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Missing Time Inside a Stone Circle

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This is the story of Linda Smith, an American traveler who discovered a mysterious object and then somehow lost five hours inside an ancient stone circle in an English moor. A tale of high strangeness from the north of England.

Aliens? Gnomes? Boogeymen? Night Terrors?

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In this article, I give my account of my persistent night terrors that took place during my childhood - if, in fact, these were only night terrors and not actual encounters with demonic entities. I have reason to believe the latter, which I will discuss in future posts.

Cryptids in Suburbia — Part 2

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Part 2 of Cryptids in Suburbia, in which we further explore the possibility of unknown species of animals and humanoids living alongside human beings in densely populated urban and suburban areas of the world.

Cryptids in Suburbia – Part 1

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Mystery animals, alien big cats, thunderbirds, pterodactyls, and other cryptids appearing in highly populated areas? What are we to make of such reports? Are sightings of anomalous creatures in our own backyards simply misidentification or hoaxes, or are we seeing something real? I have no idea, but I've got a few opinions as to what the possible explanation could be...

UFOs, a Giant Wolf, and Invisible Monsters Plague Ranchers in northeastern Utah

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Hunt for the Skinwalker, by scientist Colm Kelleher and investigative journalist George Knapp, is the true account of a remarkable and disturbing series of events that visited the "Gorman" family at their 480 acre ranch in northeastern Utah, beginning in the fall of 1994. Phenomena included UFOs, bigfoot sightings, poltergeist activity, cattle mutilations, and more.

Baltimore Ghost Story

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This is the story of two best friends and communication from the afterlife; a real-life ghost story that was told to my parents by a very close friend about her personal experience with life after death and the enduring nature of love, friendship, and of the human soul.