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Bigfoot, Interdimensional Portals, and Childhood Monsters — Part One

This is part one of the true story of my very eventful first Bigfoot research expedition. Accompanying famed researcher Adam Davies, strange events abound throughout our adventures in WA and OR.

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It’s good to be back!

I haven’t contributed any new material to The Paranormalist blog in over two years now. The reason is nothing more complicated than life and business taking up most of my time. Also, I wanted to redesign the website, which I have finally gotten around to doing. Of course, websites are never really done and I’ll be making some additional stylistic changes and adding new features to the site over time.

But, the website is good enough at this point, and my main goal is to begin writing at least one new article each work. I also plan to begin a video channel on YouTube and Rumble.com. I’ll post updates about that in the near future (first I have to set up my a YouTube channel for my friend Adam Davies). Anyhow, I’m excited to have relaunched the website and I look forward to contributing to it consistently and reconnecting with my audience — if I still have one 🙂 Check the website regularly for updates or visit my Facebook page. Thanks!

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