warm flesh, pulse and everything. Of course we know, most are fakes, but I can offer you some very real and gifted individuals to assess. Sometimes nature spirits and elementals and even alien life, find their way into seance. Some spirits speak on them! Anyway, here’s the site: physicalmediumship4u.ning.com Not everyone who posts there is as balanced or skeptical as you and I. But there are genuine Mediums on whom you’ll find current news, (like Patrick McNamara of Ghostcircle.com, and Kai Muege of Germany (Felixcircle.blogspot.com), and Tom/Kevin of Montcabirol.com). Robin Foy of the Scole Experiment started the site, and partial materializations have already been filmed live. They’re all looking forward to the near future when a full materialization will be filmed. Of course, unless you have advanced as a seeker, as you appear to have, you’ll call it Photoshop. Check it out…it’s but another way down the path toward the wee little people !

    • Thank you, Rand. Happy holidays to you too. That was a great, well thought-out comment. And thank you for the links; I’ll check those out today. I was raised Catholic too, and while I’m still a practicing Christian, I still have some doubts and disagree with much of what is taught in the Church. The idea of a God that is personally interested in us as individuals and somehow pulls the strings of our lives is a difficult concept for me to accept. I do find it easier to think that we are indeed a part of a large web of life throughout the Universe, and that most often (if not always) those things that happen to us — good or bad — is just “stuff that happens”. Honestly, I don’t think it’s a very good or healthy belief that every positive thing or misfortune that befalls us is due to God’s direct intervention and will. I think that’s an unhealthy attitude and counterproductive to becoming a spiritually/emotionally mature human being. Sometimes things just happen, good and bad, and often times it’s a result of our own actions and behaviors. You can’t put God in the middle of everything. That’s not to say that I don’t believe in Him (or Her, if you prefer): I just don’t look at His/Her presence in our lives in that way. Nor do I think that belief in other intelligent entitities who interact with us is a silly, or somehow blasphemous. And I don’t think all (or even many) of them are necessarily evil or agents of the Devil. Like you say, they probably have their own motivations much as we homo sapiens do.

      Thanks again, Rand. Please keep feel free to comment again any time. Btw, once your initial comment is approved, any future comments that you contribute to the site are added immediately.

  24. THIS IS YOUR “MERRY CHRISTMAS-BIGGEST END-OF-THE-YEAR” POST ! Dear John, it was nice to receive your reply. I appreciate the openminded view we share. I’m very to the point. For me, the ultimate betrayal on my part was for me to abandon God. And it’s very lonely. But that can change. Some people I know, have wonderful companions, others have spirits as companions. Without love, life is monotanous. After 46 years, I realize, that there is no God. And whatever Creator/System there is, matters only to the extent that you can perhaps tap into some supranormal energy, for good use. The very idea that it is excusable or acceptable that a God would put down a group of insecure monkeys into a competitive situation, with a few alpa males tossed in, and not expect atrocity to be forever routine, is ridiculous and cruel. Especially since we inherently are murderers. Or violent, if you like. That said, I feel that whether or not this life continues, our most important reason for worth, and both minimal and noblest purpose, is to, if you possess strength, to ease the suffering of others. Particularly children. Frankly, as of yet, I do not trust spirit in seance. From their extraordinary autonomy and complexity, they do appear to be your loved ones, and, sometimes imposters, but indeed intelligent autonomous beings, not products of group energy. But why, in hundreds of cases I’ve researched, I do not find them exalting the need to rescue those who are weaker. On occasion it’s been implored by some, and many say ‘to do God’s work,’ but for the most part, the emphasis is on YOU; your soul’s journey. Let me state, that I do not believe that this beautiful Earth and all the grandeur of this immense Universe, is one grand stage, for the petty happenings of my life. A divorce, job loss, a death in the family or any other event we experience, really to be expected while living precariously on a rock hurdling thru space. From my research, I state that it does appear that life continues. But I’d be disgusted to believe a child could be molested and then murdered, and left to cry alone and haunt the site of the crime, which is so often presumed. My horror, would be to have to face the possibility that, if this life was unfair, who’s to say the next isn’t also ? ! I say, You and I are adults, we can handle pain and even terminal illness. But there’s no greater pain than to see a child suffer, whether or not he is your own. I cannot think of anything more important, beyond providing for yourself and your own family, than to place yourself in the presence of a child or other, who needs you. Children have been physically harmed by the supernatural. I’ll kick the as* of any entity that would hurt a child. If it kills me, I’ll continue kicking it’s as* in the afterlife. One Medium I know well, believes that child spirits are never trapped here, but may visit the place they knew and be spotted, or that we create thoughtforms of the child we expect to be haunting a locale, or sometimes a mischeivious entity imitates the child for attention or interaction. I hope this is true. I would prefer there be no afterlife, than to have a child scared and wandering. Most ghosthunters are readily accepting of such a predicament, and believe they have a mission to rescue them/sending them into the light. I say bullsh*t. Here’s a cut to a real story: When I was about 7 or 8, my brother and I slept on a bed facing the open door to the hallway. Most of the wall behind us, was a huge window. The room was never extremely dark. Over 3 nights in a row, I saw just a few feet from the foot of my bed/just inches past the doorjam, fully dimensional shadow people wandering in and out of the walls. Same as if you would remove the clothes from a department store mannequin, and paint it pitch black. They seemed to be unaware of their surroundings, would pause, and then continue walking as if in a daze, not down the hall, but, across it and into the wall. After 2 nights, my brother sarcastically asked me to wake him if they came again. They did. And I did and saw his reaction. For about 20 years he wouldn’t talk about it, and finally admitted he’d seen them shoot down the hallway as a mist. A few years after his admission, my cousin who lived downstairs at the time, happened to mention that our grandmother with whom I lived upstairs had always held seances before we moved in. That she, her mother, and my father’s first cousin, could all levitate a table with ease. My father verified this. This was taught by my great great grandmother (1850-1950) who was Yaqui Indian. The Yaqui’s culture/view of creationism is totally based in magic, and communication with relatives passed is routine. Those ‘shadows’ are believed to be a kind of astral shell left behind by persons after they die, and in time, will dissentigrate. They have a minimal consciousness, and natives (of all kinds, hawaiians etc.) and witches have used them to carry out missions. It does also appear to me, that in some cases, complete individuals do haunt certain locales. I believe, for now, that if one chooses not to move on, then one may linger, without a sense of time, and may even experience the etheric copy of a building they once knew, that’s now a ruin, and abide there. It appears that in some cases, they may also be confused or stuck/remaining here, but if I say that, then I have to say it’d be the same for children, and I don’t want to say it. I’m at a loss. I’ll close with a link to my friend Patrick’s site, where in a very short video, he demonstrates the existence of the etheric double. A person holds a small bouquet, and spirit assists as Patrick strokes the etheric double of the flowers, causing the bouquet to rotate. This is NOT telekinesis. Patrick can see the energy. In public demonstrations, many people have seen the energy. This modest little video, is monumental, because it proves that everything has a ‘spirit copy,’ just like us. Furthermore, on the subject of your site, the etheric double or spirit copy or spirit energy of the flower, is the stuff nature spirits are made of. Elements of nature, have a consciousness. Even the ancient Hawaiians would ask a heavy rock for permission to move it. Everything that lives has to an extent some level of a consciousness. That which living things emanate are either the source and/or are intrinsically intertwined with the intelligences known as the fae and gnomes, etc. who are their guardians. Just as we presumably have guardians/spirit guides. Here’s the link…at THE VERY END John, note when Patrick stops participating, Spirit takes over entirely and rotates it most dramatically: https://www.ghostcircle.com/_photoplasm.html
    Same, on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jq5qtKU7jN8
    Regards, Rand

  25. p.s. Here are a few very short stories of little people I appreciate:
    The 1st is my mother’s, and the other 2 I’ve come across….

    In that same upstairs bedroom, my parents and baby brother slept in a larger bed next to ours. One morning my mother woke first, as she usually did to make the baby’s bottle, to find two small child age knomes at that same bedroom door, which was closed. They stood as high as just under the doorknob, had slightly tan colored faces, and wore plain peasant clothes and a tight fitting skull cap coming down to the sides showing only their face (no pointed hat). They seemed to be talking to each other about her, chattering away but she couldn’t really hear them, and no matter how much she rubbed her eyes, they remained. Till they just disappeared. I can see now, how my grandmother’s activities had opened a portal in that upstairs apt. (My cousins living downstairs have always heard noises like people walking or jumping up and down, when there was no one home up there).
    Early summer morning, 1967, my Christian Conservative uncle who is Irish, was hunting in the woods. As he aimed his rifle at a buck in the distance, he heard whistling. He looked down and went into complete shock. A little man, about knee-high, walked right across his path only a few feet in front of him. He was wearing old fashioned farmer’s clothes, holding an axe or some sort of tool over his shoulder, dark tan face, old looking, with a pointed hat. He didn’t look at my uncle and didn’t say anything, just whistling as he walked by. My uncle put down his gun and left the woods for the day.
    The only thing he could think it could be was a “hobbit”…. he had heard nothing about little people other than hearing about the Tolkien book.
    Summer, 1987. A 10 year-old friend of mine, also Irish, was out hunting partridge with his grandfather and they came to a stream. My friend looked into the stream and saw what he thought was a GI Joe doll that someone had left in the water. As he moved closer, he saw that it was alive and moving. It was a little green man, maybe 8-10 inches tall, completely green and naked. He called his grandfather over to look at it and asked him what it was. His grandfather stared in shock for quite a while, and pulled his grandson back away from it and said, “You just leave that alone. It’s not bothering you. You just leave that be,” and he never spoke of the incident again until 1996.

  26. I am 26 years old, and saw a real knome when I was younger, and did not know what it was until last night, when a well versed friend in metaphysics asked me about what happened, and I described what I saw, and I ended up having him send me a website with a drawn picture that looked identical to what I saw.

    When I was about 7 or 8 I woke up in the early morning around sunrise (blueish glare from the window) and I was sleeping in the same bed as my mother and in an attached bed with my brother who was about a foot lower then me.

    I woke up and looked through the door that was open in the room I was sleeping in(never left the bed) and saw the thing. It just starred. I thought I was sleeping and rubbed my eyes, and it was still there. I then took one of the pillows I was sleeping on and put it under my stomach (if i woke up later and it was under my stomach, I would know I was awake) and I turned around, then looked back over and it was still there, just starring at me. Sure enough, I woke up and the pillow was under my stomach. It was real.

    I told my mother and she said it was a protector of me and that people had a gift to see things, she told me it was a good thing and I was too freaked out and it was real, not some fake headcased gift you would see in a movie, this thing was real. anyway, I remember a priest coming over and putting holy water on the windowcill after that so that was weird.

  27. Merry Christmas Robert ! I liked your story. It’s identical to my Mom’s. I’ll have to share it with her. You’re very very lucky. So few see them. What State did that happen in ?

  28. I have not seen the gnomes or aliens, I’m Panamanian, and every country I suppose has it’s stories of creatures. I heard the story of the gnomes in Panama from my family older generation aunts,uncles and my grandpa.
    From what I heard is that the gnomes were known to abduct children, for reasons I do not know, or can’t remember. Family members had sightings of them i would guess numerous times. My aunts were out playing and they came across some gnomes i don’t remember an exact number of them, and my grandmother told them that if they are near them to pretend to dig in their butts and eat their own feces, this would detour them, the claim is the gnomes become disgusted and go away. So my aunt and whoever was with her did this and the gnomes went the other way. Other family members seen them as well.

    But around 6 months ago at a family function in Atlanta, we were all gathered talking about ghosts , and I brought up the gnomes, to my aunt. She said ask your grandpa he seen them the most. So in a kitchen about 20 of us all family, he tells us that these ‘gnomes’ were evil, and they would come to him for favors, such as doing nasty evil things to people, i think even as harsh as killing people. While my grandfather refused they would beat him and other things, he was very hesitant and serious about this particular experience , which happened to him more than once. I took him very serious and it’s not like he was trying to spook us. I wish he said more about the subject but we could tell it was very difficult for him to even talk about.
    In my opinion, according to the stories from family members is that the gnomes perhaps are hyper dimensional humanoids. The connection to the abduction and especially children being the victims.Also I read somewhere that some ‘aliens’ are thought to be super hypochondriacs, this would fit into the ‘digging in one’s rectum and pretend to eat your own feces’ to detour them. (Im not making this up). And the finally the horrible beatings they did on my grandpa asking him to hurt people for them.

    So that’s the story, please don’t criticize this in a negative manner. Trying to see what anybody else thought about it.

    • Very interesting, Mario. No, I wouldn’t criticize anyone. I have some strange stories myself that a lot of people probably wouldn’t believe.

      I’ve heard some people say that these gnomes are evil and other say that they’re basically benevolent, so long as you don’t do something to make them angry. Sounds like your grandfather’s experience was much more on the negative side. The abduction part of the story makes me wonder about the connection with alien abductions. Stories of spirits, faeries, little people, etc. that abduct people or spirit them away are found in pretty much every culture on the planet. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

  29. To somewhat support Mario’s posting, it should be noted that most Mediums do not encounter nature spirits in seance, but that those who practice witchcraft, often do. The famous witch Isabel Gowdie of Scotland, on trial in 1662, who fully confessed/never contradicting herself to her death/execution, had no doubt that fairy tribes were hosts of hell, and identifiable with the demonic spirits at coven meetings. She stated that like her, the fae were evil; in the business of murdering men. Personally, I imagine there are those who intend no harm, but how do you find that out, unless you engage them?
    I recall reading of a family in Maine, who encountered a friendly family of knomes traveling at night. They said that the “Uns” as they called us, were crowding them out, and that they were moving Northward toward more secluded lands (toward Canada). Note that they referred to us humans, as “the Uns,” (as taken from the word, humans, dropping the h,m, and a. : ) I like that.

  30. You know what, I do think that my grandfather was dabbling in black magic. I’ve also heard stories of real life witches, succubus like women, all he experienced. My family has a lot of stories, I don’t know if it’s my conditioning to believe them. But for a strong sense I feel this gnome thing, is very real. Thanks for posting back guys.

  31. You’re welcome Mario. I’ll add…that psychic abilities are the natural attribute of human beings, but that magic belongs to nonhuman entities, not us. When we humans practice magic, we are actually using our psychic abilities to reach those creatures, in order to have them work their magic for us. Witches are individuals who possess above average psychic abilities, and who call both spirits and nonhuman entities (knomes, etc.) to accomplish their objectives. If your grandfather practiced magic, then yes, he most likely invited the presence of knomes. You stated “black magic,’ …thus, malevolent knomes were attracted and/or summoned by his dark spells and rituals. Such spells in their reciting, explicitly call upon nature spirits to come forward. I would love to hear more of your family’s stories ! Thank you for sharing.

    • My mom had above average psychic abilities in the form of precognitive dreams and premonitions (in one case she even received a visit from her dead sister) and she used to jokingly refer to herself as a “witch”. I wrote about that a couple of years ago in one of my earlier articles.

      Yes, I agree Rand: I think dabbling in dark magic and the occult can invite evil entities into one’s life — one of the reasons I stay away from ouija boards! It could be that Mario’s granddad did (knowingly or unwittingly) let this creature enter his world.

      Mario: same here! I’m with Rand — feel free to share any other of your family’s stories if you’d like to. We’d all love to hear them.

  32. Well I was just inferring it was some kind of black magic. I had a hunch he was doing something like that from what I’ve heard. Because, my family members would tell me he would see / experience the most off the wall things. I don’t think he was doing any blood libels, all out satanic stuff. I really don’t know, I dont think I will ask him. But i just always had a feeling he did some stuff in his past. I did research a list of known witches in history, and a couple of stories , said that the witch/practitioner were sometimes beaten by these fairies/entities and threatened. And when they spoke about them they were scared because they knew they were watching.. Spooky …But it’s a little late to go in on about his experiences from what I was told. Maybe sometime later. Thanks again.

  33. Dear John, I enjoyed reading the article just now about your mother. She does look so radiant and loving. I’m sorry she could not live 100 years. And if only everyone.. could have a mother like her. She’s the kind of person every person on Earth dreams about. I hope that there is an afterlife, and that you enjoy so much more time together. Yes, her abilities were impressive. She was open, to the channels of communication. Fortunately, the essence of who she was, is expressed in you, and so, still contributing to the Earth. This place needs people like you. Thank you for a very pleasant site, and rich discussions. There’s nothing wrong with a little talk of “magic” to brighten our lives.
    Here is a personal account posted by a woman in October 2004, that I’ve liked reading:
    “When I was 8yrs old, my stepbrother Todd had captured a flame-like man in a glass jar. He had been talking about it for at least a week and finally showed it to me one night when we were getting ready for bed. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at.

    It was this bright flaming orange figure. I could see facial features, legs, and arms. It was thrashing about in the jar, hitting the sides in a rage. I could see the anger and emotion in his face. I told Todd to set it free. I went to touch the jar and I was burnt. He grabbed the jar and said “No!” and confessed to having caught him a week ago at his mother’s house. He tightened the lid and set it high upon the shelf that was above his bed. The angry little thing frightened me, but I felt his fear and anguish.

    Todd had eventually fallen to sleep. As I went to reach for the jar, I was interrupted by at least a dozen balls of light that sped around my head like a swarm of bees. I almost dropped the heavy jar on Todd’s head. I sighed with relief, but immediately gasped with disbelief as my entire room lit up into the most spectacular light show. The most beautiful orb-like, iridescent globes of all sizes filled the ceiling space.

    I sat the jar down on my bed. Out of one of the orbs this dainty girl floated towards the glass jar. She put her tiny little fingers on the glass and so did the fiery figure. She had this grief-stricken look on her face and kept staring at me with her brilliant sad blue eyes. I saw her eyes meet with the fiery figure and they met with mine too. Tears filled my eyes. I felt their sadness. I picked up the jar to open it. It didn’t burn me this time. Todd had made it so tight !

    I finally got it open. The little fire man was whisked away with a flash of light. The next night, the balls of light came back. They seemed to be chasing each other around, playing and giggling. They sped into my closet. When I went to open it, the girl from the night before was right in front of my face floating. Todd tried to catch her with his glass jar. I slapped the jar out of his hands and it went crashing to the closet floor.

    I screamed to leave them alone. He pushed me down to the floor. Just then, the balls of light started to shock Todd on the back of his legs. Todd fell to the ground and all the balls of light disappeared into the ceiling. We had many encounters after that night. Some would play a knocking game with us, or a blinking game with us. One night my Mom came into the room and asked if we were turning the lights on and off and giggling. We weren’t.

    My mother has witnessed the same balls of lights buzzing around in my baby brother’s room. We are all normal, drug-free, intelligent people, who live simple lives. I stumbled across your web site by accident. I am so happy to have read about other people’s experiences. We all can’t be CRAZY! All these years have gone by and now I’m a mother. I wish I could find the right words to describe the beautiful sound these beings made, or the brilliant yet soothing light that filled every dark corner of my world that night. I felt special, chosen and unique. I felt no fear, I wanted answers. I still want answers WHAT THE HECK??? My family will never forget, nor will I.” T.M. Orange Co. Calif.

    • Thank you, Rand. My mother was a wonderful person and I hope I do get to see her in the afterlife. I believe I will one day. Great story too! I love to hear about things like this. Really fascinating.

  34. Well Rand, while doing some research on that witch Isobel Gowdie, I found something interesting on a different witch. This has to do with the connection with my grandpa and the witchcraft and the gnome beatings. and I quote:

    In 1588, Alison Pearson of Byrehill was accused of invoking demonic spirits. She was also accused of having a faerie familiar. This faerie familiar was deceased physician cousin William Sympson who had been kidnapped by a Gypsy. Pearson had met her cousin in his faerie form when she was sick. He came to her as a green man and told her he would help her if she would be faithful to him. Then he vanished and reappeared with a group of faeries, who got Pearson to take part in their merrymaking.

    Sympson would tell her when the faeries were coming, and that they usually arrived in a whirlwind. He also told her how to use herbal remedies, and that the Devil tithed one-tenth of the faeries away to hell every year. However, although Pearson was now comfortable in the company of faeries, whenever she spoke about their doings to others, “she was tormented with blows that left insensitive spots on her skin”

    end of quote.

    Really interesting thanks guys

  35. Wow, that was great Mario. I love to hear historical excerpts on topics such as this. Thanks for that ! You wonder to what extent these things are true, and yet you have a modern account like the one I just posted. So there can be truth to Alison’s story; of the evil sort. I wonder how her cousin transitioned to a fairy? And then this mention of the Devil; you think, well is there a Devil ? So confusing. I recently was reading a book, apparently dictated by the spirit of a 20 yr. old young man who died in battle. He was told about the lower astral planes and how the collective evil there, generate an intelligent and real persona, personifying all the evil. Guess that’s him; the Devil. The story I posted describes the fae as such loving and appreciative creatures. Guess there’s good and bad in all forms of life. (Where there’s a consciousness, there’s choice). Would love to research the association with gypsies and how one becomes a fairy. I’ve heard that they’re known to show up at times of illness or desperation, just as when Alison was ill. But they’re more rare than the Jersey Devil ! You rarely hear of a true encounter. I understand that witches call them sprites. And a witch will either negotiate with them, or enslave them. Of course, it’s the witch’s Spirit Guide that is the power behind her and doing the enslaving. That Guide would be a demon. It’s said the fae were the less powerful/bottom rung of angels that fell with Lucifer, and not as evil as the rest. But still, a part of the hosts of hell, though not bad enough to go there, and so landed here in the in-between place. I believe that they are the personified consciousness of the living things of nature (trees, flowers, etc.), can assume any size, but most of the time, I’ve heard, may be microscopic. They only take a similar human form, because that is how we prefer to perceive them. Or maybe it serves them to be human-esque in their own dimension where there’s society and family. I can see how a strong spirit can take dominance over them, just as malevolent spirits do over us. We shouldn’t demonize all of them. Thanks for sharing your research.
    Here’s a sweet story… makes me laugh every time…
    “I’m 19 years old I know fairies are real because, when I was 5 years old living in Wales, I was coming back from a birthday party with my mum, and we were walking down the lane when I saw a fairy sitting on a rock in a puddle of water. I sat down next to her and gave her some of my cake, she waved and flew off. My mum also saw her, and ever since that day I have never seen a fairy again.” Ha ! Cheers to You, & John.

  36. Well I was thinking that these faeries are probably, dead people. Or the spirits of the dead, maybe some. On some of those ghost shows on TV they mention Orbs being a spirit. Perhaps these orbs are the faeries. Maybe these orbs are all around us. Watching us, and as well can transform or inhabit animals/plants etc. This might have something to do with the UFOs and the orbs as well, being ‘demonic’ or higher dimensional beings.

  37. I think my grandpa is coming back to the states. And I will probably get the courage to ask him about the gnomes…. sigh. It’s gonna be tough.

    William Clark, of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, wrote in his journal about the plains devils:
    “In a northerly direction from the mouth of this creek, in an immense plain, a high hill is situated, and appears of a conic form, and by the different nations of Indians in this quarter, is supposed to be the residence of devils: that they are in human form with remarkable large heads, and about 18 inches high, that they are very watchful, and are armed with sharp arrows with which they can kill at a great distance. They are said to kill all persons who are so hardy as to attempt to approach the hill. They state that tradition informs them that many Indians have suffered by these little people, and, among others, three Maha men fell a sacrafice to their merciless fury not many years since. So much do the Maha, Sioux, otos, and other neighboring nations, believe this fable, that no consideration is sufficient to induce them to approach the hill.”

    HERE IS AN EXCERPT RE: The Menehune in Hawaii, ordered by their King, to leave (on a saucer?), but some didn’t want to leave the Hawaiian women they’d intermingled with: “…the surviving menehune feasted and played before leaving on a double-decker floating island. Sound far-fetched? Perhaps, but consider that the limited Hawaiian vocabulary refers to airplanes as mokulele, literally “jumping islands.” After the mass exodus, some menehune men, not wanting to leave their Hawaiian wives, hid in Wainiha Valley, where a census in the early 1800s recorded 65 menehune still living here.”
    “There are tales of hikers wandering thru the 118,000 acres of wilderness followed by 3-foot-tall elf-like creatures called rock people….” They play pranks on people. They have extremely wrinkled faces; looking as if they’re over a hundred years old. Pretty ugly.

    …AND THAT’S HOW MY FRIEND DESCRIBED THEM…… Her and her 30 year old niece went hiking in one of the valleys there, and saw standing beside them one of these creatures. She said when you looked directly at it, it would split in two and disappear. They both saw them, when she said, “Do you see what I see?” Both of them looking at it standing there, out the corner of their eyes. Also, when her niece had gone in her own direction and sat to read a book, one came and placed his finger onto the page. She looked up at him, and he instantly disappeared. After the trip, my friend was back home in So. California, and in the office of a gas station looking out, saw the creature standing outside in the rain, waiting for her. Another time she had taken a nap in her car, and was awakened by a tapping on her window, and it was the creature standing there outside her car getting her attention. She went to a white witch to remove him, and who explained that these beings will attach themselves to you to go on a little adventure, but will eventually turn malevolent, so it’s best to get rid of them. Anyway, true story, and apparently when they had seen the creatures in the valley, and gone to a diner up there, they asked the waitress: “So what’s with this valley of yours?” To which she replied, smiling, “Oh, you’ve seen our little people.” I suppose if you seriously go looking for them in Sedona, taking a powerful Medium with you to call them, and meditating, …with some luck, you could probably see one ! How do you like that? John and Mario. : )

  39. Hello–I’ve enjoyed your stories–interesting to me because I am in the process of gathering information to write a book on Trolls. What befuddles me is that some authors say gnomes are related to trolls, others say they are not the same at all. Any idea on whether gnomes should be part of a book aimed at junior high readers?

    • My understanding of trolls are that folklore say they are bigger than gnomes — and sometimes very large, and often more molevolent characters than are gnomes. Gnomes may be more mischievous and can be vindictive if you anger them, but aren’t generally considered evil or dangerous. I don’t know that they’re necessarily akin to one another. Sure, I think gnomes would be of interest to junior high readers. Judging from the number of emails and blog comments that I get relating to gnomes, I think there’s a lot of interest in them worldwide and across all age groups. My gnomes/tomten article is by far the most-viewed post on this site. Good luck with the book!

      • Hi John,at the end of November and December I was coming from the store we live in the outskirts of my home town about 7-7:15 at night the route crossing over a creek then along side on a joggers trail , maybe 40 yards ahead out of a field I saw a very small type of person about 2to2-1/2 ft tall,it scurried across the path in front of me into a couple of bushes his head is round short dark hair ,now I’m not one to believe in fokelore but because the lighting and the street is at the end of the trail it made seeing believing yes the lighting is behind it but I could absolutely see the little person .I spend most of my time outside ,I’m homeless and have seen like some of the others strange things out in our area I told no one for a bit until my significant other And I riding home on our bikes she in front around the same time she turned and said hey did you see that it was a little person ran in front of me,I told her yes it’s the second time I’ve seen it, since then I’ve seen it 5 times and 3 times for her, I’ve investigated the field and came to the conclusion that it is living under ground ,2017dec-2018 Jan I know I saw it I’m not a nut case, people these things are not just stories to scare children they do excist, my home town is growing towards the hills and country. like the animals I believe they have no where to go we’re inproaching where they live ,if you pay attention to your soroundings you just might be surprised what you’ll see.sincerly Steven Barrientos/ Gilroy CA.

        • Hi Steven — Sorry for the slow reply. I’m always fascinated to hear accounts of encounters and sightings of the little folk. I do believe they are out there, although I don’t know their nature or origin. Maybe they are nature spirits or are physical beings that can traverse different planes of reality. I don’t know if we’ll ever know what they are or where they come from, but I do believe that they exist. Let me know if you see one again.


    • I know a bit about this, but I’ll check it out the YouTube videos. I’ve always found the concept of hallucinogens expanding consciousness to be a very interesting one, although I’ve never dabbled in it. I don’t know if I’d have the nerve to try that stuff. I’ll probably stick with beer.

      • Dont bother. Nothing good comes out of it. Talking from my own experience and then whats even worse you cant tell what was teal and what wasnt. Doubt everything even more.

        • Good advice, Cat. Nah, no desire to try that stuff. I actually think that it’s a dangerous practice to attempt to open up oneself to spiritual forces and entities through the use of hallucinogens, occult practices, or any other means. That’s just dangerous and foolish.

  40. Oh c’mon John. Try it. Cary Grant dropped acid over 100 times. : )
    Here’s a funny quote of his:
    “Insanity runs in my family. It practically gallops.”

  41. I think I’ve captured gnomes, or similar beings with my phone digital camera. If you’d like to see it e-mail me. Serious replies only.

  42. How A Human becomes a Fairy: The Fairy Dwelling on Selena Moor, in W. Bottrell’s Traditions and Hearthside Stories of West Cornwall, published between 1870 and 1880.

    A man named Noy (in Cornwall, England) had attempted to take a shortcut through the moor, but had got lost. Eventually he saw lights in the distance and heard music, and thought he had come to another farmhouse, where they were holding a harvest home supper. His horse and dogs would not go on, however, and so he had tied them to the thicket. He then went on through an orchard towards a house. Outside the house were hundreds of small people sat drinking or dancing. One girl was taller than the others, and played the tambourine. She gave this to an old fellow next to her, and went inside to get some ale. She then asked him to come with her, and went they went out into the orchard. There he recognised her as an old sweetheart, Grace Hutchens, who he believed had died three or four years previously. She told him to follow her into the garden, and remain behind the house. He was to remain out of sight and should not touch either fruit or flower. She also warned him against even touching her. Coming back from bringing beer and cider to the other fairies, she took him into a bowery walk and explained to him how she had come to be in fairyland.

    She had been out on Selena Moor looking for a stray sheep, when she’d heard Noy calling to his dogs. She tried to take a shortcut towards him, but had got lost in a place where the ferns were above her head. She then crawled on all fours to an orchard where there was music. She tried to get out of the orchard, but had continued to wander around as deliberately misled by the pixies. Eventually she stopped, and through hunger and thirst plucked and ate a beautiful golden plum from one of the trees. This, however, dissolved into bitter water as she ate it, and she collapsed and fainted. When she regained consciousness, she was surrounded by a crowd of small people. They were delighted at having a neat girl to bake and brew for them and look after their babies. She was not dead, and what had been buried in her place was a changeling or likeness of her body. Although trapped there, she could also take the form of a small bird. She was happy to do this, as it allowed her to fly about near him. Noy attempted to rescue her and him by turning his gloves inside out and throwing them among the fairies. They all disappeared, including Grace, and he was alone in a ruined barn. Then something appeared to hit his head, and he fell on to the ground.

    The elderly members of Noy’s community were not surprised at his story and considered that Grace had actually not told him anything they didn’t already know. The people there believed that many of those, who had died entranced, were not really dead but had merely been changed into fairies.

  43. I have seen, in close proximity, a gnome or in Spanish a duende. My daughter was sleeping in my bed between my husband and I. She woke me up because I guess she was fussing.. I woke up an automatically picked her up, sat on the edge of the bed and started to breast feed her. She didn’t want to feed and fell right back to sleep. I stood up, turned around, bent over and laid her back in bed. I felt something like when you can feel someone staring at you. I raised my eyes up and just about paralell to my eye level standing beside the side of the bed my husband was sleeping ( on his stomach) was a gnome , staring at me. I didn’t break eye contact, i couldn’t even blink, i just stared at his eyes. I couldn’t move and I didn’t. we just looked at each other. He had a gentle, kind expression, he was so small and in proportion, so tiny boned, with a very thin , long fine nose, a beard and a hat, suspenders and a plaid type shirt. As i stared at him he tilted his head to the right and then his shoulder, I didn’t know what he was doing…and then he gently left, he went under bed. I never looked under the bed; I was so very afraid. In retrospect I believe he was with my daughter and woke her up. I am embarrassed to tell this story but it’s true.

    • That’s an amazing story. Can I ask where this took place? Please, don’t be embarassed. You should read some of the comments on this blog and see some of the emails I get! Some of my own stories are seemingly pretty “out there”, but they’re all true.

  44. One more comment to add. The video footage looks like a man, he’s too thick, awkward and fat. The gnome i saw moved gently …oh and the gnome i saw, i think, his hat wasn’t pointy/ standing up.


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