UFOs, a Giant Wolf, and Invisible Monsters Plague Ranchers in northeastern Utah

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John Carlson (A.K.A. The Paranormalist) is a bipedal hominoid who can sometimes be found stalking the sidewalks of New Jersey USA or lurking at his favorite neighborhood watering hole. His wife and sons have put up with his interest in and occasional confrontations with the paranormal. John encourages readers of this website to share any personal experiences, if they wish to do so. You are not alone.

Thanks to the History Channel's popular show The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, many more people are now aware of unexplained phenomena at this northeastern Utah ranch than when I first wrote this post. However, the strange happenings continue.

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UFOs, Strange Creatures, Cattle Mutilations, and other Weird Phenomena at the Skinwalker Ranch in Uinta County, Utah

Hunt for the Skinwalker, by molecular biologist Colm Kelleher and investigative journalist George Knapp, is the true account of a remarkable and disturbing series of events that visited the “Gorman” family at their 480-acre ranch in northeastern Utah, beginning in the fall of 1994. During this time, the ranchers witnessed UFOs on their property, a giant wolf, an invisible monster, floating orbs, and an interdimensional portal. Additionally, they suffered numerous cattle mutilations of their livestock.

Hunt for the Skinwalker
Hunt for the Skinwalker

of events that visited the “Gorman” family at their 480-acre ranch in northeastern Utah, beginning in the fall of 1994.

The first chapter finds Tom and Ellen Gorman, their son and daughter, and Tom’s father, Ed, newly arrived at their recently-purchased ranch.

As the Gormans stood on their property unloading some items from their truck, they saw an unusually large wolf approaching them from across a field. The creature appeared to be completely unconcerned with the Gorman’s presence, and in fact, seemed determined to make contact with them. As the animal approached it was apparent that it was indeed a wolf of tremendous size, standing chest high to the six foot-plus Tom Gorman and weighing an estimated 200 pounds.

As intimidating as the beast’s size was, it appeared to be quite docile as the Gormans petted it and stroked its fur, leading them to believe that it might have been someone’s pet. However, the huge wolf made a sudden bound toward the pen containing the Gorman’s prized Angus cattle and grabbed one of the calves by the muzzle, and began to pull the bleating animal through the posts of the split-rail fence. With a curse, Tom Gorman sprang to action and running over to the animal, began kicking it in the ribcage with all his strength. The huge wolf seemed unperturbed and did not relinquish its grip on the calf, even as Ed Gorman began beating the creating across the back with a baseball bat. Tom then called to his son to retrieve his .357 Magnum handgun and proceeded to pump three rounds into the massive beast’s chest and abdomen from point-blank range.

The huge wolf neither bled, flinched, or even yelped, and only after the third shot did it release the calf and slowly backed away. Both astonished and disturbed, Tom then took his thirty aught six rifle from his truck and again shot the animal and close range. This time, the only reaction that the creature gave was to again slowly back away a few paces as it continued to gaze at the Gorman family. Only after another few minutes did the gigantic wolf casually trot off across the field. Tom and his teenage son, Tad, gave pursuit, and guns in hand, followed the wolf into a grove of trees at the far end of the field. They were close behind it and following a clear set of tracks that were deeply embedded in the soft ground, when the wolf’s paw prints suddenly vanished. The clear trail of prints simply disappeared, as if the animal evaporated into thin air. Frightened and confused, Tom and Tad returned back to the ranch, at a loss to explain these strange events. It was later learned that the last known wolf in Utah had been shot in 1929.

giant wolf
Giant wolf encounter

This is how Hunt for the Skinwalker begins, and the incident with the huge wolf (not the last) would prove to be only the first of an ongoing and frightening series of events of high strangeness that eventually caught the attention of the National Institute of Discovery Science (NIDS). NIDS is a research organization that was founded and privately funded by real estate and aerospace magnate Robert Bigelow for the purpose of applying rigorous scientific study of anomalies. Employing highly qualified and experienced scientists and a world-class review board, NIDS was headed by molecular biologist Colm Kelleher, PhD., the organization’s Deputy Administrator.

The Gorman family, however, lived at their Utah ranch for two years before the NIDS team set up a research station and began their long study of the events taking place therein. After the encounter with the wolf, the Gorman’s experiences continued, first with trickster-like phenomena involving missing kitchen utensils, tools, and other items around the household and property and increased in intensity and strangeness as time went on. Strange, poltergeist-type phenomena continued in and around their home, and soon they began seeing floating globes of light, seemingly under intelligent control. Some flying objects seen over their property were rectangular refrigerator-like objects similar to the “chupas” reported in Brazil and discussed by Jacques Vallee in his excellent book Confrontations: A Scientist’s Search for Alien Contact. Other bizarre phenomena included:

  • Visits by a semi-visible, “Predator”-like creature that struck terror in the Gorman’s cattle
  • Otherworldly orange structures that would hover above the trees and change shape
  • Sightings of UFOs of various sizes and shapes, from glowing orbs to box-like rectangular craft
  • A distinctly blue, day-lit sky seen at night through a tear or rent in the night sky — perhaps a glimpse into another world or time?
  • Mysterious disappearances and relocation of their prized Angus and Simmental cattle
  • Bizarre cattle mutilations, seemingly performed with surgical precision
  • A 3-D tunnel that opened up, out of which climbed a large, black bigfoot type of creature
  • A huge, three-toed dinosaur-like foot print and other strange prints on the property
  • The apparent incineration of three of the family’s dogs by a floating blue orb

It was the baiting and subsequent killing of the Gorman family’s faithful cattle dogs by the glowing blue orb that was the final straw. After almost two years of being terrorized by these ongoing phenomena, the Gormans were mentally and emotionally exhausted, as well as being nearly financially ruined by the frequent disappearance and mutilation of their prized cattle. It was also at about this time that news of the bizarre events at the Utah ranch made the national press, catching the attention of billionaire hotel and aerospace entrepreneur Robert Bigelow, founder of the National Institute of Discovery Science.

UFOs over ranchland in northeastern Utah
UFOs were also seen over the ranch

Shortly after the initial inspection and investigation of the property, an offer was made by NIDS to purchase the ranch from the Gormans. The Gormans accepted the offer in August 1996, and Tom Gorman was hired to stay on as the ranch manager. The NIDS team of scientists then set up camp on the property. Between August 1996 and February 1997 there was little activity, as if whatever intelligence was governing these events was unwilling to reveal itself to the newcomers. However, in March 1997 a new series of bizarre and startling events began, including the appearance of an invisible beast that terrorized the cattle and sent the NIDS team’s magnetometer readings spiking. These events that began in March 1997 continued from that point through the summer of 1997, and was the most intense and frequent period of activity during the NIDS team’s tenure at the ranch. By 1999 the activity had lessened to the point that only a couple of scientists were posted on the ranch, and by 2004, when Colm Kelleher had left NIDS, it was several years since any significant activity had occurred — although it is reported that strange phenomena still take place at the property.

Without recounting all of the many events of the book, Hunt for the Skinwalker is a story that is unique for the fact that it was studied for several years with scrupulous scientific rigor by a highly qualified and dispassionate team of scientists. The NIDS team were equipped with an array of night vision surveillance cameras, magnetometers, spectrometers, and other audio, video, and forensic analysis equipment, and gathered a very compelling body of physical evidence of the various phenomena that visited the ranch. Remarkable too, is the fact that such a great variety of types of phenomena occurred, running the gamut from poltergeist activity, sightings of anomalous creatures and Bigfoot-like beings, UFO sightings, and more. Also of note was the interactive, “trickster” nature of these experiences with the Gorman family and the NIDS team, giving support to the notion that these events were under intelligent design, and not random phenomena.

We would be remiss if we did not mention that this particular tract of land where the ranch is located has had a long tradition among the native Ute tribe as being cursed, and in “in the path of the Skinwalker”. The Skinwalker, according to the lore of the Navajo people, is a witch or sorcerer, capable of shape-shifting, summoning demons, and casting evil spells. Because of the numerous witnesses to the phenomena in and around this ranch, the documentation of the NIDS scientists, and the Native American beliefs concerning the area, this makes for a very compelling account of high strangeness and the paranormal. I encourage anyone interested in these areas to read this fascinating book.

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  1. This isn’t a review, it’s a summary/promotion. A review would bring up the fact that no evidence was ever presented to the public that any of this ever happened, and the book doesn’t contain even *one photograph*.

    • Okay, you can call it what you want. Maybe ‘Book Discussions’ would be a better title for this section of my website. I’m hardly a critic, I just put out things that I find interesting. Seems that they had multiple witnesses to a lot of strange and varied phenomena at the so-called Skinwalker Ranch, and that these sort of anomalies were present and witnessed by others long before the Gorman family arrived there.

      Also, I think western civilization is a little too quick to dismiss Native American lore as being simply myth. There’s quite a bit about that in the book, which I didn’t really get into that in my review/summary (‘promotion’ I’d take exception to, because I have no reason or motive to promote anyone). I agree though, some photographic evidence would have helped to make their case more convincing.

      Unless you’re of the mindset that unless there’s irrefutable evidence of the phenomena, then it’s all a lot of b-s, it’s an interesting, entertaining, and thought-provoking book. But if you’re a hardcore skeptic, you probably won’t go for this one. It is, admittedly, “out there” and pretty outlandish. Just that much extremely weird stuff going on in one place is difficult to accept, true. But a damn entertaining book for anyone interested in the Fortean. I’d love to interview George Knapp and/or Colm Kelleher.

      Thanks for checking in.

  2. Just say it plain, Mr. Carlson: FACTS DON’T MATTER!
    It’s a good story and you want to believe, so it must be true. Facts are for dastardly skeptics.

    • As I said, it’s a fairly outrageous story, and there are aspects of it that would be very difficult – probably impossible – to prove. Trust me, I’m not a “believer” of all things strange and paranormal, although I find this stuff interesting; and I don’t view skeptics as the enemy. I do, however, keep an open mind to things that go beyond what we’d consider rational. If all accounts of such phenomena are dismissed out of hand because of a lack of hard evidence, then the conversation is over before it starts.

      Certainly, if they had captured one of these giant wolves or had compelling video evidence of one of the flying refrigerator-like vehicles, that sure would have been nice. The very nature of much of this type of phenomena is very difficult or impossible to prove, which is one of the aspects that make it both fascinating and frustrating to those who study it. But let’s take one aspect of the many strange happenings at the Gorman’s ranch, the cattle mutilations. These were typical of the phenomena — the animals were seemingly dissected with surgical precision, lips, tongues, eyeballs, anuses, reproductive organs removed, with no jagged tears and rips that you’d typically see if the creatures were victims of predation by wild animals. Also, no paw prints, footprints or tire tracks were found near the mutilated cattle. The Gormans were by all accounts, very accomplished ranchers and experts in animal husbandry, and had a very low attrition rate for their animals. Yet, after moving to the ranch in Utah, they lost a frightful number of their prized cattle to these bizarre mutilations, to the point of nearing bankruptcy.

      Cattle mutilations are a very strange area, and it’s difficult to prove any kind of otherworldly influence at work there. Yet, there are aspects of the phenomena that are undeniably bizarre and inexplicable. Should we dismiss that anomaly too, because we don’t have hard physical evidence of its cause? There are many ranchers in the western part of the USA that would argue that this is going on and that it’s had a financial impact on them. But what is the cause? I don’t have an answer for that, but that’s not to say that I’m willing to dismiss the subject because there are no photos or video *proof*.

      I frankly don’t care if the Skinwalker story is true or not. I think its value is in opening up a discussion. If these events actually happened, then what are we to make of it? If this was truly going on, how does that change or fundamental view of reality? And for the record, I only want to believe that hobbits and Middle Earth are real.

  3. *amused*
    Don’t worry about the crank-skeptics, Mr. Carson. Even if photographic evidence or a bite-mark on their own asses appeared, they would still strive to prove it didn’t exist. *chuckles* They exist for little other reason than to be kill-joys for the mysteries of life.

    Interesting tale. The fact that the wolf did not attack the family, even after they shot it multiple times, implies intelligence to me, and a reservation against taking human life; which it obviously, easily could have done. The wolf itself sounds like something prehistoric, i.e a Direwolf, prior to the last ice age. I always wanted one of those as a pet; the dog the size of a cow. lol.

    It does not sound to me, as if all the described events are from one source or phenomena. Perhaps the ranch is at the nexus of something? but again, humans have not been harmed from what you’ve said. Very puzzling.

    Oh, and for the record, according to current multiple universe theory, Hobbits and Middle Earth WERE real, on SOME version of Earth. 🙂 Our problem is to find out WHICH one and how to GET there. :>


    • Thanks for the support! Skinwalker is a very interesting book, co-written by an award winning journalist and a very qualified PhD-level scientist, so it’s difficult to dismiss. Also impossible to prove it irrefutably, too — but that’s always going to be the case with anomalous events like this. The nature of such phenomena just doesn’t lend itself to scientific measurement. I don’t think that’s reason to scoff at it, however. That’s just very narrow-minded to me.

      I’d read the book a couple of years ago and just began re-reading it before I wrote the article. I’d forgotten the variety and scope of weirdness that was present there. There are a lot of things that I hadn’t even mentioned in my summary/review. One of these was the fact that they mentioned that the huge wolf had very serene and intelligent-looking light blue eyes. Mrs. Gorman had another encounter with an even larger wolf after that. She was in her car on their property, and a wolf came up to her who’s head was higher than the roof of her car. She claimed that it had to lower it’s head to look in her window (which, I assume, was rolled up!). Also, bright red, tropical-looking birds appeared at one point — very out of place for northern Utah — as well as extremely large spiders. These things often came and went and were not seen again, almost like they were passing through. So yes, the property could have been some kind of nexus, a “grand central station” as they put it in the book, for interdimensional travel.

      Of course the whole thing could have been a load bull crap, but if you read the book, there’s much evidence to suggest it wasn’t. But for people who just don’t want to entertain these concepts, there’s just no use in even discussing it with them.

      I think the Multiverse theory makes a lot of sense in relation to these type of phenomena, and I sincerely hope that one of them is Middle Earth. If you find out how to get there, please let me know. I want to drink beers in the Green Dragon with hobbits.

  4. very interesting story , well for most ; I am an artist , each time I read paranormal its like that my imagination runs wild ; as much like I read an sci-fi or fantasy books except that paranormal story can be true ! I must admit that I am very interested in paranormal to the point of obsession ( since then my pop stop talking about it because I annoyed too much)

    The only thing that I don\’t like is that sometimes the authors of paranormal books become obsess with his own interpretation of the phenomena. Thus its the biggest critics of skeptics and co . In the same time , people and scientific institution completely dismiss the phenomena or only look at it with a blink of the eyes. very rare people actually attempts to find the Truth and most of time they don\’t have the resources to do so.

    The truth is that people of all culture don\’t write silly story to record their history for nothing. Their is a consensus that something happened in the past , Amerindians and aboriginal legends and lore records story of Giants sometimes horned , whit numerous creatures and being appearing like Thunderbird for example . And people still see those phenomena in front of their eyes even now without knowing of those legends.

    But still I guess this book is one of the best material on the subject since so few actually took time to Investigate ,study and give an interpretation (rather than answer\" you are crazy\" , \"Its a weather balloon\" ).

    an multidimensional theory would be nice hahaha , I wonder if dimension can merge together…UFO seems to be related to this phenomena of skinwalker. then ,are skinwalker alien capable of shapeshifting ? fascinating …
    I have read story from the aboriginal of Australia talking about a Dream time
    Where things were quite strange . I guess they know something since they are the oldest human group that didn\’t interact with other people for 10 000 until recently.I guess their story don\’t get contaminated from civilization . Amerindians creation of the world story seems even more fascinating , like the Hopi tribes who claims to ascend from an netherworld corrupted by sins . Other Amerindians tribes talk about Giants , dwarfs , monster , witch and skin walker . I really like to dig those story ; they are truly fascinating.

    Very interesting review I might get at read on that book!


    • Hunt for the Skinwalker is absolutely one of the more fascinating books out there if you enjoy this kind of stuff. I can see where a person who takes a more skeptical stance might be put off by this one, though. It’s extremely weird. But considering the fact that there was a long history of strange sightings of creatures and flying objects in and around this property going back far before the Gorman family bought the place, that gives the story more credibility. Also, the NIDS team were by all accounts very well qualified and experienced scientists, and they recorded a lot of anomalous activity on the ranch. Also, according to the Ute people, stories of this place being “cursed” and of paranormal events occurring there go back generations.

      There’s a lot in the book that I didn’t cover, too. It’s worth reading it through and making up your own mind. My personal theory is that a lot of these anomalies that we want to put into nice, neat categories are, at the root level, connected with each other. George Knapp writes very eloquently about just that, and I have to say that I agree with him.

      Thanks for checking in again, Parady.

  5. > Don’t worry about the crank-skeptics

    requiring evidence above the level of hearsay for magical claims makes one a crank?

    > They exist for little other reason than to be kill-joys for the mysteries of life.

    I am very interested in the confabulist properties of the human mind. Keep typing.

  6. Haven’t read Hunt for the Skinwalker, yet, but am very familiar with the story. What people who knock the book should think about is the stories from the ranch predate the “Gorman” family by a number of years. These people should also take into consideration that, AFAIK, no one has ever been accused of hoaxing these stories. They should also think about the fact that even though many of the occurrences at the ranch have had multiple witnesses no one has ever tried to profit from the stories. In fact just the opposite. They have not been willing to talk about or when they have they have wanted to do it either anonymously or have their names changed.

    Don’t remember the exact quote but there is a quote that basically says, ‘truth is not only stranger than fiction, but strange than fiction can ever be’. I agree with hall442 that most these people who have made the negative comments would try to explain away anything out-of-the-ordinary that would happen to them. I would like to add that those who didn’t try to explain it away would suddenly be hit with an attack of amnesia.

    • Thanks for the input, Morris. There are a lot of other aspects of the story that make it very difficult to believe that it was simply a hoax. For anyone who is wondering about it, I’d recommend reading the book. If anything, it’s an entertaining read whether you buy into the truthfulness of the story or not. I’d also check out the YouTube video of Colm Kelleher and George Knapp on Coast to Coast with George Noory. They’re both very well respected in their fields and highly qualified and experienced, and both have had careers that have not focused on the paranormal – i.e., they’re not guys who make a living trying to “prove” that ghosts and UFOs exist. Kelleher is a real scientist with a PhD, and Knapp is an award-winning journalist who, until he did the story on Bob Lazar and Area 51, was a mainstream news guy that covered regular, non-paranormal news stories. The “Gormans” also seemed bent on avoiding publicity and haven’t even used their real last name. I don’t know. It could be big lie or hoax, but if it is not, then we have to contemplate the idea that our understanding of reality is very incomplete.

  7. the question is this do werewolves exist do kenites exist how the remains of giants
    do they exist how reptoids and dulcey nm where there is supposed to exist a race of reptiles of reptoids or called nordic type of giants who have scales like a lizard but from all accounts they do exist and are in league with the new world order or what about the metamorphs who are the bush family and the queen of england are of this branch and they are probley are the ones the movie V is about get in touch with jonathan gray or grey he has web site about creatures like this are world is far older than this and that evolution is a lie from the start
    and that they wish to destroy the seed of adam

  8. hello once more. yeah i have a story which is just very weird, i’ll tell you it’s true. now this was in the spring, and a friend had come over, to chat, drink some beers, play some music, etc. well he was going home late at night.before he left, we both heard this chanting. I was in the back yard, he was in the front getting in his car. it sounded like about dozen people and ended with a climax. loud. at Just the point of climax, 2 red shooting stars shot down at an angle, in the far south sky. one after the other. not exactly on the same line. after that i went to the front of my house to see my friend heard and saw the same thing. As we were discussing how strange it was, 2 girls in frilly white dresses. about ages, 5 and 9 came from the side road, from where the chanted sounded like it came from. this is like midnight. they walked down the street to the main road. at which point we decided that it was strange. we went to follow them, but we didn’t see which way they went. we circled the blocks, and i’m not sure exactly how it happened, but we were either following or being followed by another car. We went around the block a couple times. the car turned out to be a hearse. everything in this story is without doubt true, I have no idea what to make of it, just a bunch of coincidences? i can not draw any of the oddities together. Shooting stars, group of people chanting, oddly dressed children unoccupied, and the hearse seen circling the block. weird. i’m thinking there’s some kind of portal, that might require something specific on the earth surface, to be in alignment, and then some form of interspace travel can be done. I’m thinking there’s these ‘people living’ among us who are not what they seem to be. I think the two shooting stars were being. It’s just weird. it could have been coincidence, but the climax and the shooting stars was same time. i get the feeling it was people waiting for something. I have a few more stories to tell too concerning vampires.

    • Hi Billy,

      I’ve been freaked out by little girls in frilly white dresses ever since I saw The Shining when I was fifteen. Way spooky.

      I’ll have to read through all your posts carefully this evening, as I’ve been kind of swamped today. But I appreciate hearing about these. I think anyone of them could be a whole article by themselves. I’m sure I’ll have a lot of questions for you, if you don’t mind.

      Thanks again,


  9. ok, here’s my vampire story. I had received a letter. a friend had told me that he was to arrive, tommorow for a vist. (my mail was periodically received 3-4 weeks after postage, usually opened. no joke.) This fact might diminish your acceptance of what i have to say.
    but anyway, so he’s supposed to come the next day with a friend of his. i did not want to accomodate guests and i had to work so it was not good for me. The next morning, i was visited by the apparition of one of these people. I heard his voice in my room and when i opened my eyes, i saw him floating above me, at which point i closed my eyes. he asked me what i was doing, and i said to him, thinking this was just a dream, and somewhat of a rhetorical question, i mentioned two crafty things related to art which might be considers a general ‘what i am doing’ painting a picture,.. making something out of clay. that’s why i said, then i said, listen, it’s not good that you’re coming up today. he said why? i said my place is a mess and i have to work. he said ok. then i woke up looked up, and there was no one there. it was just the crack of dawn, ( at the beginning it was darker out, not quite dawn.) i went back to sleep. then later, when i was at work, i received a phone call. It was the guy, he said, hey what are you doing, painting a picture? making something out of clay? and before i could even speak, he said, listen, Eric can’t come up today. he had to work. There wasn’t much else to the conversation. i might have mentioned the earlier incident. It didn’t seem like he was in the mood for much talking. even when he said, painting a picture making something out of clay, it was with a smirky tone. So, later, i’m thinking, well my friend is a vampire, and he would be able to hear my telepathically. so, i ‘m ask him, telepathically, ‘dude, if you’re a vampire, let me know somehow. and i was looking up at the wall above me where i had a dark S Dali print, maybe with glare on it? and when i looked at the wall, i saw the supper imposed rhombus shape reside on my vision. so, i said, write me a letter, and in the letter, write the word rhombus 3 times in the margin. and i wrote a note in my notebook with a little doodle. So. the next letter i get, he says it right out. ‘i have turned over to the dark side and am now a creature of the night.’ i still have the letter, but it’s atsomeone’s house. he might have tossed it. In the margin, those words were written as with a doodle similiar to the one i had made. I didn’t actually write in the notebook rhombus, i don’t think i did, i just drew the doodle. I didn’t want to compromise the situation. Later this guy denied the situation, saying it was just a halloween thing. They did come up later, with a third person. that one involved a white owl, and a flock or white owls which flew over us. we werte actually playing music, and the owls were making music with us, when it got so loud, i had to stop, and tell the others what was happening, then they all took flight from the other side of the lake and flew over us. i don’t think owls are pack animals. i don’t think they flock together. When we first arrived at our campspot, there was an owl right there. also, in the situation, i had spoken to the one guy about the third person whom i didn’t really know. i was pretty shitty because i mentioned that i thought he was fake, superficial type person. maybe i talked to loud, but i thought we were aways far enough, but perhaps the lake traveled the sound. but this dude over heard the comment, which i was wrong to say, and pulled his head up from the lake and doused me with water, as he had pretty thick dredded hair. and other guy said i deserved it.

  10. It would be great to hear from you again. i’m going to find out if that family who had their grand father write the book on the alien abduction have stories of their own. wish me luck. i’m just going to knock on their door and start asking questions. i’m certain they have something to tell. i’m going to check to see if those guys from western mass can discribe what they saw better. and see what the howl was like, i think it was once continuous shriek.
    that went on for a couple minutes. i’ll find out. i’ll get a picture of that gnome door and stuff. the tree fort fell down. i bet the poop will be there.

  11. Hi! I stumbled across your blog and I love it! This article in particular caught my attention for two reason. One, I own and have read this book. And two, I live in Utah and know where this ranch is.

    The thing about the Ranch is that it the locals like myself (those interested in paranormal activity and such) were well aware of the ranch before NIDS moved in it. I can assure you the family is real. For those who say there is not a single shred of proof or evidence. There is. There is a lot of it. It’s just owned my NIDS now. When NIDS bought the ranch, they put a very strict no trespassing policy in place. In case the skeptics are unaware, NIDS has in it’s employment several ex police and military personnel. To the local paranormal researchers they inquiring about doing research on the property, they were told that any trespassing would be charged to the fullest extent of the law. And it was also made known that they were willing to use extreme force to remove trespassers, including the use of firearms.

    Nothing that NIDS didn’t want to get out, got out. They were very protective of the area.

    The area the ranch is on is steeped with legends of paranormal activity. Including being just under a huge ufo hot spot. And the aforementioned link with the Ute’s.

    While local legends and Ute mythology may mean little to some, it does suggest something is and has happened in the area. And as for proof of the insane events that occur… there are lots of local people that have stories. Things they say happened. I don’t think anyone other than NIDS has real evidence, which is kind of the point of NIDS. A private scientific corporation to record and study paranormal activity. The key word being PRIVATE. They own the land now. And it’s locked down like area 51.

    But I can assure you that family existed. The ranch also exists. NIDS is in fact the owner of the land and did have a notable presence there for a while (though i’ve heard little if any lately.) Those are true. So whether or not you believe anything happened there, proof or no proof. Something happening there convinced NIDS to buy land from a local family that did have problems with losing cattle. So i guess those skeptics can fill in the blank why a multimillion dollar company wanted to study an area that nothing was going on at?

    • Wow, thanks Seth. Very interesting information! I thought the book was excellent and very convincing. If you have any stories or know anything further about the ranch or the area around, I’d love to hear about it. My email address is in the upper right of the page. Thanks again! Glad you like the blog, too. I’ll have a couple more articles online soon.


  12. Hi John,
    This is the best book I have ever read on such an interesting story! The book is well written and uses a very analytical thinking approach, documenting similar happenings on the Skinwalker Ranch. I hope that there is going to be a follow up.

    Thanks for the review!

    ps:and don’t worry about trolls that negatively comment here.

    • I thought it was a truly fascinating book. Of course, if you disregard all of it out of hand, then you take much away from it. Yes, it is a fantastic story, but if even some of it is true then you have to reassess what we think of as “reality”.

  13. Mr. Carlson I am a retired LAPD detective, in 2003 I accidentally found the NIDS site on the web. They were taking applications for investigative positions so I called and spoke to Dr. Kelleher personally. I went to Las Vegas and presented my credentials as well as a resume to NIDS. The position was already filled so they kept my resume in case another position came up. Well the organization ended its investigations and I never got a chance to assist in any investigations but I can state for the record that the scientists they employed were of the most part on the Phd level. their identities were kept close to the vest because they did not want to make a negative impact on their careers by their affiliation with NIDS. I ran across the book in the library in Las Vegas where I retired too after the LAPD. I know that if NIDS did the investigation it was done right! The comments of those who call themselves skeptics are without basis. NIDS did not care if the skeptics were convinced or not it was and is not the goal of NIDS. Some people will not believe any kind of evidence so it is of no importance to try to convince anyone who has a closed mind. All the photos and videos do exist but will not be released because even with all that technology no emperical evidence was obtained that could prove that the phenomena was real as we all know any and all evidence can be hoaxed right? so what would be the point in releasing anything? No Mr. Carlson the paranormal will most likely never be solved and so what, who cares; it is such an interesting field of research. When I was with the LAPD before becoming a detective I was a uniformed officer and was kind of dragged kicking and screaming into paranormal research because so many people would call the police for help and we were expected to logically explain things that people experienced which was not possible at times so I started to read up on such things and found out very quickly that there really are things that go bump in the night but try explaining it to someone sometime witout looking like a fool! I could not say that it was all delusions or hallusinations without calling the person reporting a liar; which they clearly were not! So there it is, I am stumped about this paranormal world of ours and I think you are too. I live in Bangkok Thailand with my Thai wife of 42 yrs now so only get to the states maybe once a year, anyway I will check out your site every once in a while. Oh bye the way I only stumbled onto your site by accident while doing research for a short book I am writing about the paranormal.

    • Mr. Pollock, thank you for your comment. My mother’s brother was police officer and detective in some of the worst neighborhoods of Brooklyn NY after WWII and through the 1970s. Two of my cousins’ sons are also police officers, one in Baltimore and another in the same precinct as our uncle, in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn. I have a great respect for those who dedicate their lives to protect the public.

      In my research, interviews, and in the emails that I’ve received, it has come to my attention that many law enforcement officials appear to have had encounters with unexplained phenomena. However, they often are hesitant (understandably) to discuss their experiences openly. I’m sure police officers face a similar concern regarding a potential loss of credibility and damage to their careers as do scientists who report or research the paranormal. I’ve been in touch with a several New Jersey state troopers and officers who have had close-range Bigfoot sightings, a couple of officers who claim to have witnessed poltergeist phenomena, and a variety of other reports by police of a strange and seemingly supernatural nature. I’d be very interested to hear about your experiences, and also more about your book.

      As far as the NIDS research of the “Gorman”/Skinwalker Ranch, I thought it sounded very believable and my understanding is that the scientists that Robert Bigelow employed where highly qualified and carried out their research dispassionately and without bias. But I agree with you, even photographic or video evidence isn’t enough these days to serve as “proof” of these types of phenomena. These days it’s just so easy to create convincing fakes, it’s understandable that people tend to remain very skeptical, no matter what kind of evidence with which they are presented. My feeling is also that we’re dealing with something that can never be fully proven scientifically.

      Thanks again for your input.


  14. I am surprised to actually get a return comment from you sir. I have on occasion made comments on sites I visit but this is the first response I have ever had. It tells me something about you and I like what it tells me. As for my book it is only in the formative stage. I have included a few experiences that I came across while in law enforcement but My objective with this book is not to relate a string of experiences but to evaluate the entire paranormal field with a detectives eye and try to find out what it may mean for all of us. Dr. Kelleher asked me if I had ever experienced anything strange. Well I related an experience I had during the Viertnam War that I have never been able to come to grips with. He seemed stumped also and could only exclaim;”thats weird”. I have written about it but have never published it. I will not go into it right now but may send you a copy of the event. I wrote it a few years ago, I may just simply rewrite the thing since I think the hard copy is in storage in America. Anyway thank you for taking time to respond to my comment I truly appreciate it, thanks again.

    • I design & develop websites for a living and consult with companies about the best ways to use their websites to increase their profits and customer loyalty. I’m a big believer in the fact that a website should be used as a means of communication between you and your customers or audience. The best way to achieve that is through a blog, whether it’s a personal blog (which, I’d say The Paranomalist is) or a corporate blog. If people care enough about what you have to say to take the time to leave a comment on your blog, it’s foolish and rude not to reply. It’s also a missed opportunity to make a connection with people, which is the whole point (and fun) of blogging. As such, I try as often as possible to respond to the comments and emails that I receive. I try to do this promptly, although sometimes I get a little overwhelmed with work and family and blogging, and it may take me a couple of weeks to get back to people. In fact, there are a few comments that I’ve gotten lately that I need to respond to. So no need to thank me! It’s no more than what a good blogger is supposed to do.

  15. Dear John, on the subject of this page, particularly in regards to shapeshifters, it’s not like at least some degree of proof or possibility of this is non-existent, (i.e. manipulation of the body) in the sense that in seance for example, Mediums, while in trance, have had their arm removed by spirit and returned to them. Also, with regard to rare physical mediums that operate today, a Medium will be wearing a sweater and then be tied up with rope. When the seance is over, it’s found that the Medium’s sweater has been removed (having passed thru the rope) and tossed across the room, by spirit. In this, spirit is demonstrating matter thru matter. Same as with apports which are solid objects brought into the room (thru wall/cieling) by spirit and placed on the seance table. Or as in the past, people also have been transported or teleported by spirit. This is all to do with manipulation of atoms and so who is to say that the atoms of a person can’t be shifted into another shape, temporarily. Presently, scientists are now on the cusp of teleporting atoms and molecules. Finally ! Lastly, there is also the phenomena of transfiguration, whereby a material atop or in front of a Medium’s face presents itself, with the features of the deceased, so for example, a female Medium make take on the appearance of a man with a longer face and mustache, etc. The person’s clothing may also be visually altered. Hence, in some cases, a shapeshifter may also be a person who’s disguised by means of transfiguration. In short, spirits or whatever these intelligent entities may be, that assist humans, have an awareness and ability to utilize the ‘additional’ Laws of Physics and/or manipulation of the ones we possess an elementary understanding of. In conclusion, within 10 years, we are expected to be able to teleport atoms and molecules. The Spirit World demonstrates centuries in advance, what we ultimately end up learning. I’m sure the Egyptians during seance, were getting apports back then, too. Looks how long it’s taken, until we are sending apports. Also, if there are alien civilizations that are a 100,000 years or more ahead of us…then it’s common sense that long long ago, was when they first learned to teleport atoms/molecules, and of course do even greater things now we’ve not imagined. (With Quantum Physics, our scope of reality is just beginning to broaden). As we progress, eventually what is commonplace to them, or to Spirit, will be so, to us. Case in point, Spirits demonstrated levitation is real (defying Physics), and it’s proven. Spirit demonstrated telepathy, and it’s proven. Clairvoyance, and Direct Voice (See Leslie Flint), also true. There’s so much, for those who have the interest and maturity, to realize. But most people, particularly Americans, are obnoxious children with closed minds.

    • Thanks, Rand. So you’re saying, basically, that reality is maleable? If I’m understanding you, then I’m in agreement with you once again. What we may take to be supernatural or magical may be the work of entities that are far in advance of us and know how to manipulate the fabric of “reality” on the atomic and subatomic level.

      I’m looking forward to teleportation too, although I wouldn’t want to end up brundleflyed like Jeff Goldblum 😉 The Star Trek guys had that technology down better.

  16. Yes, but more specifically, you and I would say that it’s energy that’s malleable, and of course, reality is constructed by energy. There is – What Exists – plus – What We Create. Thus, we are co-creators. Personal example: I suffered with extraordinary physical pain for many years, and didn’t realize that I was consequently accumulating negative energy in my home. Poltergeist activity leads you to believe that there is an intelligence at work. There is. Your subconscious. It directs the available energy. So you end up frightening – yourself. (Thinking it’s an opponent). When I was secretly angry at someone, they’d get whacked on the head, or have a rock thrown at ’em. When a friend was cleaning my house, she got a firm, whack on the rear (as I had playfully done in the past), and when a host of other disturbances were coming to a peak, at which time I was going to confront the situation, I was physically attacked. I sat on the couch and planned to lie down for a bit (lights on/friend asleep on the other couch), but then cold air powerfully surged up my nose and face, so I sat back up. Instinctively, without thought, I instantly put my hands up as to fend someone off and my hands were confronted by a force equal in physical strength, that acted as a hand on each of mine forcing me onto my back a few times (exactly like an adult standing there leaning down to me on the couch struggling with me). It never letting go/ceasing, I repeatedly fought my way back up to a seated position each time it pinned me, in hand-to-hand combat telling it to ‘get back,’ till it finally retreated. Two weeks later, it happened again. One psychic said that she felt that I was causing it. Only when a 2nd told me the same, was I convinced, and all disturbances then ended. (That’s after years of disturbance/huge banging on my walls, etc). So I know — energy is maleable – can be creatively shaped – and directed. Without a doubt, we are not even at the elementary school level of scientific knowledge, or even kindergarten. We’re in preschool. : )
    And I appreciate speaking with you. I feel sorry for skeptics who revel in ridicule, and I have no interest whatsoever in convincing any human, of anything. They’re lucky, if they get to hear of a rare and valued experience, and should wisely seek out their own.

  17. Too often people that are unable or unwilling to seek the truth with an open mind and use critical thinking (yes at the same time) tend to scoff at events that aren’t logical or don’t offer proof.
    I asked my father one day how he determines the truth (he’s a judge) in the absence of evidence and he said ultimately it comes down to what your feel in your heart. That being said, I recently had a spiritual awakening and along with it came an educational one as well. I have been seeking the truth of our existence ever since and have found that both spiritual and educational truth support each other.
    The majority of humanity have been conditioned to believe a certain set of tenants or dogma and when anything goes against those they instantly attack the messenger without considering the message. Learning to trust that wee little voice inside, our subconscious or Ka or soul requires faith. I believe every living creature has the ability to ‘know’ the truth as it exists and stands alone and that fiction is created for the things we do not recognize.
    I suspect that most creatures or beings are able to communicate with their souls and in the beginning I believe man also had that ability, but lost it when they began moving away from nature and began believing that they alone were the determiners of their own destiny. Have you ever considered why so many indigenous tribes of humans have been exterminated, I suspect it is the same reason why independent thought and critical thinking has been suppressed.
    One only needs to google Forbidden Archeology to get a glimpse of the censorship that happens world wide.

    • Well said, Daniel. I agree on all counts. Western culture has become very arrogant and there has been a long history of suppressing these types of things. Interesting that people who scoff at any mention of the paranormal often claim that they’re religious and believe in God and the afterlife — neither of which can be scientifically proven to exist. Yet, most of the world believes in these things. Small contradiction there, don’t you think? But if it doesn’t fit in people’s neat little worldview, then it’s mocked and/or suppressed. Speaking of Forbidden Archaeology, I recently re-read Brad Steiger’s “Worlds Before Our Own”. Great book, and an eye-opener to anyone who thinks we have all the answers about our history and the origins of humankind.

      Thanks for the comment!

  18. John, I think that the cattle-mutilations at the Gorman Ranch, at least those, if not all of the other phenomenon as well, were carried out by people from the secret military programs. Steven M. Greer has spent 20 years unravelling where hundreds of millions of American taxpayer money, that somehow went unaccounted for, went. He traced them back to many such so-called compartmentalized black military programs.

    There are official FBI documents over at his site, Disclosuseproject.com
    /Disclosureproject.org, where an entire section has hundreds, if not thousands of official Government documents, now de-classified, where one can read among others about the cattle mutilations, and how unmarked black helicopters were seen near the scene of such incidents. I have seen these helicopters here as well.

    They are usually are seen around social gatherings, because the New World Order Globalist´s are scared that the people will one day nolonger be divided, and so no longer can remain conquered. So they try to appear many places and where we cannot see where they come from (unmarked!), like that, to spook us all.

    Greer stated at an Exopolitics Conference in Barcelona, Spain, July 2009 (Google it, if you want to see it – or Youtube it!) that the more people that are together, the more these cockroaches will recede. For they fear that people will gather, so that they will have to recede and actively try to prevent it using all manner of psychotronic weaponry to control people or split them up or whatever. I just feel this very strongly and based off of everything I have Steven M. Greer has written and stated in articles, interviews and movies over the past 8 years that I have followed him and his team.

    In my opinion, they are using the cattle mutilations as false-flag operations, False flag meaning they try to make it seem like it is someone else, like ET´s, who is behind it and not them, to create fear of ET´s, conditioning people gradually over decades to one day rally behind them in what is supposed to come after the War on Terror: The War against ET´s! Movies like Battle Los Angeles or Super 8 are just two examples of how they fill the media with anti-ET media to subtly induce people with subconscious fear of them when there is noting to fear from any ET´s. Greer has stated already, that if they were in any way hostile, which he since he was a child and over the decades has never seen any evidence of (and they have held hundreds of CE5 events already where they contact ET´s and are visited by them as relayed on his CSETI Youtube Channel) – they would have alreadymade us all slaves. But it did not happen! We are still free!

    They will use that, the conditioned fear of ET´s among people, to usurp people´s freedoms by saying that they must furhter tighten security for the sake of “National Security” (Greer has stated before that they have abused their National Security oaths and which are now voided from the perspective of the people), and bring everything one step further towards total dominion over man, woman and child in a New World Order. The movie´s Endgame and Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined, generously allowed out for free on Youtube by Alex Jones, who founded Prisonplanet.com, and is one of the Greatest American True Patriots and Hero´s, explain into great detail how much work has been put into place to build this Police State-indfrastructure worldwide.

    Greer did mention that they have developed all kinds of nightmarish tech, so it could very well be themselves who are behind the events at the Gorman ranch. Look for any scary thing where there is something like ET´s signatures on it, and there is good chance it is done by them. His book, Hidden Truth Forbidden Knowledge, which can be purchased on the website, has an entire chapter where he explains how they do it calling it Stage Craft.

  19. Forgot to mention above that a lot of the documents Greer has put out on the website, are documents which he in many cases aquired through insider contacts. So probably a lot of them are not de-classified but also directly taken from inside and given to him. Don´t cling me up on it, but from I read of those documents they look too “classified”, too compromising to any conspiracy to ever be de-classified. No kidding!

    To read the FBI Document on cattle mutilations (I posted something about that in my last comment in this thread, so that is why I am referring anyone who has read my comments to it), first go to Disclorureproject.com. Then on the mainsite, click on News, next click on “Noteworthy News From Other Sources”, and after that click again on “More FBI UFO files released” (3.Article from the top), and again on “Animal Mutilation Part 2 of 5”, here there is a newspaper article from 1970´ties with the title The Mutilation Mystery. There is clear reference in the article to black helicopters that noone with the investigating authorities could catch, or track. The helicopters had no filed flightplans either.

    I have seen similar helicopters here over Copenhagen several times. When Bush visited us years back, in the Spring a couple of months ago. They appear extremely menacing. And I think they use some sort of stealth tech unknown to the official police and military, to fly concealed, probably dampening the sound of the rotors an propellers a well through similar tech. In that way, they can appear…and dissapear…at will – so to speak – in order to give the impression of great power and danger to implant fear in people and put down their defences. That is the only possibility. Otherwise they can not just appear out of nowhere, and dissapear. That is not possible. One must use logic, and think like Sherlock Holmes: “When you have elimiated the impossible, whatever remains must be the truth”.

    Many a mystery can be solved, by using simple logic. What cannot be solved, is unsolvable because the investigator does not have either he required level of consciousness, intelligence or level of technological insight to crack the mystery.

  20. Daniel, just great what you wrote! I quote it here, since I would like to tell you something in response to your post:

    1) “The majority of humanity have been conditioned to believe a certain set of tenants or dogma and when anything goes against those they instantly attack the messenger without considering the message.”

    2) “One only needs to google Forbidden Archeology to get a glimpse of the censorship that happens world wide.”

    1 – Yes, for there is an evil conspiracy that has been around for a very long time, millennia if not tens of thousands of years. If you read the book “The Hermit” by Lobsang Rampa, you will learn that an evil anti-universe being named the Prince Satan and his Forces were fought and defeated in space by an extremely old and Supreme group of ET´s named the Gardeners (Who could be Pleiadians, but I don´t know), after which he was pardened and let loose on our world to make up for the bad he had done (they attacked out solar system in black ships, which left at least one planet destroyed which makes up the Asteroid Belt to this day, and the environments of several others with all life on them destroyed akin to Mars and Venus to this day which current conditions have so far not been given any satisfactory explanation in my view). He instead set up two cities of sin known in the Biblical account as Sodom and Gomorrah.

    The Gardeners destroyed them with nuclear weapons, since he would not listen to their warnings to leave and “desist”, which event I think has been proved by the strange pillars of salt both mentioned in the Bible (Lot´s wife), and by many archaeologist who have been to- and investigated the supposed former site of these cities by the Dead Sea.

    These pillars are made of a strange form of basalt, not natural and therefore thought to be created through extreme heat. After the destruction, the Prince Satan and some of his Adjutants fled, presumably to the deep underground, into cave worlds there, where they bred an evil race called the Reptilian hybrids mentioned by David Icke in his book The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy. The Prince Satan is described as a reptile like being with a long tail and horns growing out by the temples (and it is no coincidence that all of the Biblical accounts about him say that he looks precisely like that). So, he is as I have now understood it, the Father of all of these beings that have been seen by people worldwide, allthough there is much disinformation on the internet about it to keep us from finding out about the truth).

    They have, to my knowledge, ever since been working to take over the surface world, our society, through stealth methods, by working in secret behind the scenes through secret societies that controlled and still controls powerfull organizations like the UN, to conspire against us all, and to condition people to be overtaken at a certain point in time.

    They are trying this now, but people are fighting the so-called New World Order, or Dawn of A New Day (Michael Jordan mentions that on his website), which Alex Jones who founded Prisonplanet.com has said noone will be able to stop once place (at least not us Earth Humans, but the Gardeners can, and will, if we don´t do it.

    The Forbidden Archaeology, which you mention, is something that has been indeed forbidden, censored, for ages. They have done so purposely, to keep us from knowing our origins.

    In the book The Doctor From Lhasa there is mention of how people in power in the ancient world found remains of ancient technology from a world before theirs, buried in the rubble of the ages. When they found out what they had in their hands, “a frantic search was initiated” to gain more of it, to empower themselves, so they could set themselves up as Gods and rule over the common man, woman and child. I think that is what happened in Egypt, Babylon and even in the much older Sumeria.

    Today, they have repeated the mistake, being (mostly not to their own knowledge, I believe) controlled by the extremely evil Reptilians from behind the scenes, learning nothing from the past, and will stop at nothing even now planning rising up against the very ET people who created us and made this world ready for life (narrated in The Hermit). Everything in Lobsang Rampa´s books can be verified as thruth. Including, but not limited to, little ET people who are seen taking samples from the ground and next dissapearing back into little saucers and flying back up into the clouds and presumably space. They did that frequently, one learns in the Hermit primarily, as the Earth was only being made ready for life, aeons ago, in stages, and it is all there in the book. A spellbinding read!

    The Gardeners, said, through the Hermit monk, to whom all of this was dictated and artificially implanted as memorized knowledge to be passed on to Lobsang Rampa himself, who then wrote in in his books, that:

    Unless the people of the Earth (whom they´ve had trouble for millenia if not longer – no dates are ever given in his books), and in particular the Evil Priests (whom he stated attempted to “usurp the knowledge of the Gardeners”, and even set up a secret society to do it through (!) – change their ways, they will have to take over the Earth world, “our” world.

    I am quite confident that if they do not do so, the entire human, animal, plant and mineral stock of this world, including the Earth Herself, will be completely corrupted. The evil conspirators, which Michael Tsarion has stated are the ultimate beings behind all of the corrupt government leaders worldwide, and through whom they now work to enslave us all, as they want the planet for themselves, will be vanquished by these fantastic ET people who are at least 7. Dimensional and above.

    Greer stated that the Earth will be made “anew”.

    Sorry about the extensive text, but it is huge and takes up a lot of text to explain. Hope it will inspire you, if not alrwady known by you!

  21. hmm, just a thought, the wolf described here: “As the Gormans stood on their property unloading some items from their truck, they saw an unusually large wolf approaching them from across a field. The creature appeared to be completely unconcerned with the Gorman’s presence, and in fact, seemed determined to make contact with them. As the animal approached it was apparent that it was indeed a wolf of tremendous size, standing chest high to the six foot-plus Tom Gorman and weighing an estimated 200 pounds.”

    Seems to me, as possibly being a strong local spirit or god, the Japanese had local Kami (gods) for every town, maybe such strong beings exists, and the calf would have been a sacrifice, demanded for allowing the farmers to live on it’s land, perhaps the things which happened later was punishment? native Americans and many other older tribal/shamanic people have beings like these in their mythology, i do not see one way of thinking as more right than others, but see myself as having an open mind, so this is just a thought, not that i am sure territorial spirits exist…

  22. From a traditional animist/polytheist standpoint the Dane is spot on. The Gormans should have let the wolf have the calf.

    • In hindsight maybe so, Tom. However, I’m sure that at the time they were only thinking of the loss of an expensive animal and they reacted the way ranchers and farmers typically do when faced with an animal preying on one of their herd: with a gun. But I like that theory. Perhaps it was a spirit demanding a sacrifice, in which case they were probably better off letting it have the lamb. I think we’re far too quick to dismiss the Native American and aboriginal beliefs as being a lot of silly folklore.

  23. Question… I just started “Hunt for the skin walker”. This first chapter is about the wolf— now ebooks tend to omit the pictures that “real books” usually have; but that got me thinking about it because so far no mention! Did this family not take pictures of this calf at all after he was attacked by the wolf? I mean I’m super curious about it and I can’t find anything about it!

    • Erika – No, to my knowledge no photos were taken. The Gorman family were new to this property and I believe (it’s been a while since I read the book) this was their first incident of strangeness. It was unlikely that they would have been carrying cameras, and this was likely prior to the widespread use of cell phones with cameras. Maybe after they began to experience strange incidents on a regular basis they began to routinely carry cameras, but these phenomena are notoriously difficult to capture on film. I think all the photos available have been included in the book. I have a hard copy but I’d imagine that any photos in that would have been included in the e-book. I would love to have seen a photo of the giant wolf though!


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