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John Carlson (A.K.A. The Paranormalist) is a bipedal hominoid who can sometimes be found stalking the sidewalks of New Jersey USA or lurking at his favorite neighborhood watering hole. His wife and sons have put up with his interest in and occasional confrontations with the paranormal. John encourages readers of this website to share any personal experiences, if they wish to do so. You are not alone.

Missing time and temporal anomalies are far more common than many might guess. This true account of the missing time event that I experienced as a teenager has gotten, by far, the greatest number or responses than anything I've written.

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I’d like to relate a personal experience that I had when I was an adolescent in the hope that others might be willing to come forward and share any similar experiences that they may have had.

I’ve titled this article “A Missing Time Experience?” – with a question mark, you’ll notice – because it does not necessarily fit the “typical” missing time scenario of which we hear. It did not happen late at night on a darkened rural road; there was no UFO sighting involved (that I recall). It occurred in the afternoon, on a sunny day, on a relatively busy street in a bustling suburban town in northeastern New Jersey. In fact, I’m not entirely sure that there even was a period of missing time. Yet, it was strange in the extreme and something that I contemplate regularly to this day, more than thirty years later.

The time of year was late winter or early spring – around March or April, I believe, of 1978. I was in junior high school, seventh grade, and thirteen years of age. It was a weekday at about 3:00 PM and school had just let out. I left the junior high school, which is located next to a hospital in my home town of Ridgewood, NJ. Ridgewood is located about 20 miles from New York City, in Bergen County, a very populated area of the state. I walked, as I did most days, home from the junior high (now a middle school). My parent’s home was located about 1.5 miles from the school along a very direct route. Most of the walk was on the street on which the school was located, followed by a left and a quick right toward the very end of the walk. So, I’d normally just walk out the front door of the school, take a left, and proceed straight for about 1.4 miles, the last 0.10 of a mile being that left and the right, at which point I was at our house.

Missing Time
Missing Time Experiences

That was the route that I would normally take, however, I had a run-in with a group of boys that bullied me on a regular basis, so rather than taking a left out the front door of the school and proceeding due south for that 1.4 miles, I’d go left and then take another left at the very first traffic after leaving the school. I’d then walk to the next street over and take a right onto that street, again walking due south. It wasn’t much of a departure from my normal route, as the street ran parallel to the one I’d usually take to get home. I’d been doing that for at least a couple of months in an effort to avoid walking past the homes of the boys who were bullying me. Therefore, I’m confident of the the fact that there was no way I would have become lost or confused of my whereabouts.

However, one day as I began walking home, I noticed that everything seemed strangely quiet, almost muted. The normal noise and bustle associated with the after-school rush of children walking home from school was oddly absent and the quiet was rather eerie. There were still cars and some pedestrians present as I walked down this busy suburban street, but there was an odd, unreal feeling to everything, along with this disturbing muted silence.

The street that I was walking down was called North Pleasant Avenue, and the intersection that I was approaching was at the corner of North Pleasant and Ridgewood Avenue. After crossing Ridgewood Ave, North Pleasant turned to South Pleasant Avenue and I would pass the elementary school that I’d attended the years prior to entering the junior high in September of ’77. At crossing that intersection and approaching the elementary school, I was approximately 0.8 mile from my home. I mention these facts only to continue to emphasize that this was a route and neighborhood in which I was used to traveling.

As I continued south, from N. Pleasant toward S. Pleasant and toward the intersection of Pleasant and Ridgewood Avenues, I saw the traffic light, the same familiar stores at the corner, and the small parking lot in front of the stores. However, these landmarks appeared to be getting further away as I walked closer to them, and still this odd silence persisted. As I continued to walk toward the intersection, these landmarks continued to appear to recede further into the distance as I approached them. I began feeling very disoriented and anxious – and then, nothing; a complete loss of memory. I simply do not remember anything past the point of approaching this intersection and seeing it recede further into the distance as I walked ever nearer to it.

“Get John. He needs you.”

My next memory was of “awakening” – for a lack of a better description – on another street in a different part of town, a fair distance from where I had started from at the junior high school. I remember feeling very shaken and confused and somewhat frightened. What had happened? And how did I end up in this different area, nowhere near where I’d begun walking, and nowhere near where I’d “blacked out”? This is where things get a bit stranger still: within a couple of minutes of “coming to” my mother pulled up in her car, parking along the curb of the street where I was walking. I opened the door and she looked at me with great concern and said “John, are you alright?” Now, normally my mother did not come looking for me if I was a bit late arriving home from school. Remember, this was the late ’70s and parents were decidedly more relaxed about the comings and goings of their children. My mother never picked me up from school unless the weather was very severe or we had some kind of appointment after school, and as long as I was home by dinner my parents didn’t worry or wonder about my whereabouts. If I didn’t come straight home it was assumed that I was at a friend’s house or had some kind of after school activity.

The fact that my mother knew exactly where to find me was surprising, and I asked her how she knew where I was. She replied that she was home, doing chores around the house when a voice in her head said “Get John, he needs you”. She of course asked me what had happened and I told her about the receding intersection, the strange silence, the memory loss, and of waking up to find myself walking in this other part of town. I had no idea what had happened and to this day I still do not, other than a vague memory or feeling of having been told or shown something significant. Who told or showed me what, and where it happened, I cannot recall, although I feel at some point that I will recall the entire incident. I simply feel that this event was significant for a reason that I can’t explain, but it’s meaning will eventually be made clear to me.

Being that this was over thirty years ago, I cannot accurately recall the time that I “awoke” or what time my mother found me. However, I don’t think it was a great amount of time, certainly not more than hour, and probably less than that. Thirty minutes, perhaps? So the time was maybe 3:30 or 3:45 in the afternoon, I’d estimate. It may have been later than that, but not by much, if I recall correctly. I’ve always felt that the strangeness of this incident is compounded by the fact that my mother was somehow involved and “contacted”. If I had simply blacked out or became disoriented and wandered off, I could accept that as being a possibility – although I had no history of seizures or blackouts. But the fact that my mother was told to “Get John, he needs you” makes me believe that there was some outside design and involvement in this, the nature of which I do not know.

This, I should mention, was not the only strange and unexplained incidents that I had as a child (or as an adult). Perhaps I’ll discuss some of the others in future blog posts. Meanwhile, I’d be very interested in hearing from other people who may have experienced similar phenomena.

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  1. The time period was around 1958,in the winter…I remember “sking” on my shoes down a hill that I and friends had sleded and slid many times before…There was a bump in the middle of the hill that was never a problem.. that I never remember getting to…the next thing I remember is being on the couch with my Mom looking down at me and asking ifI was alright…All that I could say was” It seems all like a dream …a dream!” I know I never hit my head nor had any brusies that I remember..yet I feel to this day I was transported from one space to another..by some one or something …. damn I wish some one help could me find and explain this loss of time..(by recollection it would be about an hour or more)…The other thing I know I saw a Reptilian come thru the wall and back right away when I was in a different city and home when I was 5 or so… WANT AND ANSWER TO MY LOSS OF TIME..’m now 66 years old. Thanks to whomever!

    • I wish I could give you an answer, Drew. I’ve been trying to figure this out most of my life and I still don’t know for sure. I only have ideas but no concrete proof of them. Over the past couple of years I’ve come to believe that much of what has been called “paranormal” experiences may be rooted in the demonic. I had always been very averse to attaching any sort of religious beliefs to paranormal events. When I heard proponents of that theory my reaction would typically be, “Those religious extremists think everything is either God or the devil.” In other words, I would scoff at the notion. Not so much now, however. Not since an experience that I had in June of 2014. Now I’m fairly convinced that at least some of the paranormal is demonic in nature, and perhaps all (or at least much) of it is.

      Question for you: Do strange or unexplained happenings run in your family? Did one or more of you parents have these kinds of experiences? Or any of your immediate family or relatives? There seems to be a strong link with family, often going back generations. Also, besides the missing time and reptilian incidents, have any other unexplainable incidents occur at any other point in your life? Usually these are part of an ongoing pattern. If you have a few minutes you might want to fill out the questionnaire that I developed.

      • When I was a child, there was an old black car that would pass by our house at 11 o’clock at night. After this , all kinds of paranormal things would occur. Everyone in the house experienced ghostly apparitions , lost time , etc. This continued for a few years and then stopped. On November 1st 2017 , my eldest daughter and I were travelling from her house to a doctors’ appointment. We remember leaving her house around 7:10 AM. As we drove , we traveled on the highway at speeds of 55 to 65 mph. All this time we were following a black van. When I realized where we were, it seemed as if we should have driven past this area a while ago. This excursion was taking too long . When I mentioned this to my daughter she checked the number of the next exit off the highway and was shocked . We also checked the time which was 8:05 AM. What should have taken only fifteen minutes to reach that exit had taken us fifty five minutes! That was impossible , as the traffic moved right along without any backups and it is a habit of mine to check my rate of speed diligently as I drive . We noticed nothing out of the ordinary, joking and talking to one another along the way. We are still confused and without an explanation for this. And also the black van ! When I think of it I get frightened . Any ideas as to what may have occurred ?

        • So you believe that the black van that you were driving behind was significant? And that it might be connected to the black car that you saw a child? There may very well be a connection. I had some childhood experiences that came back again many years later in June of 2014. My guess is that these things – whatever they might be – never completely leave your life. I have had some other paranormal experiences in between my early childhood ones and the recurrence 3 1/2 years ago. I think it’s a thread that follows throughout people’s lives, people like us who experience these things.

          I have come to believe that much (maybe all) of what we put under the umbrella of “the paranormal” are actually spiritual phenomena. Spiritual as in God & Satan, Heaven & Hell, angels & demons. Spiritual in the biblical sense, in other words. After my very frightening 2014 encounter I felt compelled to return to church (I was a lapsed Catholic) and begin praying regularly. I’ve found a lot of relief from doing so. I haven’t had any of the nightmares that have plagued me throughout my life, no other “paranormal” incidents, and I don’t have my old angry and obsessive thoughts any longer. I think God allows these things to happen to us so we can grow closer to Him.

          My advice is to avoid doing anything that could potentially invite anything evil into your life. No seances, paranormal investigations, ghost hunting, tarot cards, ouija boards, visiting psychic mediums – none of that sort of thing. They are gateways to the demonic. You might want to consider having your home blessed, and maybe your car as well. I also examined my conscience and went to confession (something I plan to begin doing more frequently) and I avoid any kind of sinful behavior as best I can.

          Most of these things attach themselves to us through dabbling in occult or new age practices or through sin. Sometimes they are passed down generationally and oftentimes other family members like mother and/or father will have had these experiences. Often the children of experiencers will suffer as well. The cycle can be broken, however, but it takes persistent and diligent effort.

  2. Hello,

    I wanted to share something that happened to me on February 10th 2017 at around 7:15PM EST. On Friday around 6:30PM I left my house to go pickup a pizza we had ordered for dinner. I made the trip there with nothing abnormal, began the trip home and seem to have lost some time. After making a left turn onto NC RT49 in Roxboro, NC, heading back to my home about 9 miles away, I remember seeing a section of the road where after the left turn, the road has 4 lanes. About a mile or two after that the road narrows to 2 lanes and its around another 8 miles to my house. I moved here about 3 years ago, so I am usually looking around at landmarks, way points, or familiar sights to keep me aware of where I am. During this trip home I remember the part where the road changes to two lanes, but have no memory of what I saw during the trip home until I looked up, saw lights in the sky above me, and realized I had driven passed the road my house in on, and driven another 8 miles or so. I only remember seeing the lights above the road, and had to sort of hunch down in the seat to see them above the road. At that point I realized where I was, looked at the clock and it was 7:28PM. I thought maybe I had fallen asleep, but the road has some curves-twists that could not be navigated without some sort of intelligent control. I have no idea what happened, but thought I needed to tell someone about it.

    • Scott – Thanks for sharing your experience. I know these things can be very upsetting and it usually helps to talk about it. There have been a lot of people who have had similar experiences, believe me. Probably many more than you would guess. Feel free to keep in touch if anything else happens. Hopefully it’s just an isolated incident.

  3. My theory of what happened to you would be that were pulled through a some sort of transdimensional portal by the nephilim (dead nephilim are referred to as demons) which are genetically manipulated human hybrids of the fallen angels. These would also be your pop culture grey aliens. It was God or one of His angels that told your mother to go get you. I had a similar experience when I was a kid that I just remembered from when I was about the same age as you were, (why I just googled “missing time experiences” and ended up here). It was followed by some other strange and frightening and different type of occurrences such as an attack by “Lilith”/ Succubus/ dark shadow entity, a UFO sighting in which I believe I saw it pass into a dimensional portal, plenty of sleep paralysis in which one time I got a good look at the entity that was there… nephilim grey, also what I believe to be false memories of trusted people from my childhood leading me astray on a spiritual and metaphysical level (I believe these were dreams, in which these nephilim were telepathically communicating with me while taking on the appearance of people that I trusted). Later in life just the right conditions occurred for me to lose all hope and turn away from my faith in God which I then came under severe demonic attack and in which the false memories from childhood played a large part along with a miraculous escape from death that had happened just a few years prior to this experience. I ended up under the belief I had somehow condemned myself to hell thanks to those false memories, undoing my miraculous death escape, and that I was actually dead but living in an alternate universe. I nearly ended up killing myself among other things, but I thankfully I didn’t do anything too crazy, kept my morality intact, and no one got hurt. Little traumatic stress on my part, but I’ve mostly recovered after 13 years. Now just a couple years ago I just had another miraculous escape from death which may have very well have been influenced by these beings. For whatever particular reason, they really hate me. Maybe I should be flattered that they hate me, after all I’m pretty sure where these things are from, runs parallel to our future. They know stuff that’s going to come.

    • I believe that many people have these kinds of experiences but very few talk about them publicly, for obvious reasons. Over the past few years I’ve come to believe that my paranormal experiences are demonic in origin, and yes, I agree that I was rescued from that missing time experience and my mother contacted by my guardian angel, or God, or some divine power of His. It makes me wonder about all these people – particularly kids – who go missing every year. Wherever I was or had been taken to, I was delivered from there by someone who was on my side, watching out for me. If not for that I might have become one of those missing children.

      I’ll write about this very soon, but I had another experience less than three years ago that I feel relates to my missing time incident and all the other paranormal episodes in my life. That experience brought me back to my faith as well. I’ve come to believe that faith in God is the only thing that can rescue people who are under these attacks.

  4. I would like to share an experience that not only happened to me, but also it happened to my wife.
    I’m going back about 20yrs ago, so around 1997, can’t remember the month or day though.

    My wife and I were getting ready to go to work as per normal. We left home in out car at about 7am. We take the same route everyday, but this particular morning was very different to all the rest to this very day.

    We always check the time in our car as we are leaving, and it showed 7am. We drove and spoke of things as we were driving along, at the end of the road where we have to turn, which only takes 5 minutes from where we live, my eye caught the clock on the car and it showed it was 8am. I quickly said to my wife in astonishment “it’s 8 o’clock! it can’t be!!” She also looked and was stun at what she saw. I checked my wrist watch and it also showed 8 o’clock.

    We both were late for work as to what had happened. I still have no answer as to what transpired on that day and from time to time I say to my wife, “remember that day we lost an hour of our life” We will never forget that year.

    • Hello- I read your experience and can relate to that, only my missing time was not outside the house, but from walking from one end of my living room to the other. I’ve mentioned this before, but an author I know (PMH Atwater) is writing a book (one of many) on near death experiences. She also touches on missing time, different dimensions , and she said that more and more of these things are happening to people. She explained as we are moving into different astrological or planetary eras, ( like the age of Aquarius- remember the song? ) and into the Pisces, some people are witnessing “glitches” in time. She said she remembers walking down a street and seeing a woman approach her, and then vanish. She laughed to herself when she saw this as she knew she had just witnessed a “glitch”. She said this happen frequently, but many people, as you know, are too distracted, or have their faces in their phones, to witness some of the smallest glitches. I would say you went through this rift in time, but you sound like you came out ok, just a little puzzled.

  5. Hi everybody my name is Eddie and the experience I had this morning was quite the opposite. I live in Mesa AZ. And I am currently working for a subcontractor for a cable company and driving a company vehicle. Sunday morning is our Monday morning to start the work week. My alarm on my cell phone is set for 4:45 am to recuperate from my sleep before my second alarm I have set at 5:00 am to get up and take my shower for work. But after I took my shower, came out dried my shelf with the towel put my boxers on, seen some missed long hairs from the hair cut I received with my wife’s help from last night. I took the scissors and trim several spots on my scalp. Shaved, brush my teeth got dressed made my lunch for the day. Seen the kitchen digital clock on the electric stove it was 6:13am time for me to leave to make it for our 6:30am meeting our company said we’ll have before we start our routes. I get into the company vehicle put my key in the ignition and start the engine but it fluttered before it finally started. It never did that before it’s fairly new it only had 7,000 miles on it when it was assigned to me. I thought that was a little weird. So I pull out of our drive down the street right on Brown Rd. another right on Higley Rd. as I always do going to work. And as I glance at the digital clock on the dash it shows it to be 5:18am I thought that maybe that fluttering electrical start may have ruined the clock some how so I looked at the time on my cell phone and it was the same time. Thinking how can that be there’s no way I could have did all that this morning so quickly. I came up to the next stop lights which is Adobe Dr. so turned right and went back home because I’m not going in one hour early. I got home and checked the clocks in the kitchen and it showed 5:22am or something to that affect. And checked the clock the cable DVR that we have. It was the same which baffled me so I went into our game room where my grandson and I play video games and in there I put a ticking time clock it uses a battery but nonetheless a ticking clock and the time was the same. I woke up my wife told her what happened. She was still a somewhat sleepy and I stood about three feet from the foot of the bed looking at the clock on the DVR and the time on my cellphone time and the alarm times I have to wake me up to make sure they were not set earlier by accident. Puzzled as to what happened with the time. I did not lose time I gained​ time by one hour. And my wife looked at me and said are you alright? What’s wrong you look confused. So that’s when I looked up in the internet to see if that has ever happens to anybody before. Mind you I gained time not lost time. That’s when I found this site. Just that I’d share my experience. Very odd never had this happen to me. I wrote this today because it happened today 03-12-17. While it was still fresh in my mind.

  6. My name is Jim. I don’t recall the exact year..it was in the 70s, I had a Dream, at the end of this dream that I also can’t recall, i remember (still in the Dream), someone ran past me, flashed a card in front of me that READ “INDRID COLD” At the time I thought nothing of it. Later on I began to think it might be important, so I found “a card”, wrote the words down & spent most of my life trying to look for a desert, a Cold drink, or foreign words. SEVERAL years later, i had just gone in & layed down on my bed, for a minute at most. To get up off the bed, to find out from my mom, that I’d been asleep for 3 Hours. I’m not sure, but it wasn’t untill 2015 that I had found INDRID Cold, through “A man Called Cold”. I WAS FLOORED!! all this time, Being Shown weird things, Having BAD things happen, Leaves me furious & whith a lot of unanswered questions for this Mr COLD. INCLUDING MY MISSING OF 3 Hours of my life. HOPE THIS IS OF SOME HELP. THANKS.

      • It’s been probably 12 years since I’ve read The Mothman Prophecies by the late Fortean researcher John Keel, but as I recall, Indrid Cold was a separate being or entity than the creature that was given the name “Mothman”. In the film version starring Richard Gere, there is not a clear distinction between the Mothman and Indrid Cold, which leads you to believe that they are one in the same. The Indrid Cold appearances did coincide with the Mothman sightings, however.

  7. my experience happened sometime in the summer of 2009. my wife, my daughter and myself along with an elderly couple we recently met decided to look around downtown, Astoria in OR after the sunday mass. we went inside a tiny antiques shop and started going through the different displays. we moved around the shop in single file with the elderly couple on the lead followed by my wife and then myself. I remember seeing my daughter, who was about twelve years old then, looking through some trinkets inside a glass shelf as we walked around. an old coca-cola signage caught my attention so i paused for a moment to admire it and when i turned back to follow my wife, i didn’t see her nor the elderly couple anymore. I scanned the shop but did not see any of them nor my daughter. i remember seeing two middle-aged women inside as i stood there looking around and wondering if there was an upper floor where they could have went but realised there wasn’t. i remember thinking why they would leave the shop without telling me at the same time was hoping that they have not gone far yet. with hesitation, i walked out the shop and on my way out the old glass door, i saw this dog who was leashed right outside and stopped to pat its head as i glanced back to be certain that they weren’t still inside. i walked to the corner of the road hoping that i would find them if they had decided to leave but neither were they out there. i started feeling strange and confused and thought that maybe my mind was just playing tricks on me so i decided to go back to the shop for one final check. i remember walking past the two women who were in the shop earlier along with the dog that was tethered outside. i looked inside the shop through its display windows and glass door but still didn’t see any sign of them. feeling frustrated and confused, i decided to cross the street and started walking along the main commercial road with hopes that i could catch up on them. i travelled three blocks down peering through shop windows before i decided to get inside the Deals Only shop because i remembered the elderly couple mention about it earlier on. i made a quick scan of the aisles but didn’t see them and so i decided to step out through the store’s back exit. i stood outside for a while feeling frustrated and somehow defeated before i finally decided to walk back up towards the direction of the antiques shop were i had parked the car. i had my eyes towards the shop a far distance away when i noticed someone looking like my daughter walked to the corner of the road where the shop was and seemed looking for someone and just as quickly walked away. as i got back to the road where i started, i remember telling myself i give up and if that if they were somewhere around then they would definitely go back to the car. so i decided to step inside the car and wait as i sat down with my back and legs feeling so tired. in less than no time, i saw their reflection on the left side mirror all walking out of the shop and towards the car and asking me where i had been all the while. when we finally got back home, i told them what happened and my daughter was telling me that it was just like 3 to 5 minutes at the most since they realized that i was gone until they walked back to the car. she walked out the store to look for me because she wanted to ask my permission to buy a bracelet and that was likely the moment i saw her on my way back. she and my wife couldn’t figure out how i went through all those back and forth to the shop and down 3 blocks going through intersections with stop lights, inside a shop scanning through the aisles then back 3 blocks up all in less than five minutes. i also remember telling them how the two women at the shop and the store clerk at the Deals Only store gave me a kind of weird look as they saw me pass by. my best theory so far is that i could have slipped through a fissure of sorts that opened up right where i was when i paused to look at the coca-cola sign and went through some alternate reality and was able to come out when I saw my daughter at the corner of the road where the store was and continued to walk towards that direction. weird but i’d like to know your opinion on this. thanks.

  8. my experience happened sometime in the summer of 2009. my wife, my daughter and myself along with an elderly couple we recently met decided to look around downtown in Astoria, OR after the sunday mass. we went inside a tiny antiques shop and started going through the different displays. we moved around the shop in single file with the elderly couple on the lead followed by my wife and then myself. I remember seeing my daughter, who was about twelve years old then, looking through some trinkets inside a glass shelf as we walked around. an old coca-cola signage caught my attention so i paused for a moment to admire it and when i turned back to follow my wife, i didn’t see her nor the elderly couple anymore. I scanned the shop but did not see any of them nor my daughter. i remember seeing two middle-aged women inside as i stood there looking around and wondering if there was an upper floor where they could have went but realised there wasn’t. i remember thinking why they would leave the shop without telling me at the same time was hoping that they have not gone far yet. with hesitation, i walked out the shop and on my way out the old glass door, i saw this dog who was leashed right outside and stopped to pat its head as i glanced back to be certain that they weren’t still inside. i walked to the corner of the road hoping that i would find them if they had decided to leave but neither were they out there. i started feeling strange and confused and thought that maybe my mind was just playing tricks on me so i decided to go back to the shop for one final check. i remember walking past the two women who were in the shop earlier along with the dog that was tethered outside. i looked inside the shop through its display windows and glass door but still didn’t see any sign of them. feeling frustrated and confused, i decided to cross the street and started walking along the main commercial road with hopes that i could catch up on them. i travelled three blocks down peering through shop windows before i decided to get inside the Deals Only shop because i remembered the elderly couple mention about it earlier on. i made a quick scan of the aisles but didn’t see them and so i decided to step out through the store’s back exit. i stood outside for a while feeling frustrated and somehow defeated before i finally decided to walk back up towards the direction of the antiques shop were i had parked the car. i had my eyes towards the shop a far distance away when i noticed someone looking like my daughter walked to the corner of the road where the shop was and seemed looking for someone and just as quickly walked away. as i got back to the road where i started, i remember telling myself i give up and that if they were somewhere around then they would definitely go back to the car. so i decided to step inside the car and wait as i sat down with my back and legs feeling so tired. in less than no time, i saw their reflection on the left side mirror all walking out of the shop and towards the car and asking me where i had been all the while. when we finally got back home, i told them what happened and my daughter was telling me that it was just like 3 to 5 minutes at the most since they realized that i was gone until they walked back to the car. she walked out the store to look for me because she wanted to ask my permission to buy a bracelet and that was likely the moment i saw her on my way back. she and my wife couldn’t figure out how i went through all those back and forth to the shop and down 3 blocks going through intersections with stop lights, inside a shop scanning through the aisles then back 3 blocks up all in less than five minutes. i also remember telling them how the two women at the shop and the store clerk at the Deals Only store gave me a kind of weird look as they saw me pass by. my best theory so far is that i could have slipped through a fissure of sorts that opened up right where i was when i paused to look at the coca-cola sign and went through some alternate reality and was able to come out when I saw my daughter at the corner of the road where the store was and continued to walk towards that direction. weird but i’d like to know your opinion on this. thanks.

    • Teo – A fissure in reality is a good way to put it, and I agree that it could have been something like that. I’ve had quite a few people tell me very similar stories as yours and it could be that these doorways open at random into these alternate realities or they might be specific areas where these occur. Or, it could be something within the individual that opens these gateways. As I’ve pointed out so many times in this blog, people who have had these sort of odd and unexplained experience seem to have them throughout their lives, although they aren’t always the same. This leads me to believe that it has something to do with the person that experiences them, rather than being a random event, like stumbling through a portal into another dimension. These occurrences don’t seem accidental or arbitrary to me. That’s just my opinion, based on my personal experiences and on the reports that I’ve received from others. Has anything else strange ever happened to you? Not necessarily the same sort of thing, but anything at all unusual or difficult to understand?

  9. Tuesday October 10, 2017 at 7:37 PM: I’m a 16 year old male and I just experienced this missing time experience. I was playing a 2v2 game of Clash Royale on my phone and the game usually lasts around 3 minutes. I started it at 7:37 PM (I remember checking the time so I would know if I should start homework) and midway through the game the enemies suddenly have 3 crowns, signifying a total victory. I thought this was a glitch so I watch and time the replay. For some reason, my teammate is left to fend for himself because I was unresponsive and not doing anything. 2 min and 52 seconds into the game, I remember nothing past it in the replay. The enemy proceeds to win in the next 1 minute exactly. However, when i “woke up” from the missed time experience it was 7:42 so that means that i lost consciousness around 7:39-7:40. So basically I had no consciousness for around 2-3 minutes. This isn’t as severe a case as everyone else’s but I’m really confused as to what happened and what’s going on. I told all my friends, but I don’t think they believe my seriousness since they keep joking about it. I definitely want to know why it happened and if anything happened in between the missing time that I don’t and never could remember.

  10. This is exactly what happened to me, it happened just this summer of 2017. I was standing at a busy, controlled intersection with my dad and the pedestrian walking sign was off so we had to wait. Suddenly I ended up in the middle of the busy crosswalk with a car 3 seconds from crashing into me! I had no memory if how I ended up their and I couldn’t hear my dad calling me until I “awakened.” I was so confused that I stood their in the intersection and faced him to ask “What?” Then I fully realized what happened and half walked half ran back to the sidewalk. It was an extremely frightening, confusing situation that still gives me the creeps.

    • Did your dad see you walk out into the intersection? You’ve said that you had no memory of how you found yourself in the middle of the intersection but I’m wondering what the incident was like from your father’s perspective.

      • My dad saw me when I just stepped onto the crosswalk or I was a few steps in because he said he called me 3 times before I heard him! When we got home he said it looked like I was thinking about something else and I was careless. But later we both came to the conclusion that it was out of my hands since I had no control.

  11. [i can’t speak very good english so excuse me if i have e few mistakes]
    i’m in highschool and i’ve had a few strange experiences. Last month we were at the gym playing basketball and there were two lanes.There was a team on each lane.This is how the game works: the teacher says “start” and you basically try to win by being the first one to do a point.It was my turn so i prepared to throw the ball,but the thing is that because i was wondering why the teacher didn’t say “start” yet,i looked around and they said “he already threw the ball and made a point”. I was shocked because i clearly remember that he did not throw the ball. It was like i skipped time,it was so strange.
    There have been other experiences of time skipping. Few months ago i was looking at the clock to see to go ice skating. I needed to go at 1 o’ clock and so i did. As soon as i got there i saw that it was actually 12 o’ clock. It happend a few times and i’m still confused. I mean how could i look at the clock and see 1 o’ clock when it was actually 12 o’clock?…

  12. It is a great pity John no one took you to a Buddhist or Hindu priest I am not saying all of them would know what happened but there are those who could have explained your experience.

    We all normally live in a conscious or unconscious state of mind depends how you look at it. For some the mind chattering state of mind in which we live is the unconscious state while for others it is the conscious.

    The experienced silence and or movement through space and time is the state of no-mind or state of mindlessness in other words its the state when the mind is quiet and (you) the real individual is in a state of awareness. However when the mind is once more in control you automatically have no recollection and what had happened appears to be a dream.

    The planet itself is going through some kind of shift¸ whether it is in magnetic field or not I do not know¸ but changes are taking place. I live close to a sea and there are times when it rages for weeks none stop¸ it is heartbreaking to hear for it is not normal and you know something is wrong.

    A few days ago before looking at 45 minute film I glanced at the clock it was 7 : 49 and I thought at 8: 00 I would go and feed the dogs¸ well I watched the entire film and looked at the clock to my surprise it was 7: 49¸ did the clock stop? No it did not I stood and watch it move from 49 to 50¸ could I have watched a 45 minute film in a few seconds? Not logical¸ yet it happened. Lots of folks are experiencing time fluctuation it either is speeding up or slowing down. I am aware of lots of missing time¸ I am aware of some personality changes¸ some changes in nature as well. There are more honey colored moon (the color of the moon is like honey / amber) than before.

    Months ago when a Syrian lad killed a few people in Germany my son was keeping me updated¸ I was in the kitchen when my son came and said its only one of them¸ I told him that he had already told me that¸ he declared that¸ that was impossible for he just heard it on the radio¸ we argued for I know he had told me the news minutes ago and he was stating that he just heard it and could not have told me. What really happened? Did I go forward in time? Did I had a vision of a future event? Did my son go back in time or did he lose time?

    Missing time also happens when a person is going through personality changes.

    My advice to all is to Repeat a mantra 24X7 after 3 weeks of this practice you will experience the silence and the effortlessness of your actions. You will notice that the mantra is being repeated in your head without your conscious effort.
    A few experienced examples.
    It was cold outside and I told myself I was created to experience not to suffer under I felt quite warm¸ not cold as others did. On one occasion I did not want the rain to touch me so I told the rain not to fall on the spot I was walking on¸ my coat sleeves got a few drops and my shoes yet it was falling all around me.

    LIFE was never meant to be a BURDEN.

    • I appreciate your advice, thank you. I am devoutly Roman Catholic, and I attend mass every morning and perform meditative prayer for an hour each day. I feel enormously better since returning to my faith after a particularly frightening demonic attack 3 1/2 years ago (a story that I will post this week).

      • Wonderful that you have something that works for you¸ after al its all about your well being. As a kid I went to a Roman catholic school¸ I have mixed feelings about those days.

        When a person pay close attention to the words “Unto you as you believe” most things can be explained, for they are of our own making whether consciously or unconsciously. We are mostly unaware of the mindless chatter in our heads, we also cannot recall the many thoughts we have had nor the images we have seen throughout a day let alone our lifetime. The mind stores every single thing. I pay close attention to the words “Image and likeness” together with “unto you as you believe”.

        In my teens I had lots of strange experiences but this one stands out. After leaving the cinema with a girlfriend of mine around 8:30 we went to a restaurant for some take away. I was sitting close to a window and suddenly grasp I told my friend that I had just jump through the window. We got our food and I could not steady myself for I was feeling floaty, outside I was swaying as if I was drunk, I heard folks saying how disgraceful it was for a young girl to be drunk on the road. I was not walking on the road but about a foot above. I asked my friend to look at my feet for I was not touching the road, my friend was holding on to me with all her might trying to prevent me from falling. When we reached home I went straight to bed. The next day I asked my friend if she had seen my feet above the road, she replied that she was too scared to look at me or my feet, and I was deadly pale and felt lifeless.

        Those who believe in heaven, finds it those who believe in hell experiences it and there are those who experience a parallel dimension, a dimension just like earth where all their loved ones are and continue living a life based on this one in order to finish what they neglected or failed to do. I have not had this experience but some has, they can go back in time or into their future at will.

        Between the ages of 17 and 19 I had a few real life negative experiences, not life threatening, just scary involving negative apparitions. Hope you write about your demonic experience.

  13. Reading some of these, I feel a little better knowing that other people have experienced similar occurrences. This morning, I overslept. I usually get up at 6 a.m. and leave at 6:30 to head to work. My alarm went off and I turned it off and went back into a light sleep. I woke up again and looked at my phone (I use it as my alarm) and it read 6:20. This gave me ten minutes to get ready and leave, which is actually fine because that’s all it takes. I jumped up, went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. Those two things took maybe three minutes. I then decided to check the weather channel app to see what to wear today (east Texas; you never know) and was extremely shocked to see that the time was 6:48… Now, it DID NOT take me 28 minutes to pee and brush my teeth. There is absolutely no way. I was very confused. I lost about 25 minutes somewhere. I keep trying to rationalize it, thinking maybe I saw the time wrong when I got out of bed or maybe I fell back asleep and only thought I got up at 6:20…but I know that is not the case. I lost about 25 minutes and was late for work. I am never late for work. Also, I have too many layers on because I was so confused by the time hop that I failed to check the weather.

  14. About 4 or 5 years ago, I was at a friend’s house, and we both had an unusual experience. We had been out on the front porch of his house talking, and when we went back in to the house, we walked through a doorway from the living room to the dining room. There was a Hot Wheels car on the floor in the dining room, about a foot beyond the doorway from the living room to the dining room. I had my cell phone in my right hand. My friend was walking behind me and I was the first one of us to walk through the doorway. We both heard a buzz or hum as we passed through the doorway into the dining room. As I was passing through the doorway and entered into the dining room, I felt as if my hands were pushed together by some unseen force. I heard two objects click together in my hands as I felt the unseen force push my hands together. I looked down into my hands to see what the clicking sound was and had the feeling of an object in each hand. When I looked at my hands after the clicking sound occurred, I saw that my cell phone was still in my right hand and the Hot Wheels car that had visibly been on the dining room floor directly prior to entering through the doorway into the dining room, was the other object that was in my left hand, that had clicked together with my cell phone and made the clicking sound. I have no idea how that Hot Wheels car got into my left hand seemingly during the two steps I took to walk through the doorway. The buzz or hum that I heard, ceased, when I made it into the dining room. I did not stoop down to pick the car up on my way through the door, yet the car was somehow in my hand. I had a sense that I had missed a few seconds of time….time where I may have picked up the car. I felt like maybe I had been somewhere else for a while, and placed back into the entryway to the dining room to continue my movement through the house. It’s as if I was placed back into time, but it was off by a few seconds and the Hot Wheels car was in my hand instead of on the floor. My friend experienced the loss of a few seconds of time, and the hum as well. We occasionally discuss the strange incident now, and wonder about the buzz or hum, and how the car got into my hand when it had been on the floor, one second before. He has a sense of losing time about the situation as well. The buzz that we both heard, had an “electric” sound to it. A lot of very strange things have occurred in that house, but this was the only missing time experience.

  15. I don’t know who to talk to or how to go about this situation, it’s creeping me out though. I’m 35 live in Massachusetts in a town called Webster. My experience happened yesterday December 21 2017 Between 6 and 7 pm I came home from work parked my car in my driveway rolled a bone and smoked waiting for my girlfriends kids to get ready for school so I can bring them to school for 7:15. This is were it gets weird I fell asleep around 6:15 before I fell asleep I texted my girl to verify I was home, I woke up an hour later and texted my girl and asked her we’re the kids were and why they weren’t outside considering there very on time and in the car by 7:10 , she said they took the bus cause I wasn’t home but I really was , my question is how does my car and myself just disappear for an hour how do two teenage kids not see me in the driveway to the house we all live in where did I go for an hour why can’t I remember? how do or can I explain this and seem logical, I’m freaked out , and I have a burn or something on my back that I showed my girlfriend with 3 little circles inside it I have a pic

    • Anthony — Have you had any similar experiences or anything at all that has happened to you that is unexplained? Oftentimes these are not singular incidents but instead are part of a series of events that happen throughout a person’s lifetime. Do you have an interest in the paranormal or have you experimented with anything like ouija boards, tarot cards, crystals, etc.? Anything like that at all that you can think of? I would be interested to know the answer to those questions if you don’t mind sharing that information, and also if anything else unusual happens to you. Meanwhile, take it day by day and try not to sweat it too much.

      Good luck,

  16. OK…. I have just lost an hour of time few hours ago (at work during the day). Not only do I feel like I have lost time, as I did not have lunch until 2pm, but very oddly the watch I am wearing has also lost in hour?

    • Mikey — I wish I had a clear explanation for these missing time incidents. My advice is not to dwell on it more than you need to. Has it happened to you before, or any other strange incidents? Has anyone in your family suffered anything similar? I have a questionnaire that you might consider filling out and submitting: https://www.theparanomalist.com/incident-report-form/. I have some thoughts on the subject and some suggestions of “do’s and don’ts”. For one thing, I would avoid any involvement in any type of occult practices, even seemingly innocent ones such as the use of tarot cards, crystals, ouija boards, visiting spiritual mediums, etc. I think it is important to avoid opening up any doorways into the preternatural.

      Hang in there. If you want to tell me more about yourself and your situation I’m happy to listen, although I don’t know how much I can help. I do sympathize with you though. I know that these occurrences can be puzzling and upsetting.

      Take care,

  17. My experience has haunted my memory ever since it happened, approximately 28 years ago. My best estimation is 1989 and occurred in Manchester. I was in my mid 20’s. At the time it was the early days of rave culture and the place to go in Manchester was a club called The Hacienda. I will not lie, I led a hedonistic lifestyle and took recreational drugs. The drugs of choice were ecstasy, speed and weed. Now, I want to stress that I had taken ecstasy plenty of times previously. You do not experience black outs with ecstasy. It’s not like alcohol. Generally, you can recall everything that occurred the next day, especially when taken in moderation. So, it’s not as if my memory is hazy. In fact, I can still trace my steps to this day. God knows I retraced them a million times after that night with my friend, who shared the experience. Thankfully, I was not alone. If anything, it helped prove to myself it wasn’t my mind playing tricks on me.

    My friend and I had our night all planned out. The Hacienda closed at 2am, but there was another club that stayed open until 4. Our plan was to leave The Hacienda at 1am and go to the other club, a 10 minute walk, at the most, across the city centre. At 1am, we left as planned and proceded to walk to the other club. We know it was 1am, because my friend was wearing a watch. Plus, if it was 12am, the club’s atmosphere was quieter. If it was 2am, the club would be closing. When you know a club, you know the approximate time because of the general vibe and the music. Guess you have to know clubs to understand this fully. Safe to say, we knew it was 1am.

    We decided to stop and quickly roll a joint during our walk. It was easier than rolling up in the club, which was where we planned to smoke it. It took no more than 5 minutes to skin up, and then we resumed our walk. When we arrived at the other club, called The No. 1 Club, by the way, the bouncers said it was too late. We knew the bouncers and asked them how it could be too late. At the very latest, it was 1:30am, to our estimation. They informed us it had gone past 3:30 and the club was closing soon. In fact, it was 3:40 am. We were both in shock. Even if we stayed at The Hacienda until it closed at 2am, it wouldn’t have been that late! It’s barely a 10 minute walk! We retraced out steps over and over. We clearly recalled the entire walk and had the exact same memories of the events. We left at 1am and took no more than 30 minutes, at the extreme most, to get to The No.1 Club. Somehow, we were missing 2 hours and have no idea why or how this happened. Even more bizarre, we were in the busy city centre on either a Friday or Saturday night. So, it’s not as if we were somewhere remote.

    This is the only time I have had an experience like this in my entire life. The memory of the events is still fresh in my mind as I write these words today. But, I swear on the life of my mother that it happened to me and it’s haunted my mind ever since. I’ve considered having hypnotic regression, but two reasons stop me. One, it’s authenticity as an effective method to recall missing time. The other reason is questioning if this is something I want to remember and I could unwittingly open a Pandora’s Box that was better left shut. My friend and I fell out a few years after, but I could track him down on Facebook if necessary. I’ve considered trying to friend him, if only for us both to try and solve a mystery I’m certain has haunted his memories as much as it has mine.

    • These incidents are amazingly commonplace, although I suspect that many people don’t discuss them outside the anonymity of forums like this.

      I agree with you about having doubts as to the authenticity of the “memories” recalled during hypnosis, as well as the concern for the possibility of opening a door that might best remain shut. Those are my chief concerns that have prevented me from undergoing hypnosis.

      My friend Adam Davies is from Manchester. I’ll have to ask him about the Hacienda. He’s in our age group, so I’m betting he’s been there back in the day.

  18. Since posting, I thought it would be a good idea to specify the exact locations. This way you can look on Google Earth so you can see the distance we travelled. The Hacienda was on the corner of the A5103 Albion Street and B6469 Whitworth Street West. The No.1 Club was on Central Street, about a block away from the Town Hall. Our route took us past the GMex. In fact, we stopped at the park across the street from the GMex to skin up. The area is still there and has benches, like it did years ago.

  19. In January, this year 2018, I woke up with a memory that I now know was there all the time but didn’t worry me.
    It was 1960 and I was 19 years old. I was into motor racing and rallying at the time. My friend had a VW beetle and we decided to enter the Dunlop Round Rhodesia Rally. (This was in the old Rhodesia (Africa) The start was in Bulawayo some 300 miles from where we were in Salisbury. As it started at about 8 PM we left around 1 or 2 PM as it would take at least 3 hours maybe more. We had only travelled about 50 miles or so and were going down a slight downhill with some hills and lots of bush. I distinctly remember looking up and seeing something large travelling at high speed straight towards us and I remember saying, what the hell is that. The next moment we were arriving in Bulawayo and it was about 6PM and dark.
    I have no recollection whatsoever of the trip. We would have had to pass through 4 other towns.
    The really strange thing is that we had not used any fuel and did not have to put any in to start the rally. My friend seemed to be disorientated and we ended up hitting a herd of cows ending our chances. I never saw or spoke to him ever again as I was really cross about the crash so don’t know what happened to him.
    I have tried to concentrate on what happened but every time I try the memory seems to get jumbled up and disappear but comes back again. I cannot get past that time. What happened to the 3 or 4 missing hours? It is worrying me but I have never had any issues about it over the years.
    Oh, and another thing, After that experience I suffered from bleeding from the nose for about 20 years till I had my nose quarterised.
    Very strange.

  20. Hi,

    I’ve had a similar experience. I was driving a route I’d driven many times. I’d been on it many times because it was going from where I lived to where I worked in another town. It was just about a straight shot over many miles, except for one very apparent turn. I wasn’t going to work this time though. I was going to that town in a car with my son at the time and the male I was in a relationship with.

    We drove to the town without incident. It’s a bit funny because I don’t remember why we were driving there at all anymore now. On the way back we got into a very deep conversation about what we would want to do for a bucket list. The trip was through 2 states, Iowa and Minnesota. I lived on the very North edge of Iowa. So I was traveling South to go back to Iowa, in a normal amount of time (1 1/2 hours?) I was almost home, to the Iowa border.

    Within an instant we were suddenly on a completely different road. I didn’t recognize where we were at first. We were heading North and I realized we were in Minnesota on a parallel road to the one we’d been on, many miles away, heading North instead of South and we hadn’t taken any turns! I pointed this out immediately. Looking down at the clock I also noticed we’d lost time. This was the first and only time this had ever happened to me.

    None of us in the car knew how we’d got there and none of us remembered anything strange or what had happened in that time. So as if that weren’t strange enough….I turned around and started heading South again towards Iowa! Again, we were suddenly heading North on the original road that we had been on! We were heading back towards the city in Minnesota we’d been leaving. I was confused, excited, scared! I told the person with me to notice again……..he seemed confused at that point. I turned around and I went South again.

    This time it actually worked we travelled the entire way South back down and got to my house. One thing before the trip ended though was that before it did, there was a stretch where I got behind this truck on a sort of backroad. The truck had two males in it and I felt very cautious and suspicious of them. I didn’t know if they were drunk, they seemed very aggressive. I become upset at this truck. Then it left and we went home. When we got back and calculated it, in order for us to have legitimately travelled everywhere we did it would have taken at least 6 hours! We got back in 3. Typically it was a 1 1/2 hour drive back. The timing was impossible and somehow my car and everyone in it were transported to these places instantaneously and without any of us recalling anything happening in the time period that was lost.

    I have wondered about this instance since. I have had many strange things happen to me in my life. The only related things around that time were many car related instances where it seemed many situations were adding up to me getting into an accident, I avoided all of them, but eventually I did end up in a car accident! That totaled my car, not even a year after. I feel these events definitely had to do with me traveling and possibly our safety, but I don’t know for sure.

    • Mary my story was similar I was in 3 different directions of highwaylike my truck west picked up and put down 3 times Luckily only about 30 minutes lapse in time

  21. Hi John. I’m in Australia and live out the back of two large dams that waters Brisbane, in Queensland. I drive my hubby every day to and from his work that is an hour and half away taking one B Road and four highways to get there. We left around same time, 5 am on our country road and can remember driving pass this creek where people pull in and camp sometimes and there is a little billabong there. Hubby & I were talking and then next moment we kind of wake up and are at another creek near the turn off for the nerest town. It was like waking up hazy and very befuddled. 11.5km were missing, and on that route there are works going on through that area with guys on night shift, a range to drive on bending roads with corners that are extrememly tight. Can’t remember driving through anywhere there or seeing anyone else for that matter. This B road is full of Roo’s, Wallabies, Deer and other furry critters that I would hate to hit and take it easy when the road is dark. We had gained 15 minutes when I drove into the little town we drive to and somewhere along the line, another 15 were gained as we got to his work at exactly 6am. I have been driving that route for a year and there is no way you can drive from our home to the nearest town in under 30 minutes nor his work in an hour from our home. I had a terrible headache all day and now have high pitched ringing in left ear that comes and goes. It’s been a week since happening and I am foggy in the head still. We are so perplexed about this, and it’s like there is something that I know and is on the tip of my tongue that I need to say. But to whom I am not sure. It’s right there and I can’t get it out.

  22. 1975. I was 17 years old. I was driving home from college. it was normally a two-hour trip. I remember leaving where I was living near the college, but remember nothing after that until I suddenly realized I was driving into the town where my parents lived. It was as if I came awake with a start. I was at once amazed and worried/scared. The route, I traveled, went through several towns, varying speed limits, etc. I couldn’t understand how I had driven it without paying attention, or without even realizing anything until I was almost home. I’ve often wondered about it since then, but have not ever mentioned it to my parents (one of whom is now deceased) or to any other people at that time. I didn’t think to look at the time when I arrived home, so don’t know if it took the usual amount of driving time, or not. It seemed instantaneous… but worrisome since it was if I was suddenly there without knowing how or what had happened along the way.

    Years later, when my oldest son was about the same age, he returned home one evening sooner that I’d expected him to be home. He was terrified in a way I’d never seen. He said he and his best friend had been followed. At first, they’d believed it was a helicopter following them. He said there was a bright light shining on them, then after they realized it wasn’t a helicopter, they raced the car trying to lose their follower. He told me they managed to get home before it caught them. Whether or not it was related to the time for which I can’t account at that age, I have no idea.

    My family is one that is full of strange happenings, that have occurred over decades and over generations. I have considered being hypnotized to find out what happened during that missing time, but haven’t the means to do so. I supposed I will always wonder.

    • Hi Angela. Thanks for sharing your experience. There are a lot of nearly identical stories like yours here in the comments section and that have been emailed to me. The fact that your family has a history of strange experiences is also a pattern that I frequently see. My belief is that they are all of the same origins but manifest themselves in a variety of ways.

      I have had a variety of weird experiences, as did my mother, which leads me to think that it’s a generational thing. I’m hesitant to use the word “curse” but I don’t discount the idea that that is what it might be. I don’t feel that it’s positive but I try not to dwell on it too much. For the most part, it does not interfere with my life too much. I’ll be writing more about all this in the near future.

      Good luck and God bless.


      • I am looking forward to your writing. As for me, I don’t think of it as a curse or a blessing, but rather as an “it is what it is”. Many of the odd things have been later seen as things that happened to protect us from harm. That being said, we’ve also experienced some true tragedies. Good luck and God bless.

  23. Hi all, I just discovered this conversation.
    I too have had a timeslip when I was a child in Germany in the 80s. I remember it like yesterday. I wasn’t scared then or now. If anything I find it fascinating that it happened to me. The way I see it is obviously there is a portal, that has opened up for some of us and we have time slipped. And I am thinking that if it happened once, I don’t see why it can’t happen again. I want to know if you know someone who can assist me to control my timeslips, a little like Dr Who. So I can timeslip to the past and future, at will. I am serious. I have been researching this for some time now. I really need someone to help me slip again. I am sure someone out there can do this. Thank you!

    • Su I do thing it’s a portal of some kind that we slipped into. One thing I was never afraid during my experience. I feIt I may have been protected from something. So I do not feel it was demonic is in nature. It has never happened again. I do t think I would want to recreate it though. Nancee

  24. I lost an hour of my life. I do the same thing every morning. Up at 5, shower at 5:40 dress at 6 leave the house by 6:20. I went into my closet at roughly 5:59 in the dark with a little flash light so I don’t wake my wife. I looked at my alarm clock so I know what time it was. and came out at 7:00 it was light out and I was late for work. I lost an hour of my life. I do the same thing every morning. It has freaked me out since. This has never happened before or since. But it scared me. I can’t stop thinking about it. This happened about a year ago. i’m still unable to understand what happened. It seamed like nothing happened, I went in and came out of our walk in closet. But it was am hour later.

    • I know, it’s very disturbing to go through something like this. It’s very common, however. That probably doesn’t make you feel much better, but I have hundreds of reports that are identical to your experience. I wish I had answers but it’s still a mystery.

  25. Hi there.. I don’t know if you are still watching posts or not but I found these stories fascinating that hit pretty clise to home. So I should start in 1982. When I was in school I went to the bathroom and a few minutes later I woke up on the bathroom floor not having any idea how I got onto the floor. I know I didn’t hit my head because it didn’t hurt at all. I have never had anything like that happen to me since then, but I have had other strange experiences. The next strange experience I had was about 1987. I was working at the mall and got there really early one morning and nobody was around. All of the sudden I heard a very clear whisper say my name. It freaked me out but I needed to know if somebody else was around. I looked in the ladies restroom.. Nobody.. I looked in the mens restroom… Nobody. I even looked in the bavk hallways and again thete was Nobody. That day the back hallway i usually use as my exit i didn’t go down because that morning freaked me out. At the same time I would have been walking down that hallway there was an explosion and the entire mall was evacuated. The next event happened in 2000. My sister, mother and I went to Wisconsin for my birthday. On the trip home to Indiana we stopped at a rest area. While there we saw a cute martian keychain that I told my mom my son would love. We exited the rest area and my mom asked me what time it was. I told her is was 12:30 pm and my boys would be playing a baseball game at that time. We got back in the car and headed home again. My sister this whole time gad been under a blanket which we found odd because it was so hot out that day. Anyway, my mom and I had no lapse of memory but all of the sudden we found ourselves at a toll booth area. We had obviously gone the wrong way and had to turn around, but the strange thing was that I asked my mom “What time does the clock say? “. She replied “what in the world.. It says It’s 2:30pm”. We looked at each like what in the world happened. As we were turning around my sister woke up. We told her what happened but she we were crazy and that we were just talking so much that time just flew by. But when we turned around it only took us 15 minutes to get back to the rest area we had stopped at. A few days after that my mom walked downstairs and her TV turned on by itself and the line the actors said was “Don’t worry we will take care of Malone”. This was the last name of my biological father who was an extremely mean man who had died 2 years earlier. Another event was in 2010. I was working as a sitter for elderly patients. This woman who I was taking care of was bedridden. One day her daughter and son-in-law were sitting on one side of her bed and I was sitting on the other side. Her daughter had gotten up to go to the bathroom. I watched as her daughter left the room and as soon as she left I saw a shadow walk to this elderly womans bedside. As I was looking at this woman she said to me “Do you see him? ” and pointed to where I had seen the shadow stop. I told her No because her son-in-law was still sitting in the room. I just feel like maybe these are all signs of something more spiritual. Maybe even the time skip was to save us from some sort of tragedy. I don’t believe we were abducted by aliens, although when we tell that story people make fun that we were. I truly believe in a higher power and that God has a plan for us all. Thanks for reading my story. 🙂

    • Hi Jacqui — Yes, I still read the blog comments and I try to respond as often as I can. I’m going to be rebooting the site very soon (I’ve been saying that for a while but I really am) and start writing some new articles.

      I agree with you in your belief that these events are spiritual in nature. I’ve come to that conclusion in the last few years since a particularly intense paranormal encounter in 2014. It seems to me that some people are prone to having these experiences and that they often run in families. While some can be perceived as negative and are often disturbing and even terrifying, I believe that God allows them to happen to us for a reason. A direct encounter with the spiritual realm, whether positive or negative, pleasant or unpleasant, often changes a person for the better, bring them closer to God. At least that was the result of my last experience, which was very troubling and frightening. Ultimately though, it was a good thing. I suppose it’s all how you react to these things. It seems to me that you have the right outlook and see them as beneficial.

      Thanks for sharing your story 🙂 — John

    • Jacqui I believe that it is a spiritual experience I wrote about my truck be in 3 different directions, while I was on a straight path with no turn g around or exiting. I felt I might have been saved from something too. If you read Eskjel in the bible he is describing a wheel with in a wheel. (spaceship maybe) I Believe Angel vessels. Read the bible and see for your self.

  26. Hey John, Titus M here. I’d like to tell you a little about myself before I begin. I am 31 years old and a lot of really weird stuff has happened to me in my young life. I grew up in a small town in Oklahoma by the name of Colony. Originally founded as Seger Colony, sometime in the in the 1800’s.. what I’ve come to realize is even though I am pretty close to 1/4 Cherokee, I am not, as of yet enrolled in my tribe, and grew up all the way across the state on what I believe, may have very well been one of the last Cheyenne-Arapaho reservations out here. Given, it isn’t as big as it used to be just a small area used to for a annual powwow with a cpl Indian families, maybe still living there, and the rest of the town being inhabited by white families who’ve been there since way before me. What’s most fascinating to me is, I never realized that I basically lived on a reservation my whole life until this past thanksgiving. And, even then my oldest two sisters 20-30 years older than me, had never thought of that either and were completely dumbfounded when I brought this up, to all of our amazement.

    Anyhow, i do wanna get into a few things that has happened over my life. The very first I can remember, is a conversations that I can never quite recall, with my mother and my three oldest sisters’ mother. Who were both in the same car wreck that killed my mother on Thanksgiving 1989. The reason these conversations are odd to me is, in the recollections, I seem to speak to them as a young man who understands perfectly what they say, but I am clearly under 2 years and nine months old, which is how old I was to the day my mother died in that wreck, and my sisters’ mother was bedridden in a nursing home, for six years before passing away after the wreck that ultimately killed both matriarchs of my family in the same event.

    Another memory I have is spending a lotta time on the creek behind my house, Cobb Creek actually. I think at this time is is relevant to admit that as a kid I never felt safe down there unless in groups of friends, which wouldn’t be wierd except, as I grew up I still felt the same way. I recall an incident when I was on the creek alone and the wind started just, howling, barreling through the little valley(for lack of a better word). Again, not wierd, except that, when I descended down the hill to the creek bed, it was a perfectly warm spring day with zero wind, and the way the trees grow would make it impossible for the wind to blow like that on this creek. I felt unnaturally scared at this point, and I hear someone talking to me, a man it sounds like with a deep raspy voice, but again I’m alone and it’s not a voice I hear, but more like thoughts, and if I think my responses it seems to hear and respond. Around this time I realize the wind is still howling and this thing, came along, when the wind started and I need to get the hell out of there and fast, now feeling an overwhelming panic like feeling. So I run, I’d say about a quarter mile up the creek then up the hill, through the brush out into the field at the top of the valley and again, no wind, no issues, no wierd telepathic voice. And at this point walk the other 1/4 mile through the field, to my field, and up through there to my house(about a 15 minute walk). The wierd thing is, my girlfriend who was living with me had, left my house 5 minutes before to look for me and there was no other path, so how did we not pass each other or notice each other in anyway? And she came home about an hour after eating , to tell me of her own experience which was very much different and not as unnerving as mine. Still what I felt, heard and couldn’t see has haunted me till this day, and I think of it quite often.

    The last one I want to tell you, is why I chose to write here. I found your blog while looking up what coulda happened to me a couple nights ago, it was about 8 o’clock and I was at work at a gas station I work at where I live. We also have a subway in the gas station and a grill to cook breakfast, burgers etc… I was asked to make something for subway, Olives, if I recall. So I space out, walk inton the cooler, and boom, I’m in the freezer in the back of the building no recollection of how I got there, I’m just freezing standing there and wandering, “what the hell am I doing in here?” So I turn around and walk out head to the cooler and stop. A girl I was working with asked me what was wrong, and I told her I must have blacked out because I went in the cooler to get olives and have no idea how I got in the other room in the freezer, she looked at me like I was dumb,(I dont think she ever seen me go by either way, which is common bc sometimes we just, daze out and work withou lt paying attention). It’s kinda funny though because I knew the olives weren’t in either spot, just in the same room where the door to the freezer is, however I strictly remember walking into the cooler, being like weirded out and cold turn around open the door and coming out of the freezer. What’s more is I had to be in there for some time, as it’s so cold none of us let the door shut behind us in there if we can help it, and the door was tightly shut behind me, and I was just in cold sweats. Did I time slip, portal through???? What happened to put me in that freezer sweating? And moreover why did no one see me going into either the cooler or the freezer?

    I realize this cooler/freezer incident is kinda dumb in comparison to your story but, seeing as yours was a story of not remembering, I thought I’d share it all the same. Thank you for taking the time to read these and I hope to hear from you soon. And feel free to email or reply, I’d greatly appreciate your input.

  27. I was scraping the frost from my car in the wee hours of Tuesday January 2019. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a flash. I said to the Universe jokingly:

    “you’re like baby Groot” when I’m looking at you, you’re still but when I turn away, you’re filled with activity”

    Any how, I thought it was the tail end of a shooting star or a plane, but there was no plane in the sky.
    I got into the car and noted that it was 3:22am and because it takes about 8 minutes to reach work I said to myself:

    “Good, I’ll sign in at work right at 3:33am”

    I backed out of the driveway, turned left onto my street and at the 4-way stop I gently tapped my brakes and my bag fell onto the seat spilling my phone and lip balm, which made me mad because I hate it when things fall out of my bag. At this point I looked at the clock and it said 3:33am. I was shocked to say the least because I’d only been in the car for 2 minutes or less.
    So I glanced at my phone before putting it back in my bag because it didn’t make any sense. Maybe I saw the time wrong but my cell phone it too said 3:33am.

    I’ve been trying to reconcile this all morning, it’s been 8 hours and I cannot understand it. I’m not scared or anything like that. I’m super curious to understand it…

    Where are my 11 minutes?

  28. Hello John

    Thank you for posting your story. Do you still experience this time of phenomenon or was it isolated to the one event.
    I am trying to go through the comments and there are just so many.

    • Hi Bobbie Rae,

      This was my only missing time experience, but I’ve had a lifetime of unexplained events that could be characterized as paranormal. I believe all of these incidents are connected as part of the same issue. If you read my article, “Aliens, Gnomes, Boogeymen” you’ll see that I had experiences repeatedly as a child with what I’ve come to believe are demonic entities. I saw these same being in June 2014 and I’ve come to believe that they are at the center of all of my “paranormal” experiences. I’m rebooting this website this month (in the next couple weeks, if not sooner) and I’m going to post an article about my experience with these beings. Essentially, all this so-called paranormal stuff, including the missing time experiences, is demonic in nature in my opinion.

      Check back regularly. I’m working on completing the website update and I’ll be posting my account of my experience in 2014 with the reappearance of those demons from my childhood.

      Thanks for getting in touch.


  29. John, I have had an experience that I don’t really believe in it being aliens, but I would only speculate it to be a “Time Glitch”. It was Late Winter/Early Spring of *18. So, it wasn’t but a year ago.

    At this time, I was suffering from what I could only call am “early life crisis” being that I am 26, and was 25 then. I recently acquired another full time job, but didn’t want to quit the one I was working either. So, I decided to work them both, and only for a little while (Ended up being 9 months full time, and another 6 part time).

    I had just left one job, and was hearing to the other .It was the same as any other night/morning (Depending on how you look at it). The sky was dark, and the roads were bare, and I was roughly 15-18 miles from my other job. Nothing too out of the ordinary. As I was driving there was this field that I see all the time, as I drive from one Job to the other. However, I see what was 3-4 lights in the middle, which reminded me of nothing more than LEDs shining on the ground. I mean, they were not special lights, just kind of odd, and never seen before. As I was driving with my head looking the direction of the lights thinking “How Odd”. Now, I look back down at my time, as I always did when I go from job to job. The time had changed, because nearly 20 minutes had passed, and I was now coming close to running late. (I had everything timed perfectly for work/road/work ratio.). Therefore, I had to step on the gas and get to going, but I still wonder about those minutes. Why did that happen? Where did they go? What were the lights? How was I still driving, and in the same spot? So many questions that will probably remain unanswered, but an experience none the same.

    I know, I was overworked and usually a bit tired, but not that tired, nor do I understand how that would explain that I was still driving. A flash of a second and 20 minutes pass without any change. It’s a story that I do not tell a lot, because most people will think that you’re losing your marbles.

    There’s the story of “Josh’s way to work Time Glitch”. Can’t explain it, nor really understand it, but it happened and it’s different.

    Thanks for reading.

    • Josh — I get a lot of similar stories from people. They’re often these quick jumps in times (both forward and backward) that they are often inclined to try to explain away but just seem troubling. The fact that you saw those lights is interesting too. In the majority of these experiences that people relate to me, I don’t hear about any unusual sights or sounds, although I sometimes do.

      I’m not so sure if I believe in the “alien abduction” explanation much these days myself. At least not what has been typically promoted among the UFO enthusiasts and their groups. And I know what you mean about being reluctant to share this. I’ve been wondering recently if I should have used my name on this blog or if it would have been wiser to use an alias. I generally don’t tell people that I know about this side of my life because it sounds…crazy — although if someone comes across my writings and have questions, I’d be more than willing to discuss the subject.

      Good luck. I’m hoping that was your first and last experience with this. I know it can be disturbing.

  30. Being an ‘experiencer’ myself, I am so pleased to hear that you found out who/ what they are. Yes, they are fallen angels/ demonic powers. My only suggestion is to develop a personal relationship with Father, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit, outside of organised religion. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” [Ephesians 6:12, The Holy Bible, KJV]

  31. I had an bizarre experience on my way to work a few months ago. I typically leave 530 to get to work and get there by 630, but one day I left and arrived 730pm. I didnt notice it was 730 until I got to the parking lot of work and there were no traffic coming in and out. I was late when I left on time, I was shocked but more disappointed that I was late.I didnt have time to figure out what happened cause I had to work a full 12 hour shift.When I got home I set out to figure what had happened.checked my phone time, car time, and everything was accurate,so why was I on the road for an e tra hour? To make things more confusing I had checked Google Maps to track my activity(had no idea the app actually track everywhere you go with your phone) on that day I left on time and got to work at 730. No stops, no detour, nothing. It will just be an unexplained experience to my knowledge. I would note that the day before a friend of my tried meditation for the first time guided by a YouTube video, I’m not sure if it’s normal but it was a very unusual feeling afterwards, but I’ve researched much a out it, and nothing out the unusual for the first timers. I’d just thought I’d share that too since it happened the day before.

  32. My English is not good, but I hope others understand me.
    Something very weird happened to me & my mother two years ago. I was playing tennis with my dad and my mom was there just watching us. I threw the ball “out” (like 2 meters away from my dad) and I looked upwards while saying “oh no”, (this happened in a 1 second interval), but as soon as I looked at my dad again, he was already waiting for me to recieve the new ball…

    I was like, what even happened here? He was supposed to walk those 2 meters, pick the ball and then come back, but no, I “missed” all of those things in just 1 second. I thought I was losing consciousness or something, but then I took a break (like 3 minutes later), and my mother told me she had had a “strange experience” and told me the same exact thing that happened to me from her perspective.
    I threw the ball 2 meters away from my dad, she sees it, she blinked and in less than one second my dad already had the ball in his hands ready to throw a new ball… we were shocked and to this day we still have no idea what happened (wish the place had security cameras)

    We told my dad but he didn’t pay much attention, he said he didn’t notice anything weird… If that would have happened to me only, I would had thought like I had a brain ‘short circuit’, haha… but I was impressed when I knew my mother experienced it too.

    • Alexandra — Often people tell me of having an experience in which another person is involved or describes the same event. That makes these reports a lot more credible in my opinion. If it was only one individual who had the experience it would be much easier to explain it away as some sort of momentary mental lapse or brain hiccup. It’s much more credible if it is shared.

      Thanks for sharing your story. Your English was perfect too 🙂

  33. 1970 to 1971 have missing time I was 13 or 14 my time line with events in my life do not match. cant explain, do not know what is missing.from time to time I get flashes in my head that I do not understand. no UFO or spirits. just flashes of places or events that could not have happened. maybe I am coocoo and do not know.

  34. I had an experience that I can’t explain in the summer of 2014. I was driving around 3 pm to go to a meeting at work. I was on the expressway on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. I Was on a straight path getting close to my exit. I was traveling North, next thing I knew, I was traveling g South. As soon as I realized how can this be, I was traveling from the west. I was a little freaked out, then I was trave,I g from the west. I never made any exit must kept driving straight. I was an half hour late to the meeting. I never told anyone for years. My truck and I were like picked up and put I. 3 different directions and I have no explanation as to how or what happened.

    • This is Nancce and the event of being in 3 different directions in my white truck without exiting. I remember seeing a bill board at three of the directions advertising The Four Winds R V sales lot. I wondered if this was a sign. IT speaks of the 4 winds in Revelation of the bible.
      Jesus is to gather with the four winds. So don’t know if it’s related. But my gut tells n
      Me it is

      • Hi Nancee. My mind is open about these things but I’ve been slowly and steadily moving toward two ideas: That all of this so-called “paranormal” stuff is related – in other words, it may take different forms and manifest it’s self differently, but it’s of the same nature. And secondly, that it is all of a spiritual nature – i.e., heaven & hell, God & Satan, angels & demons – that sort of thing. I had a VERY weird and dramatic experience in June of 2014 that has brought me to that way of thinking. I’ll be writing about that in the very near future.

        Has it happened before or since this incident? Or any other unexplained experiences? These are typically part of a pattern and not isolated incidents.

        • John it has not happened again. I was raised Catholic but consider myself to be a Christain. Since 1989 I have had 5 near death experiences. ACCIDENTS in which I could have died, but I was never I injured. The last time Aug 20. 2019 I hit a deer (there were several deer on the highway) and totaled my car. I have used oil and blessed my car. So I know I am blessed. I do feel so e of these experiences are from GOD and of demo is origin. It says there is a war raging around us of do I know and principalities. I feel these experiences will continue to to increase and we must trust and pray to God to he,p us. I did confide in my cousin and she said it happened to her. But yes we need to avoid exposure to the occult. This was the first time I have found a forum to discuss these things Thanks for that

          • John please delete the duplicate message. I am not sure I want to share this but I have 2 cell phone pictures to back me up. I have a friend who has been abducted, many times and I belie6 her. Well i got a picture sent from her, which she SWEARS she didn’t sent. It appears to look li,e an alien in the back of my truck. Anyway it appears to be protecting me from a red object/Maybe being. The next picture I snapped the back of my truck which was accidentally taking of the back of my truck by me shows nothing there, the third picture (it was daylight shows 2 objects in the sky. But ya know now planes leave entrails, the object that was closet to the ground has an entrails like a pitch fork. I still have the pictures. I never saw anything with the named eye. I interpreted this to mean the Alien/Angel or whatever it is was protecting me from this red menacing thing on the truck. A few weeks after that I accidentally went up the wrong way on an exit ramp. But was spared injuring myself others or my truck. So haven’t showed the pics to others but I have the pic on a separate phone saved. When the picture of the thing in back of the truck happened i sense inter we paranoia a d I do t k ow why. It was daytime. A second or 2 later (the pics are time stamped the 2 objects in the sky

        • John now that I have found this forum I will read it often I made a typo that is there is a waging war around us a war of dominion and principalities. I feel that is what is taking place. and there may be more of these things happening to others who don’t know where to turn to. I felt the need to get closer to God too after. Y experi6. I was bewildered and confused when it happe But oddly u afraid Like I was spared from something. Maybe I was protected from an alien (demonic abduction. My first thought was maybe I was spared from a car accident

  35. Mary my story was similar I was in 3 different directions of highwaylike my truck west picked up and put down 3 times Luckily only about 30 minutes lapse in time

  36. i had 12 hours of missing time on December 24/25 2013 .Just before 5;00 pm i looked at my watch, it said 4:57 pm . i made a phone call at 5:00 and to my surprise, it was 5:00 am on christmas day. i have no memory of those hours. i also had a very bad cough that i had had for many years, but when i awoke, the cough was gone and has never returned to this day.october 23 2020.

  37. I live near the High Sierras in California and when I can I like to go hiking. Not being able to get to my favorite spots because of snow at this time, 3 days ago I went on a hike in a river gorge in the foothills. I had the trail to myself except for one couple I saw late in the hike. There are a few details that point to some oddity occurring in the hike, but the real point is that I have a Garmin watch that links to a fitness app. It will show me the route, and other details. It showed me the elapsed time of the hike, but also both moving time and not moving time. It shows me that I spent 43 minutes not moving. The problem is that I barely stopped at all, and generously perhaps for a total of 15 minutes. Where is the other rough half hour? I just noticed this, as I was thinking about the other oddity on the hike and trying to put it together. My memory of the hike is contiguous, with no perceived gaps.

  38. Dear John: I am just now finding this blog. I’m glad you are managing it still- since 2009- wow. I lost time with my best friend (at the time) and our four children, driving down a remote mountain road (hwy 299) in the daytime. It was in 1985 – summer. She had come up to visit me at my parent’s farm in Shasta County California. It was a hot summer day and we had to make her bus in Redding by a specific time. There was only one “Express” bus out of Redding to San Jose California per day and she had bought tickets for the one that day. My car was an old clunker and famous for overheating on the mountain road so we gave ourselves a lot of extra time to make sure we’d be on time, even if the car had some problem. It was 12:00 noon and we were just commenting on how good of time we were making when —- it was late! We “blinked” and it was 5:00 or later. The sun was low and the shadows stretched across the road. In the blink of an eye it was very late. We couldn’t understand how or what happened to us but we had to figure out what to do now that she’d missed her bus. We didn’t know if we should go back to the ranch and try in the morning or keep going to Redding. We decided on the latter. We get to Redding and go inside the bus depot. I can see a door open to the maintenance area for buses. A mechanic was just shutting the engine compartment of a bus. The ticket agent told my friend the “Express Bus” never left because it had mechanical problems– but it was just fixed and ready to leave. She made her bus. Several weeks or months after this event I began to experience a terrifying recurring nightmare. Not sure if they’re related but that’s my story. It’s nice because she and two of our children can corroborate it.

    • Claudia – Thank you for sharing your story. It’s a very familiar one to me at this point. Did you and your friend discuss the experience at any point afterward? Do you know if she had any similar nightmares?

      It always helps to have corroboration. I know from my own experience that if I had no one to corroborate their validity, I would have questioned my sanity or probably have convinced myself that they didn’t happen.

      If you still feel troubled by it, you may at least take some comfort in knowing that these events seem to be relatively common. I wish I could explain their nature and purpose, but I honestly do not know. All I have are some ideas on the subject of these time anomalies.

      Thanks again. — John

  39. I have only had it happen once. Was in college in the mid 70’s in a small town. Had a first date with a girl who did not go to college. We went out of town about 6 miles or so on a dirt road, parked, talked, and made out. Was getting late so turned the truck around in the road to head back. I woke up in front of her house in the driver’s seat. Have no idea what happened from the time we turned the truck around and got to her house. Really didn’t want to ask her for a second date so never brought up the conversation. I have read on other boards when we die, say in a vehicle accident. we wake up in a parallel universe. I guess I might or might not have solved it by asking her what happened that night.

    • These time slips and missing time experiences are so common. Most people have no idea how often they occur. I’m sure that some of them have mundane explanations, but there are a many that are incredibly strange and defy logic. Thanks for sharing.


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