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Mysterious Canine Encounter

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On an early winter morning in January 2017, I awoke to let my dog outside. Opening the door to our back yard, I witnessed a large, mysterious red-furred canine walking across my property, leaving large paw prints in the snow - prints much larger than the paw prints of my 70-lb dog's. The tracks appeared and vanished with no discernable start or end.

Shocking Fairy Horse Encounter In Ireland

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Author Herbie Brennan recounts his sighting of a herd of 20-25 tiny, white "Fairy Horses" at the site of a Bronze Age megalith known as Longstone Rath, located in County Kildare, Ireland.

A Relict Gigantopithecus?

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Cryptozoologist and explorer Adam Davies is our guest author in this first-hand account of his expedition to the West Garo Hills of India to search for the Mande Burung, an upright primate reported to be witnessed regularly in this region.

Breaking News: DNA Evidence of Mystery Ape!

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Once again, I've been in contact with cryptozoologist Adam Davies this week and he told me in confidence of a very exciting new development in his research of the Orang Pendek, Sumatra's mystery ape. Moments ago he forwarded me a statement that was only just released to the press. After five expeditions to the Sumatran jungles in search of this creature, Adam and his team have finally gotten strong scientific evidence that this is indeed an unknown and undiscovered species. Congratulations, Adam! Well done!

Mande Burung Expedition Scheduled

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I was in touch with cryptozoologist Adam Davies today and he told me that he'll be leading an expedition to India in search of legendary ape men known locally as the Mande Burung (forest man). The date for expedition has been confirmed for the last week of October, 2010.

Cryptids in Suburbia — Part 2

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Part 2 of Cryptids in Suburbia, in which we further explore the possibility of unknown species of animals and humanoids living alongside human beings in densely populated urban and suburban areas of the world.

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