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John Carlson (A.K.A. The Paranormalist) is a bipedal hominoid who can sometimes be found stalking the sidewalks of New Jersey USA or lurking at his favorite neighborhood watering hole. His wife and sons have put up with his interest in and occasional confrontations with the paranormal. John encourages readers of this website to share any personal experiences, if they wish to do so. You are not alone.

Missing time and temporal anomalies are far more common than many might guess. This true account of the missing time event that I experienced as a teenager has gotten, by far, the greatest number or responses than anything I've written.

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I’d like to relate a personal experience that I had when I was an adolescent in the hope that others might be willing to come forward and share any similar experiences that they may have had.

I’ve titled this article “A Missing Time Experience?” – with a question mark, you’ll notice – because it does not necessarily fit the “typical” missing time scenario of which we hear. It did not happen late at night on a darkened rural road; there was no UFO sighting involved (that I recall). It occurred in the afternoon, on a sunny day, on a relatively busy street in a bustling suburban town in northeastern New Jersey. In fact, I’m not entirely sure that there even was a period of missing time. Yet, it was strange in the extreme and something that I contemplate regularly to this day, more than thirty years later.

The time of year was late winter or early spring – around March or April, I believe, of 1978. I was in junior high school, seventh grade, and thirteen years of age. It was a weekday at about 3:00 PM and school had just let out. I left the junior high school, which is located next to a hospital in my home town of Ridgewood, NJ. Ridgewood is located about 20 miles from New York City, in Bergen County, a very populated area of the state. I walked, as I did most days, home from the junior high (now a middle school). My parent’s home was located about 1.5 miles from the school along a very direct route. Most of the walk was on the street on which the school was located, followed by a left and a quick right toward the very end of the walk. So, I’d normally just walk out the front door of the school, take a left, and proceed straight for about 1.4 miles, the last 0.10 of a mile being that left and the right, at which point I was at our house.

Missing Time
Missing Time Experiences

That was the route that I would normally take, however, I had a run-in with a group of boys that bullied me on a regular basis, so rather than taking a left out the front door of the school and proceeding due south for that 1.4 miles, I’d go left and then take another left at the very first traffic after leaving the school. I’d then walk to the next street over and take a right onto that street, again walking due south. It wasn’t much of a departure from my normal route, as the street ran parallel to the one I’d usually take to get home. I’d been doing that for at least a couple of months in an effort to avoid walking past the homes of the boys who were bullying me. Therefore, I’m confident of the the fact that there was no way I would have become lost or confused of my whereabouts.

However, one day as I began walking home, I noticed that everything seemed strangely quiet, almost muted. The normal noise and bustle associated with the after-school rush of children walking home from school was oddly absent and the quiet was rather eerie. There were still cars and some pedestrians present as I walked down this busy suburban street, but there was an odd, unreal feeling to everything, along with this disturbing muted silence.

The street that I was walking down was called North Pleasant Avenue, and the intersection that I was approaching was at the corner of North Pleasant and Ridgewood Avenue. After crossing Ridgewood Ave, North Pleasant turned to South Pleasant Avenue and I would pass the elementary school that I’d attended the years prior to entering the junior high in September of ’77. At crossing that intersection and approaching the elementary school, I was approximately 0.8 mile from my home. I mention these facts only to continue to emphasize that this was a route and neighborhood in which I was used to traveling.

As I continued south, from N. Pleasant toward S. Pleasant and toward the intersection of Pleasant and Ridgewood Avenues, I saw the traffic light, the same familiar stores at the corner, and the small parking lot in front of the stores. However, these landmarks appeared to be getting further away as I walked closer to them, and still this odd silence persisted. As I continued to walk toward the intersection, these landmarks continued to appear to recede further into the distance as I approached them. I began feeling very disoriented and anxious – and then, nothing; a complete loss of memory. I simply do not remember anything past the point of approaching this intersection and seeing it recede further into the distance as I walked ever nearer to it.

“Get John. He needs you.”

My next memory was of “awakening” – for a lack of a better description – on another street in a different part of town, a fair distance from where I had started from at the junior high school. I remember feeling very shaken and confused and somewhat frightened. What had happened? And how did I end up in this different area, nowhere near where I’d begun walking, and nowhere near where I’d “blacked out”? This is where things get a bit stranger still: within a couple of minutes of “coming to” my mother pulled up in her car, parking along the curb of the street where I was walking. I opened the door and she looked at me with great concern and said “John, are you alright?” Now, normally my mother did not come looking for me if I was a bit late arriving home from school. Remember, this was the late ’70s and parents were decidedly more relaxed about the comings and goings of their children. My mother never picked me up from school unless the weather was very severe or we had some kind of appointment after school, and as long as I was home by dinner my parents didn’t worry or wonder about my whereabouts. If I didn’t come straight home it was assumed that I was at a friend’s house or had some kind of after school activity.

The fact that my mother knew exactly where to find me was surprising, and I asked her how she knew where I was. She replied that she was home, doing chores around the house when a voice in her head said “Get John, he needs you”. She of course asked me what had happened and I told her about the receding intersection, the strange silence, the memory loss, and of waking up to find myself walking in this other part of town. I had no idea what had happened and to this day I still do not, other than a vague memory or feeling of having been told or shown something significant. Who told or showed me what, and where it happened, I cannot recall, although I feel at some point that I will recall the entire incident. I simply feel that this event was significant for a reason that I can’t explain, but it’s meaning will eventually be made clear to me.

Being that this was over thirty years ago, I cannot accurately recall the time that I “awoke” or what time my mother found me. However, I don’t think it was a great amount of time, certainly not more than hour, and probably less than that. Thirty minutes, perhaps? So the time was maybe 3:30 or 3:45 in the afternoon, I’d estimate. It may have been later than that, but not by much, if I recall correctly. I’ve always felt that the strangeness of this incident is compounded by the fact that my mother was somehow involved and “contacted”. If I had simply blacked out or became disoriented and wandered off, I could accept that as being a possibility – although I had no history of seizures or blackouts. But the fact that my mother was told to “Get John, he needs you” makes me believe that there was some outside design and involvement in this, the nature of which I do not know.

This, I should mention, was not the only strange and unexplained incidents that I had as a child (or as an adult). Perhaps I’ll discuss some of the others in future blog posts. Meanwhile, I’d be very interested in hearing from other people who may have experienced similar phenomena.

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  1. I had time come to almost a complete stop wile I was at work. One minute I was helping a patient eat her breakfast and she requested some coffe. So I stood up to walk to the coffee pot, which was 15 feet away, and within the first 5 steps, time slowed significantly to the point it stopped and I could see every thing around me,left, right, behind, in front, and above. I saw everybody’s facial expression and what everyone was doing at that instant. It was like looking at a panoramic photo. At the exact same moment I felt a sense of knowing everything about everything, which was extremely overwhelming. Next thing I know I get to the coffee pot and wile I’m pouring coffee, adding sugar etc.. I’m thinking, that did not just happen! So I gave this patient her coffee and proceeded to the restroom, looked at myself in the mirror and immediatly thought I was insane. It took me about 10 min to shake that feeling off and a couple co workers asked if I was ok as they can see something wasn’t normal. The end.
    Story 2: my aunt and uncle had a funeral to go to sometime in the 70’s in Konawa,Oklahoma. So they were at the church for the wake, sitting in the back of the church. It was nearly over, so they figured they would leave early to get a head start to the house for visiting, snacks etc..my uncle and 3 of my aunt’s headed to ride in the same car, they drove one mile down the street and came to construction so they detoured making an extra mile the opposite direction then back 3 miles eventually making it to the designated house where everyone was meeting at. All four if them said it was about a 10-15 min drive. But, when they arrived, they saw all the cars already parked that were parked at the church already at the house. When they got inside the house, friends and family asked where they had been mentioning most everybody was finished eating what was served and had been there for 45 min or so. To this day, either four of them can contemplate as to what happened. One of my aunt’s was real bothered by that day for years afterwards. Another one of my aunt that was there during the incident has had 2 other strange things that cannot be explained. Just recently, two weeks ago,my uuncle’s nephew was reported missing in Konawa, Oklahoma. They had a search and rescue team out there as well as cadaver dogs, and found no sign of him & no one has seen him. Back in 1956 my great aunts cousins sister went missing in Konawa, Oklahoma and was NEVER found to this day… I’m about to make the hour trip to konawa, ok. To see what’s really going on down there, might have a strange experience…

    • Kyle — These experiences tend to run in families and are usually part of recurring pattern, so what you’re telling me fits the profile for these types of experience. The disappearances are what I find very disturbing, and my thoughts and prayers go out to your family regarding your missing relative. Interesting that you should share this one my blog this evening. I’ve recently been giving a lot of thought to some the connection between these time anomalies and cases of missing persons. I wonder how many people who have unaccounted-for periods of time eventually go missing altogether? I’m beginning to see patterns among the reports that I’ve been receiving, but the larger picture is still unclear. If I have some new insights I’ll post them on the website. Meanwhile, please take care and proceed with caution. Hoping your uncle’s nephew turns up unharmed, too. Please keep me informed if you would.

      — John

      • I found this site today because of an experience I had this morning which, in turn, brought back vivid memories of previous experiences. So, I will start with this mornings experience.
        I looked at the clock, at 3:10 a.m. this morning, listening to my husband get ready for work. I should note that I am a very light sleeper and rarely fall into very deep sleeps. All of a sudden, I heard loud thumping, in the distance, as if from a car playing loud music. Thinking this was odd, at that early hour, I lifted my head to call out to my husband and ask what he thought the noise was. But, as I lifted my head and looked at the clock, it read 5:25 a.m. Over 2 hours had passed and I instantly knew something was off. It was NOT a deep sleep. I don’t know how to explain it but I just know that between 3:10 a.m. and 5:25 a.m. it’s as if only minutes had passed. I got up to make some coffee and my pajama bottoms felt strange, and I then realized they were on backwards. They had not been when I went to sleep the previous night.
        Now, yesterday I started receiving multiple texts from previous co-workers I was close to. All saying the day had been so strange, off, weird happenings and all of my day had been like that. Very strange, off, everything out of synch. My sister then says she felt as if her day had the strange feeling of missing time. So, I’m starting to realize that people I am close to were all experiencing this time strangeness.
        The experience, this morning, brought back memories from early childhood and one story, in particular, that had happened to my mother as a child which is almost exactly what you had explained in your missing time experience. At 3 years old, (in the mid 1930’s) she was playing in a room with her younger sister. As the story is told, someone came to the window and took my mother. She said she was taken to a house, by a woman, and said to a man in the house “look who I have”. The woman, when she took my mother, promised her there were all sorts of toys and dolls at the house she was being brought to. Even at 3, my mother said, she immediately noticed there were no dolls, no toys. All of a sudden the door burst open and her mother came in to grab her. To my grandmothers dying day, she never knew how she knew where to find my mother at that house. She said she “just knew”. Now onward:
        At 13, in the 1970’s, I was at a Fall Fair with my mother and grandmother and it became night time. The 3 of us were walking around and enjoying ourselves. All of a sudden I hear my mother yelling at me asking “Where had I been”? I turned to look at my mother, totally confused as to what she was talking about. I said I had been nowhere except walking with them, and she said that she and my grandmother had been looking for me for over an hour. I have no recollection of anything other than walking around with them. I do not have seizures, etc.
        Another thing you had mentioned about all the sounds around you disappearing: That has happened to me on more than one occasion, and one incident specifically with myself and my daughter years ago.
        We were eating at a restaurant that was so packed with people. It took us a bit to get seated, and all of a sudden we looked at each other and realized that as full as the restaurant was, we weren’t hearing any noise, conversations, etc., and thought how strange it was that all the noise seemed to be falling off into the background. It wasn’t like we were enveloped in deep conversation, it was more that we noticed the total strangeness of the noise falling off.
        Anyway, I hope this resonates with your feelings on your experience long ago.
        My experience, this morning, was very unsettling and I am very aware that something seems to be happening within the last few days. Maybe peoples frequencies changing, I don’t know.

        • Hi Susan,
          Yes, a lot of that definitely does resonate with me. I find it very interesting that you received calls from people you know who seemed to sense the same thing. I have heard of these experiences happening simultaneously to two or more people, and I’ve heard of this sort of phenomena running in families (which is very common). I’m not sure if anyone has told me that it seemed to be widespread among people that they know. That suggests that this was some sort of mass event, which is a new one in my book.

          The fact that your pajama bottoms were on backwards is indicative of an abduction experience and is reported fairly often. As I’ve said before, I sort of hate to go to there because it’s so sensationalistic, but I do sense that there is an intelligence that is at work during these experiences. Some sort of random temporal anomaly would not explain people waking up with their clothes on backwards, or their clothing switched with the other person who underwent the missing time episode (I’ve heard that one before), or other such physical signs.

          If anything else comes to mind or you have another experience, I’m glad to listen and to share any findings or thoughts about the nature of these incidents. Please feel free to keep in touch. — John

          • Thank you for your response.
            I seem to always attract people who are like minded, or even the other way around.
            I have always had unusual experiences since childhood, but I never questioned myself as I knew what I knew to be true. I have never, either, bought into what society tells us what should be our belief system. I do have some information, though, that may interest you. I love research, and have acquired some useful information.
            During the early to mid 1960’s, myself, mother and sister had experiences where, in the middle of the night, a bright orange light would permeate all through our windows. The stage was always the same, and we all recalled it the same way: The light would come through, I would try to call out for my mother but couldn’t…then I would call to my sister in her room and say “Do you see that”? And, she would say “Yes, I do. It’s ok, just go back to sleep”. Years down the road, we would all talk about it. My mother said when the lights came, she would get up and check the whole house, go up in the attic and look around. Finally I asked her if she had checked up on my sister and I during those times. She was shocked, and said she hadn’t even thought about it and she knew instantly that it’s the first thing a mother does, but she didn’t. She said she looked in the oddest places, such as in between the stove and refrigerator. So, for many years we all thought “abduction”. Until recently in my research and more “awakenings” to our reality that it might be much more sinister. It’s not hard at all to believe that there is life on other planets, or interdimensional beings at all. But some information I have come across is disturbing.
            Cern. Opening up portals to other dimensions. HAARP…weather modification, chemtrails. Basically, manipulation of humanity for sinister purposes.
            I am 56 years old, and I am very aware that life has definitely changed in ways since my childhood that would have been unfathomable to us back then. George Orwell’s “1984” was giving us a glimpse.
            Regarding abductions, some of my research has led down some pretty interesting paths.
            I believe people, such as yourself, are “conscious”. I don’t believe everyone is. In fact, I think most people are under a cloak of unconsciousness. People who “experience” these strange incidents have the capability to see what is going on around us and realize it. I break people down into two groups: Earthly and Non Earthly.
            Other incidents, for me, include what I call “being in a movie”. Same for my children. All of a sudden, anything can be happening and we look at each other and say “Ok, we are in a movie.” This was happening way before the movie “The Matrix” came out. Hmmm.
            The abduction phenomena seems to run in families just like animals are tracked, manipulated for research on species, etc.
            But, the most profound event happened to me at 13 years old. I say this was a “dream” for lack of a better word. In the middle of the night I was, all of a sudden, aware I was standing in my room. Behind me were three men, dressed in white cloaked clothing. My back was to them but, somehow, I could see them. One of them put his hand on my right shoulder and I was instantly transported to a particular country (prefer not to say where) and all around me was white cinder block rubble, and I knew I was experiencing the end of the world. In one minutes time I felt everything there could possibly be to feel ever. They allowed me to witness this for one minute. Then, one of them put their hand on my right shoulder, again from behind, and I was right back in my room. They spoke telepathically and they told me 3 words, of another language which I don’t know. I think they are Greek or Latin. They said, specifically “Never forget these words. When the time is right you will know what they mean.” That has affected me my whole life. There hasn’t been one week, since then, that I haven’t thought of those 3 words. I just know that I have to wait to hear them if they really mean anything. Interestingly, my research has led me to an area understanding that language, and the use of it, can make things manifest. Words are powerful.
            Well, I’m glad I found this site. I’m interested in reading others peoples experiences!

          • I understand what you mean about being “conscious”. It’s a constant awareness of something many others don’t seem to grasp at all, and if you were to try to explain it to them they would have no idea what you’re trying to convey. I think this life is like the part of the iceberg that is above the waterline. It’s the part that we see, but the much bigger and more important part is submerged beneath the water. We don’t see it from above, but it’s there. I believe that this is the spiritual realm, and those who are sensitive to it can feel it’s presence and occasionally gain a brief glimpse of it.

            Until fairly recently I had always been very quick to dismiss anyone who attached any sort of religious meaning to paranormal phenomena. Then, in June of 2014 I had an experience (I’m currently writing about it) that made me think otherwise. I think that, just as the bible says, we are locked in a spiritual battle and that is why we’re seeing more of these “signs and wonders”. So much of the terrible things that are happening in the world are, in my opinion, much more than just the acts of men. I think we’re seeing evil manifesting itself and I do not have a positive view about these missing time experiences or other so-called “paranormal phenomena”. I’m currently revamping my site (working on that right now, in fact) and I’ll write more about this in the upcoming weeks. At this point I would tell people to prepare themselves spiritually, because I think bad times are coming. I think we may be entering the Tribulation, if we’re not already in it.

      • I lost all memory driving from 15 to my house in Connecticut. The only thing remember is driving into my driveway. I estimate the time to be 20 minutes between 15 and my house. It happened three or 4 years ago.

      • Hi
        I don’t even know if you will see this msg….the reason i have came across this page is because I have just had the same experience and it’s scared the hell out of me… I was almost home…literally my home was at the bottom of the street, I stopped to watch this helicopter and when I started to walk again I realized I was at a different part of town!!! What the hell has just happened to me? I am really freaked out

        • Just today 10:01 am. I go to the coffee pot with my phone in hand watching a streaming video. Pour my coffee and place the pot back. I look back at my phone and it’s 10:21 am the video ended 20 minutes ago. Feeling uneasy I go to the bathroom. And now all is quiet it just happened again. I feel cold but quite calm

    • Although I’ve had a lot of odd things happen to me in my life, I do have 1 story that i Believe was missing time that happened to me as a child. And a second story that i believe is related only because of the connection people on this site is making with missing time and abduction.

      When I was a little girl, I was at a six flags park with my parents, siblings, and close family friends. The oldest daughter, 8/9 at the time was told to hold my hand as my mom bought us ice cream.

      She looks at me, and talks me into playing a game with her. She told me to close my eyes, and she was going to spin me around and I couldn’t open them until she told me too. So she grabs my hand and spins me around, and then pauses, and starts to walk away. I took exactly 3 steps before I had enough and opened my eyes…..and She was gone, and I was completely alone, on the other side of the amusement park. I knew I was on the other side, because we had just left from that ride. All of a sudden my mom runs up and grabs me. Turns out “I had wondered off” and everybody had been looking for me for half an hour.

      My friends daughter had no recollection of the “game” we played either and had told everyone that she had told me to stay still as she turned to tie her shoe and when she looked up again I was gone. Everyone assumed I was lying about the “game” and not knowing what happened.

      The second story, started a little after this incident, where I kept dreaming of this super market with a funny name “the international food market.” In the dream, when my mom pauses to buy fish, I see a cookie brand i’d been looking everywhere for, and wonder off to grab them. When I turn around she’s gone. I dreamed the dream 4 or 5 times, each time it started the same way, but I got further a long in the dream. Looking for my mom in every aisle. Passing by the balloons. Until finally, there’s this man who walks up to me, and tells me he knows I’m looking for my mom, he was just talking to her and he’ll take me to her. He called her by name. The last time I dreamed the dream, I got to the end, where the man suddenly picks me up, and kidnaps me out of the store. Mind you, this is a few months after the amusement park fiasco , when my mom surprises me. It turns out the international food market does exist, and we were going. Every single part of my dream came true, except when I saw the cookies, I decided not to leave my mother’s side, and she immediately walked away, in the opposite direction I always choice in my dream. I always thought of that day, as the day I almost go abducted.

    • Although I’ve had a lot of odd things happen to me in my life, I do have 1 story that i Believe was missing time that happened to me as a child. And a second story that i believe is related only because of the connection people on this site is making with missing time and abduction.

      When I was a little girl, I was at a six flags park with my parents, siblings, and close family friends. The oldest daughter, 8/9 at the time was told to hold my hand as my mom bought us ice cream.

      She looks at me, and talks me into playing a game with her. She told me to close my eyes, and she was going to spin me around and I couldn’t open them until she told me too. So she grabs my hand and spins me around, and then pauses, and starts to walk away. I took exactly 3 steps before I had enough and opened my eyes…..and She was gone, and I was completely alone, on the other side of the amusement park. I knew I was on the other side, because we had just left from that ride. All of a sudden my mom runs up and grabs me. Turns out “I had wondered off” and everybody had been looking for me for half an hour.

      My friends daughter had no recollection of the “game” we played either and had told everyone that she had told me to stay still as she turned to tie her shoe and when she looked up again I was gone. Everyone assumed I was lying about the “game” and not knowing what happened.

      The second story, started a little after this incident, where I kept dreaming of this super market with a funny name “the international food market.” In the dream, when my mom pauses to buy fish, I see a cookie brand i’d been looking everywhere for, and wonder off to grab them. When I turn around she’s gone. I dreamed the dream 4 or 5 times, each time it started the same way, but I got further a long in the dream. Looking for my mom in every aisle. Passing by the balloons. Until finally, there’s this man who walks up to me, and tells me he knows I’m looking for my mom, he was just talking to her and he’ll take me to her. He called her by name. The last time I dreamed the dream, I got to the end, where the man suddenly picks me up, and kidnaps me out of the store. Mind you, this is a few months after the amusement park fiasco , when my mom surprises me. It turns out the international food market does exist, and we were going. Every single part of my dream came true, except when I saw the cookies, I decided not to leave my mother’s side, and she immediately walked away, in the opposite direction I always choice in my dream. I always thought of that day, as the day I almost go abducted.

  2. I’m so glad I found this post. I thought I was crazy. The other day I was driving home after work, in a city I’ve lived my whole life in, and was stopped at a red light. As I sat at the light I looked around at the buildings, and once the light turned green I started driving. Next thing I know, I have a “wake up” moment. At first I just saw the buildings, then sound came back, and finally I realized I was on a different road. I couldn’t remember how I got there, but it was the opposite direction from where I was heading before. I was really confused at first, but relieved too because I knew where I was at, even if it didn’t make sense that I was there.

  3. Hello John It was a privilege to hear your experience-it is indeed a more mysterious universe we live in than we can understand. My experience at least the one I want to relate is a little different but still I think might be of interest to you. I was probably 4 almost 5 as I was born in November 1941 and it was early evening but already dark. My father was reading a newspaper and the room was dark except for his lamp. I was playing on the floor and the room was very quiet. Suddenly but quietly from the darkness near the front door a heavy tank started rolling toward me. Everything about it said that it was heavy, not toy like and if it made a sound it was a very low rumble. It came all the way toward me to then pass silently beneath where my father sat reading without any notice on his part. Then it disappeared underneath the couch. During this time I was agape, too stunned to even speak. I never looked for that tank and it was never found. This was during the later years of the War but in truth it was nothing that I had any consciousness of. I have never forgotten the experience and this is the first time I have spoken of it. I have no doubt about the reality of the experience but also know it was an illusion.

    • That’s a fascinating story. Thanks for sharing it, David. Interesting that you perceived this and not your father. That’s not at all uncommon with these kinds of reports. Some people are more sensitive and pick up on these phenomena than others. Would be correct to think that you might have had some other unexplained experiences in your life? These are rarely singular events, but more often part of a lifelong pattern.

      Thanks again for sharing your story. — John

      • Thanks for reply John-As to my fathers silence since I was mum I feel he was honoring my silence-somethings can only be knows at least at the time by agreeing not to notice indeed I once ran after after a man in purple bathing trunks having been given the conviction that he was Christ. When I caught up to him I didnot know what to do but could only tap on the shouldernd when he turned to face me I could only say pardon me I thought you were somebody I knew. He looked straight at me and said well I am here on your account. This was too much for me and without saying anything more I turned away feeling that I had been given much and should not ask for anything more. Later I thought of many questions I might have asked but the moment seemed to be too exquisite to tamper with. Does this make sense to you about wwhy we sometimes cannot seem to rigorously prove our experience because to do so seems dishonorable like doubting Thomas need to touch the wounds before he would believe. But then again …

      • Thanks for reply John-As to my fathers silence since I was mum I feel he was honoring my silence-somethings can only be knows at least at the time by agreeing not to notice indeed I once ran after after a man in purple bathing trunks having been given the conviction that he was Christ. When I caught up to him I did not know what to do but could only back tap him on the shoulder and when he turned to face me I could only say pardon me I thought you were somebody I knew. He looked straight at me and said well I am here on your account. This was too much for me and without saying anything more I turned away feeling that I had been given much and should not ask for anything more. Later I thought of many questions I might have asked but the moment seemed to be too exquisite to tamper with. Does this make sense to you about why we sometimes cannot seem to rigorously prove our experience because to do so seems dishonorable like doubting Thomas’ need to touch the wounds before he would believe. But then again …

    • I just wanted to report that i feel someone is adjusting time becausse i remember my 40th birthday but i am know 45 i dont remember the 5 yrs gone by real quick because i dont remember the age 41..42..43..44. those 4 years of anything and theres nothing wrong with me i think someone is shifting time very fast and there was other weird experiences that i had simular to the very first one i had read when the lady was walking home from school almost simular to hers to and one day there was noone around and my boyfriend said it was like a ghost town okay but a few days later i had saw something over the hospital building hovering for a good ol hour! my boyfriend saw it to after we stared at it for awhile it decided to take off.. so why and who would time shift me 4 years in the future? ok and my sister has the same feeling as well so are we all going nuts?? or coo coo? whats really going on? someone fucking with our heads i dont got any disorders either just to let you know Lolokay! is someone hiding a big secret?

  4. I’m not sure what to say without sounding crazy. Recently I’ve had two experiences that I can say for certain that time has vanished. Only because I looked at a clock. I was getting ready to get in the shower and was already running late for work. I looked at the clock thinking “I have to hurry.” The clock is digital and had 10:48. I got into the shower and bathed quickly. I got out, dried, went back to the bedroom and the clock read 1:23. I just had it happen again. Only, this time, I got in the shower at 12:02 and got out at 1:23. I don’t understand what is going on. I don’t feel different. I show no signs that I fell. No injuries. I don’t have medical conditions. I don’t understand. I would appreciate any comments that sound logical.

    • This missing time / time anomaly (maybe a better term) phenomenon seems to have a number of variations. I have received many similar reports to yours, where time appears to simple jump forward with no sense of discontinuity. Obviously, something must happen during that period of unaccounted-for time, unless we’re dealing with some kind bizarre quantum hiccup in the space-time continuum. I’m not a scientist, so this is difficult for me to grasp, but it could be what we’re dealing with: an anomalous event that affects time itself. The problem with that theory is that it should affect everyone. More often than not, however, only a single individual (sometimes two or three) report this while others don’t report anything unusual. If it was a physical event then it should be observable by everyone in the vicinity. But this is usually not the case. Were you alone when this happened? Anyone else you know in the house or general area that might have noticed this? A physical anomaly, like for example, a rain and wind storm that appears suddenly and without warning, should be observed and experienced by everyone in the vicinity. If this is not the case and only one person experiences the phenomenon, then it has to be something specific to that individual.

      Now for my standard question: Has this, or anything else unusual/unexplained, ever happened to you? Would you describe your self as at all psychically or spiritually sensitive? Is anyone in your family like this? I’m working on a questionnaire right now that I’ll soon post on the site. It might help to narrow down the possibilities about which this may or may not be.

      • Sorry I took so long to reply. I’m usually afraid to answer questions about the the spiritual realm. Many people frown upon such things and very quick to judge. I have been a spiritual person my entire life. I don’t ever remember not having things happen. I don’t usually speak of them to anyone outside of my family and even then I’m not always forthcoming with my experience.
        Missing time is new. It has happened several times now and the time span varied.
        For the most part, I’m afraid people will think I’m crazy. I use to wish it would stop but after so many years I began thinking how lonely and dull life would be. Almost like it’s just part of me and who I am. I just began looking for answers as to why I’m like this. It’s probably a little late in my life to really understand. But I can’t help but think there is more I should know and something I should do. The feeling is very compelling.
        I suppose I’m looking for help or guidance and I don’t know where to search. For that matter, there may not even be anyone who would be able to assist.
        To answer your question of is anyone in my family spiritual sensitive, the answer is “yes”.
        Everyone is sensitive to the realm. The females seem to be more tuned in the the males. The guys don’t experience as much or as often. When I say experience it may entail dreams, seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling just about anything.
        I know it’s a great gift from God, but now I feel like I need to do something with it. I’m still a little nervous about putting this out there for people to see.
        Thank you for your time.

        • Humanity are in the midst of an “Awakening”. The solar system is moving into a new region where it’s being bombarded by huge waves of electromagnetic resonance that is preparing us for 4th-5th density.

          There is another world that exists on top of ours, it occupies some of the same space even. The inhabitants of this “Other Word” are already awakened into 4D & going through the process of moving into 5D.

          Humanity (going through earths 3D experience) moves in cycles. Only around 20% of humanity will experience the 4D awakening during this cycle, then there will be a great cataclysm and the 3D survivers (Those souls who weren’t yet ready to awaken) will begin the ‘Golden Age’ anew.
          They will be like the new Adams & Eves, starting the human race all over again until the Great Awakening takes the next generation of 4Dimensioners.

          There are much higher dimensional souls incarnating in 3D dimensions to assist with the “Awakening” because they can’t move into the final dimension until ALL souls are with them. Some choose to incarnate (in which case they need to remember who they are) and others come in spirit form but are limited in how much they can interact/interfere because most people can’t see them.

          Anyway this is what the ancient writings that predate the bible (dead sea scrolls, Babylonian Tablets etc) are talking about when they describe the rapture and (I can’t remember his name) the man in Noahs and Enochs time who never died but “was taken up to walk with God and is no more”. These people will “ascend” into the 4-5D world that is on top/above ours.

          Those of us who are experiencing strange and unusual happenings like time anomalies (not abduction experiences though, that’s something else) are awakening. I hope this helps to reassure you and others that you are NOT crazy.

          • Thank you for sharing these words, Rhee. I’m a Canadian student residing in Manitoba, living all by myself, and I think a time anomaly happened to me this evening which left me more scared than anything. Peace

  5. I’m so glad I’m not the only one with this experience, back in the mid 80’s I was living on the Isle of Wight UK and was driving from the ferry to London for an audition as a drummer.
    Having driven maybe an hour at most on a road I was familiar with I remember travelling uphill and noticed the time on my watch around 11am then as I came over the hill I got very disturbed because I was in a different place which I recognised as much further on in south London which made me check the time again and it was now 1pm.
    Now I was freaking out, feeling confused, then what was weird or just coincidence I saw a man walking his dog and it was none other than ex prime minister Harold Wilson.
    Next I pulled over to make a phone call as I was late for the audition but not that interested in showing up anymore.
    I drove home and ran in the house asking my mom for a map quickly trying to tell her what happened and also to disprove the time loss looking for a credible explanation but couldn’t.
    This has disturbed me to this day and I have had other strange sightings this was the biggest, I must add that I never taken drugs and am of sound mind I just don’t know what or why that happened and may never will.

    • You’re far from being the only one. This is much more common than I ever would have imagined before writing this article. Since then, I’ve received over a thousand blog comments and emails from people with similar experiences. I’m still trying to understand what it all means.

  6. John, I have read this story and the Night Terror story. I picked up something that may interest you, that errie silence that you apparently experienced Is called the Oz factor or was for awhile in the UFO investigator circles. That term however has pretty much gone out of style of late. The entities that you seem to have had contact with, reminds me of my brothers experience with what he called Ghost Monkeys when he was just a child. To him they were very real and to this day 50 yrs later. The memory of those entities still haunt him and he insists that they were real( he says that the last time he saw them, a robot came through the cealing and vacuumed them all away then departed, up through the roof as it had come). The experiences with these dark entities does sound very much like some kind of abduction experience however that is not a given. I never told you but I am Christian and have very definite feelings about such things as Demons. Your entities may well be demonic in nature but why would they reveal themselves so many years later to you and also let others see them? When and if you read any of my books you may find we have a lot in common. I asked God to prevent such incidents in my life a few years ago and all strange contacts have stopped period, so I can tell you that things have a way of working out for the best. I will continue to study all the data I can find and maybe when or if you come to visit me we can exchange notes. Your friend Bob.

  7. Hi John it’s been over 3 years for my experience but it’s been on my mind lately due to my sleep paralysis acting up again. So my incident actually involves me and my ex girlfriend, so at least I had instant gratification I wasn’t crazy. We had just at dinner at a restaurant on the south side of my home city. It was only about 830pm and we got on the freeway to start the 5 hour drive to her city. Now I’ve made this drive at least 20 times in my life so getting lost wouldn’t happen. We both remember talking soon as we got on the freeway and then blanking out shortly after. We both then came to in a dazed and confusing state and looked at each other like we just woke up from a nap. I began to feel lost and tried to look at signs of where we were. The familiar street signs almost now made no sense to me. I quickly pulled over and decided to call my brother and ask for directions to the exit out of town. He informed me that it was ten min back from where I was and that I was an idiot for not knowing how to get there yet. This meant from the point we lost time was nearly 20 min back. What’s more scary is I was driving possibly the whole time. Me and the ex headed out the proper exit talking about what had just happened trying to make sense of it. As we talked and I looked at the signs driving they all looked extremely enlarged and disoriented. I had the feeling of never traveling on these roads before and that I was going in the wrong direction. We eventually stopped and got out of the car trying to piece together what happened with no luck. I’m so thankful to have it happen at least with a witness or I probably would have thought I was going insane. It’s worth noting that since after that incident she now has sleep paralysis as well. Mine started at age 20 I’m 35 now but hers just started 3 years ago which would have made her 20 at the time oddly. Anyways hope this helps people realize that your not alone in these things and maybe we can solve it one day together. Take care all

  8. John:

    I’ve had 2 “missing time’ experiences as an adult. One occurred while on a first date with a guy. We were in a furniture store when he went ahead of me and was sitting on a couch with the back of it facing me. As I started to approach the couch, it was though I momentarily dropped off to sleep because when I became conscious, I felt like I opened my eyes and I found myself at the couch already and my hands were resting on the shoulders of this guy. I didn’t know how my hands got there as my first impulse was to lift my hands off of him which I quickly did. This was a first date and I didn’t want him to think I liked him because at that point I didn’t know so that action wasn’t something I would have consciously done. The time lapse was only a few seconds or the amount of time it would take for me to walk about 10 feet over to the couch. He was grinning & later told me that he thought I had done that to communicate that I really liked him but I knew I never had any thought process of even wanting to do that on a first date. At that moment, I didn’t discuss what had happened because my mind was panicked as to what had just happened. Still not sure.

    The 2nd incident happened about 1 1/2 years later. I was attending a Women’s Conference at this house where my Pastor’s wife was hosting it. I had known our First Lady for over 10 years but she had invited two ladies that I was not familiar with. There were finger foods and punch available, which I did partake of. At one point in the schedule, the two ladies started laying hands on the other ladies who wanted to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. I overheard some of the ladies speaking in tongues and other ladies letting out a wail or scream. In the past I had not been able to experience this but tried it anyway. As expected, the most I did was started to cry. After leaving that room, I went into the room next to it where no one was in it. I began to raise my hands in praise and pray for the Holy Spirit to come. At the same time, I had a negative thought as I thought to myself that ‘nothing is going to happen. You still won’t come.” At that moment I felt like a force that came into me from the back accompanied by a loud scream that wasn’t coming out of my mouth. Then I went into a sleep i guess because the next thing I remember is waking up, still facing the wall of the room I had been in but I looked at the door and it had been pulled closed and I was still alone. So I knew some time had passed because I never saw anyone come into the room or close the door. I listened and heard the others gathering in the front room so I opened the door and ended up asking the First Lady what happened. She said she had come in the room and I was speaking in tongues but more like baby language and then I had a drop of blood drip on my nose and went to the bathroom to get tissue to stop a nose bleed. I didn’t want to talk about the experience with the other ladies as they discussed their experience. I sat quietly and went home shortly afterwards. It’s been about 10 years since this event and I haven’t had any further “time loss” incidents. Any insight you can provide would be appreciated.

    • Linda — Strange that I should receive your story this morning. I was just reflecting on the fact that as I pray I often feel a resistence as I do so and I’m often exhausted afterward, as if I’ve struggled against something. I sense some of that in the second part of your experience, if to a greater degree than mine. Until recently I have been very reluctant to attach any sort of religious meaning to any of the paranormal and missing time incidents that I have had and of those that people have reported to me. But in June of 2014 I had an encounter with the demonic (I’m in the process of writing about this and will post the story soon) and the experience has made me wonder if this has had something to do with my missing time experiences. In fact, this encounter has made me consider the possibility that all “paranormal” encounters and experiences might be of a spiritual nature. The whole incident was rather traumatic, but if anything good has come from this it has caused me to reconnect with my own Christian faith. I have been looking more to scripture and to the teaching of my church (I’m Catholic) in an attempt to discern the nature of these occurrences. Did either of your parents or anyone in your family have any similar experiences or be described as somewhat psychic or intuitive. There seems to be a strongly family connection in many of these cases. My own mother was prone to this sort of things and had some strange supernatural experiences. This has been a journey for me and I don’t have any clear answers at this point but as I learn more I’ll share whatever insights or thoughts that I have.

      • Thanks for your response. There is some history of “seemingly” supernatural events that have taken place during the years in the lives of me and my daughters. I had contributed those experiences to our belief as Christians since we had so many frequent events that were hard to explain any other way. There was no time loss, just a lot a things that fell into place to make a desire come to pass in a short frame of time. However, I am on a truth journey and am evolving a bit on the Christianity issue. I do believe in the “laws of the universe” and have been able to meditate on something (law of attraction) and oftentimes, it comes to pass. My children have done the same thing. We have had my kids volleyball team pray for it not to rain when invited to have a game at our house on a very cloudy, lightly rainy day and we thought the rain blew past because it never rained at our house. We found out as my husband went to the grocery store a few blocks away that it was pouring down all around our subdivision but it never rained at our house. I desired to get a promotion to a management job at a large corporation and there was a process and a certain list you had to be on to be considered. I never knew about the list but got the position and was asked by another contender, how did I get it because I was not even on the list. I was declared Surplus and was going to be laid off if I didn’t find another position at the company within 90 days. During that time, I received what was called a “fax blast” before the computer technology replaced this. The fax told about a loan program where I could work in a department that needed temporary help since there was no work for me to do in my current department. I accepted a position and was placed in a work group on two occasions working until the assignment ended. I did get eventually get placed in a permanent job. When another friend was Surplused, I told her about the loan program. I gave her the same phone number to call. Nobody I spoke with had ever seen the “Fax Blast” which typically goes to ALL departments and the person at the number told her they never had any Loan Program. I was blown away. I have many more stories like that and could go on and on. However, what I think is that I have perfected this “law of attractiion” and as I mediate on what I want, those things tend to happen. I also saw the video “The Secret” which dealt with this same type of behavior and I could definitely identify with this. I also remember desiring a Ford Explorer when they had first come out and one pulled beside me at a red light. I looked over at and imagined myself sitting in the driver’s seat, looking down on the road and how it must feel to be elevated (as I drove a car at the time). About 2 weeks later, my husband came home and told me that had a blue Explorer that they were trying to sell. We ended up buying it from them and I was actually able to sit in the driver’s seat. So to me that is one thing. The time loss incident, I haven’t been quite able to figure out. The only other thought was that there was some type of drug that may have been put in the food we were served that caused me to have some type of reaction where I went into a state of mind and did loose time. I don’t know. Keep me posted of any new information. Thanks.

  9. Instances of Missing Time

    A child walking home from school notices the odd silence around him, despite the traffic and everyday motion on a city street. The street he turns on to get home seems to get farther away the closer he gets to it. Suddenly he “awakens” to find himself across town with his mother’s car parked close to him, the door open and his mother beckoning to him to get in the car. His mother told him she suddenly heard a voice in her head tell her to “get the child, he needs you”. There was no explanation for how the boy got to the other side of town, but approximately an hour had elapsed since he noticed the eerie quietness in the city streets.

    Was this you?????????? If not… wow.

    Source: https://blog.onlineclock.net/missing-time-experiences/

    • I can’t imagine that someone had the same experience, particularly with their mother hearing, “Go get John, he needs you”. That’s definitely my story. It would have been nice if they linked back to my post. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  10. About 2 years ago I was taking a summer writing class that began at 9:25. On the last day of class we were going to hand in our papers and have a short final. The final was just going to be a short essay on a topic he would give that day and he told us we would only be there for like 15 minutes. I remember on this day I parked in the parking lot right across the street and when I got out of the car my clock said 9:23. my car was very close to the entrance of the building so it was only a 3-5 minute walk at most. my class was on the 2nd floor but I went to the coke machine located on the first floor of the building. now that coke machine was difficult in that it took several times of you putting a quarter in and it spitting it back out before it would actually take it. So I stood there and did that constant motion of putting the quarter in and then bending to get it out of the coin return and put it back in again before I finally got a coke. I don’t know how long I was standing there but it couldn’t have been more than 5 minutes. when I went up the stairs to my classroom it was completely empty. I was extremely confused because I knew I wasn’t that late and also there were 20 other people in my class and if they had left that classroom they would have had to walk down the stairs and walked right past me at the coke machine. But I never heard or saw anyone leaving. The only person I even saw in the lobby was one girl reading at a bench a little ways behind where I was at the coke machine. I was confused but more concerned that I had somehow just missed my final so I went up to the third floor to my professors office to give him my paper and talk to him about the final. the total time I took to get from the coke machine to the classroom and then to the professors office was probably 15 minutes. it was not a big building. when I got up to the office he had another student in there and they talked for about 5 minutes before I went in. I told him I was sorry that I was just getting a coke and must have been a few minutes late and missed the final. he looked at me with the craziest expression but then just took my paper and said I had a good grade and not to worry about the final. well I was relieved and went to leave I had to go to work at 11 and to me it had only been like 30 minutes, so I remember walking out of the building and thinking I had plenty of time to practice my drums before going to work but when I got in the car the clock said 11:15. needless to say I really freaked out. I mean I didn’t feel anything weird like you did. it all seemed like the normal flow of time and it wasn’t like I was just sitting someplace doing nothing or daydreaming where I could have lost track of time. I was moving the whole time. and even if I was really standing at the coke machine that long why didn’t I see anybody leave. there were no other exit options. a significant group of people had to have passed me. and there was the girl behind me that never moved. did she experience the same loss of time?
    anyways it really bothered me because i started to wonder if this was the first time it had happened. i don’t usually keep up with the clock and it all seemed to flow so ordinarily it really could have happened and me never know it. I also worried where I was during the time loss. if I didn’t see the rest of my class leave then did they see me as they left? I am on the road a lot for my job and I was really worried that this might happen while I was driving so I called my mom and told her about it. I have a standing neurologist that I go to because of my migraines and my mom made an appointment with her for the next day. she had me go do an EEG that day and the results came back negative. no abnormal patterns but she still said I probably had a absence seizure or petit mal seizure but I’ve looked these up and these types of seizures only last 10 to 30 seconds and usually occur during a time of inactivity.
    it hasn’t happened since then, at least that I know about, but it still really bothers me because no one can give me a good reason for why I would lose such a strange amount of time. I don’t believe that I was abducted because it doesn’t really fit the pattern but there may be some science we don’t understand yet that explains it. I have done a lot of research on black holes and know that they are not necessarily confined to space. there can be small black holes around you all the time. though we don’t understand worm holes as much as we do black holes there could potentially be wormholes around us. I don’t know I don’t have any evidence to back anything up. I just know I lost 30 -45 minutes and I have no idea why.

  11. My experience takes place back a few years ago and I wasn’t alone. I was 27 at the time. I was staying with a friend at his apartment that he shared with his elderly aunt and I needed to go back home to get a few things. He agreed to take me and we left. stopped I only lived 10 minutes away so the whole trip should have taken 20 minutes to get to my house and back again. We stopped by sonic to get some food, which we planned to eat after we returned to his apartment. It was 5:00 in the evening but still daylight outside sense it was summer. They brought out our food rather quickly and we left heading straight to my house. We got to my house and I quickly ran in to get what I needed. When I got back in the car, I tossed my things into the backseat and started to dig through my purse for my cell phone. We pulled out of the driveway and started heading back. We had only go a yards from my house, when I told my friend I couldn’t find my phone. He pulled off to the side of the road and planned to turn around, but a car was coming so he had to wait. Before the car passed I found my phone in the bottom of my purse and told him never mind. The car passed and he pulled back onto the road following along behind the car. We went up a hill and then the next thing we know both of us are “waking up” a few feet before the stop sign at the end of the road I lived on. It’s completely dark outside and neither one of us knows how we got where we were because the last thing we both remember was going up the hill behind a car. The car was now nowhere to be seen. When I glanced at the clock on the dashboard it said 6:55. it was almost seven and we had been gone for well over an hour. When I told him what time it was, he argued with me saying the clock must be wrong. When we got back to the apartment, his aunt asked us why we had been gone so long. We couldn’t explain it as we had no idea. It only takes 5 minutes to get from my house to the end of the road, so I know there’s no way we could have been traveling down it for over an hour. Neither one of us has ever remember where we were or what we were doing during that time, but we both clearly remember every detail clearly up to the point of going up that hill. I haven’t had any experiences like it since then and neither has he, but he refuses to talk about it to anyone but me. He doesn’t want people to think he’s crazy, but I just want to know what happened.

  12. I am hoping for some insight-anything-to help me make sense of what occurred a few hours ago. Ever since the morning of February 14, I have been taking care of my friend’s dog and cat at her home while she is on vacation.

    The routine I have followed since morning of 2/14 is 6:00 a.m I feed the pets and give the dog his pill. I do the same thing at 6:00 p.m. I feel compelled to state that I am not on any drugs and have not consumed any alcohol while I’ve been here. I am diabetic and have been extra diligent about checking my blood sugars because of being alone. So, Monday I fed the pets at 6 and read then watched the Grammy awards and about an hour after they ended, approximately 12:30, I went to bed.

    The next morning, Tuesday, I fed pets and got on with my day. Don’t know how many details are insignificant, but know that I am a night owl, having been unemployed for over a month, staying awake until 2-5 a.m and waking up around 10/11 a.m. So this routine of rising at 6 a.m and going to bed late anyone would surmise that I could be sleep deprived but I do t feel tired or anything. My blood sugars have been stable and I feel physically fine.
    So, Tuesday morning and afternoon I was inside all day just like I was Sunday and Monday. Totally aware of what I did during the day then came 6:10 pm and I went and fed pets. I need to add also that I have spent majority of time in living room with DVD player clock right in front of me, always aware of time! Around 8 Tuesday night I made pasta then ate and watched tv. I got tired a few hours later. I remember taking the dog out to pee, brushing my teeth, checking my blood sugar, etc. turned off tv then fell asleep. Here’s where it gets upsetting:
    It’s 11:00 PM, Tuesday now. I woke up a few hours ago seeing on DVD player it was 6:20. I thought “thank goodness I didn’t sleep longer because of needing to follow the animals” routine feeding of 6:00 am/6:00pm. I thought it was 6:20 am. I felt my usual early morning fatigue, only I came to discover it isn’t morning! As I’m typing it’s 11:06 Tuesday night!!!night time!! It’s hard to explain, but the point is, in my mind, I fed pets at 6pm, ate dinner, watched tv then went to bed. Woke up to see it was 6:20, soooooo why wasn’t it 6:20 am?!?!?!?!?! I fed pets as is the routine, then turned on the tv. I noticed the Westminster dog show was on and I thought it was strange because “yesterday” (which really is today), I was talking with my mom who told me the dog show will be on. So when I put tv on a few hours ago and saw the dog show was on, it crossed my mind ‘oh that’s strange why it’s on this early’ but didn’t think too much of it. I waited til around 9:40 to call my parents because I didn’t want to call too early in the morning as they’re retired and sleep late. Anyway, it didn’t take long for me to discover it is really Tuesday night and not Wednesday morning! My mom tried her best to assure me that everything’s fine that I am just sleep deprived. But I am still very upset and beyond baffled. I clearly know I fed the pets, ate pasta at 8:00 or so at night then went to bed that night and woke up to see 6:20 so in my mind it was the next day. Essentially, without doubt, I am experiencing the opposite of time loss in a way. I am feeling very confused and disturbed at this.

    • Hi Lisa — There are a number of different variations among these time anomaly phenomena. More often than not it is missing time – i.e., the person can’t account for a period of time (usually a few hours) and has no memory of what happened during the interim. Less often, but occasionally, I’ll receive reports like yours in which there seems to be a time gain or “turning back of the clock”. So you are not alone in this, if that’s any comfort. It does happen — I’m just not sure what it means. These “time gain” or “time slip” stories don’t fit neatly into what many people believe about the missing time phenomena. I think the better term for it would be “time anomaly phenomena” because of these variations. Some of these might be due to psychological issues or simple mistaken perception on the part of the experiencer. Personally, I don’t think this is often the answer, although it probably is the reason at least some of the time. It could be something to do with the nature of time itself that we don’t understand; maybe some sort of physical phenomenon in which the flow of time is interrupted. The trouble I have with that explanation is that it seems to happen repeatedly to certain individuals, which would rule out the idea that it would be a random event, like getting caught in a freak storm. Things like that don’t happen repeatedly.

      Have you had other similar experiences? Or other unexplained events in your life at all — even if they are unrelated to missing time or time gain or slips? I’m in the process of revamping this website and one of the things I’m working on right now is an online questionnaire. I hope to have that on the site within the next week. I have a few thoughts about what this might be, but no clear answers. If you would, let me know if this or anything similar happens to you, or anything unusual at all. Also, if you are involved in any sort of occult or New Age practices, stop. That’s the only advice I can give at the moment, but I’ll share any insights that I gain as I continue researching these cases.

      Thanks, and good luck. — John

  13. John,

    I would like to relate to you the experience my son and I shared that deals with missing time. The incident happened on a bright sunny Saturday in April of 2012. My son and I had a routine of working out at the gym on Saturday. On the day in question my son and I got ready to leave for the gym. Before leaving I passed my wife who was in the kitchen fixing herself some lunch. As I said good by to her I glanced at the range and saw that it was 11:30 AM.
    For what it is worth our trip to the gym usually takes about 17 to 22 minutes from our house to the parking lot of the gym.
    My son and I get in the car and head off just like we have done many times. We leave our house and take a right on 212th street for a quarter mile. At the intersection of Lincoln road we turn right and head for highway 6 and 31 which is approximately 1 mile down the road. Under normal circumstances there is no traffic and we get from our house to the intersection of 6 and 31 in less than 5 minutes.
    Well, like I said under normal circumstances this portion of our trip normally takes less than 5 minutes, however, this was no normal day! When my son and I hit the intersection of 6 and 31, I glanced down at the clock in the car and it registered the time as 12:10. I quickly mentioned to my son Kev that the clock in the car read 12:10 and he said what? I asked him to check the time on his phone and when he did he looked at me wide eyed and said dad my phone says it’s 12:10. I said WHAT? He reiterated the time is 12:10. So, I grabbed my phone and it to said 12:10.
    We looked at each other in disbelief for a minute and then started laughing as there is no way a 5 minute trip takes 40 minutes. I said to Kev hey when we get home lets ask mom what time we left just to make sure we are not going nuts.
    The rest of our trip was uneventful and our workout was great. So we get home and the first thing I did when we got home was to ask my wife what time Kev and I left to go work out? Tess looked at me and said you guys walked out the door at 11:30 AM. I asked her if she was sure and she said yes she was certain. I asked her how she could be so certain? Tess said because I was watching the timer on the stove. She said she was cooking herself Top Ramon and was staring at the clock when we closed the door to the garage.

    This incident rather shook me to the core as this was not my first experience with missing time. However, this was the first incident in which I had concrete evidence and a co-witness to the event. The event really bothered me to the point that actually visited with a Astrophysicist at UNO. The gentleman leads a MUFON group in our area. I learned a lot from my visit. I learned that time warps can and do occur. I found out that time warps can cluster around geographic areas. After several questions he asked me about another missing time event. He asked me to describe the roads I drove on when I had a previous missing time event and it turns out that my other missing time event occurred at some point while driving down either Lincoln road or Highway 6 and 31. One of the funniest questions the Astrophysicist asked me was “Is there farmland on Lincoln Road?” I said yes, the whole north side of the road is farmland. He told me “we see a lot of time warps associated with farmland!”

    At this time I have not had any further time lapse events occur in my life.

    There is more to the story – please let me know if your interested in hearing about the rest of my experience.


    • Hi Gordon — Absolutely, I am ALWAYS interested in hearing as much as I can about these incidents. Interesting what the astrophysicist had to say about missing time events often occurring near farmland. I did not know that. NOT surprising that this has happened to you before. That’s something that I hear over and over again. These are almost never isolated incidents. I wonder why farmland? Open fields? Less trafficked? It would make sense that there might be more missing time events near farmland than in busy urban areas if stealth is a factor – which would of course imply that there is an intelligence behind this.

      I’m curious to know if your previous missing time episodes have happened in the same area or areas that are geographically similar. On some levels I would agree with the astrophysicist that the cause could have something to do with the nature of time itself, and that it might be associated with specific types of geographic areas. It oftens seems as if the gears of time seem to just slip, like a loose bicycle chain. However, that would not explain why these incidents seem to occur with certain individuals throughout their lives. That would be liking getting struck by lightning repeatedly – very unlikely for to happen once, astronomical odds of it happening more than once. Unless, perhaps, it is happening in a specific area. Most reports that I receive don’t indicate this, rather it seems to follow the individual wherever they go. That, to me, indicates that it has something to do with the person who is experiencing it. The skeptics will use that to say, “See, that proves that it’s a mental disorder associated with the individual who claims to have these missing time experiences.” But, this would not account for missing time events like yours, in which there is more than one person involved. Mental disorders are not contagious. My mother was somehow “contacted” and involved in my experience. Many reports that I receive involve multiple people and have outside corroboration, like yours does. I had another missing time experience that I haven’t written about that involved two other people. One brought it up to me a few years ago, saying that they have no recall of the second half of our trip but felt something strange had happened. I never mentioned to them before they brought it up on their own. This happened in another state, so it was not tied to the same geographical area as the incident that I write of in the article above. Again, the sort of information that raises more questions than it answers.

      Feel free to share any additional that you would like here in the comment sections, or email it to me at john@theparanomalist.com. If you want to wait a few days I’m going to have a forum on the site and I plan to create a section about this topic. You can enter your story there and leave it open for others to read and discuss.

      Thanks for sharing your story. — John

      • Actually, once you are struck by lightning you are significantly more likely to be struck by it again. This is a studied phenomenon. You become what they call “an electric person” — I wonder if missing time is somehow similar?

        • It’s an interesting thought. It may either be predestined, or a random incident that “opens” that person to further experiences of that nature. Thanks for contributing that idea, Kate.

      • Interestingly in Ireland where I live, there’s folk lore that certain fields are bewitched by fairies and you can get lost in them and not find your way out. Strangely enough though I know of several farmers that have experienced this, one was missing for 2 days before being found in the same field he had gone missing in, despite it being searched constantly. This very much fits into what the astrophysicist said.

        • I’ve heard of that before, and also of people disappearing in “faerie circles”, according to Irish folklore. I find it very interesting that these stories of disappearances and missing time echo the folklore of many countries.

  14. Hi John,

    I kind of find your post and some of the comments comforting my mind right now as i have experienced today a time loss and i was feeling very confused. I still am.
    It is similar to M.A. comment. I’ll explain the details:
    I have 3 alarms as many people these days i belive. The last alarm is at 7:21. I wake up every day at that time. I have to leave at 7:50 to reach the bus to get to work on time as if not i arrive late. Normally i have time, or to take a shower, or to have a coffee and make a sandwhich in which case i do the shower at night. Cannot do both. Today was coffee and sandwich day. So i woke up at 7:21 AM, i took the phone and saw the time, went to toilet, had a pee (sorry, just traying to make the facts as clear as possible), washed hands and face, and went to make the coffee. This process takes me normally between 5 and 10 minutes maximum, so at 7:30 i am normally at the coffee machine. Well, when i went out from the toilet it was 8 o’clock. I thought my phone was wrong so i had to check on the others clocks of the house. It was 8 and counting so i had to run. I am still confused because i did not fall asleep at any point, i did not feel anything weird, just the time was gone. This has never happened to me. My wife and daughter were sleeping as usual so i don’t know if they have experienced too. What happened there? Did i have a mini stroke and got in pause for 30 mins and then continued as nothing happened? Did the space-time warped in my toilet? After, of course i felt weird with the people of the bus and the subway, it was different time, but felt people somehow agressive. Not sure if related. Anyway, thank you so much for this post.

  15. I know a couple of people, mother and adult daughter, who had an entire afternoon vanish. They were driving around about to go to garage sales as they always doon weeekends and then they wake up in a parking lot across town almost 5 hours later. I am glad to find this post. I shared the experience of these people on reddit and the response was negative saying they were drugged which is just bull because who would do it and why would they do that? Nothing was missing either, if you drug someone you rob them. One person said ruffies. Yeah, I am sure you can drive around safely while on ruffies. I like this story and the replies, a nice group of people who actually understand what these people went through.

  16. After reading a few of the comments, i feel compelled to share my experience that just happened this morning. I have a fairly long commute to work and back five days a week ( 45 min – 1 hr – depending on traffic ) I have completed this same commute for 6 yrs now, I can just put my gears into auto pilot per say. I left at my normal time and on a 7 mile stretch of a dark two lane highway, there was something going on (appeared to maybe be an accident) but this highway was closed by police from one end to another, i was detoured from that highway to the freeway. Well no problem there, i knew my way around, got on the freeway and was on the normal route and lane i always take. there were some accidents on this freeway that slowed my timing but i was still driving my normal lane on the usual freeway, this is where it gets weird- I have Bluetooth in my car and i use it every morning to talk to my mom and my best friend to make the drive easier on me. I tried calling my best friend 7 times and 7 times my phone said: Bluetooth can not connect! ( this was a first for me ) normally if the call cant be made – it will say call disconnected or cant complete as dialed and recheck the number or something in that nature. so i stopped trying to place the call and kept driving my normal route, then i immediately saw the brightest light on earths ground but it appeared to be miles away- lets say maybe about three to four cities away ( extremely close to the city i work in and was headed for ), immediately after i witnessed the bright light , it started pouring down rain but lets not forget that i was still on track and on the same freeway and lane i had driven for the last 6 yrs. I continued to drive for it felt like maybe another five min but i ended up on a freeway that i know well but had no business being on or even how i got on it when i never left the the lane on the freeway i was on. I hope i explained this in away most people would understand but there was no possible way for me to be on that freeway without interconnecting two different freeways to get there and not to mention the amount of time it would have taken to do it and i never left the lane i was in and that would have taken me straight to work but i was on a different freeway about 20 miles out in the opposite direction. I was 20 minutes late for work today but in reality , if i were to calculate time missing, i dont even know where i would start because the traffic on the freeway was extremely bad this morning and to end up 20 miles out and only clock in 20 minutes late doesn’t compute for me. I still need to have time to think about this but i wanted it logged somewhere too.

    • Hi Brenda,
      So to summarize, you mysteriously ended up far from your normal route and don’t know how you got there and you were only 20 minutes late from work although you should have been much later than that. Is that correct? So it’s almost as if you skipped over a period of time. I’ve received other reports similar to yours, where people have claimed to have covered a large distance in an impossibly short period of time. I’m not sure what it all means, but there seems to be some variation within these time anomalies, and this sort of experience is one of those variations. The questions I always ask are: has anything similar happened to you before this incident? Have you previously had any other strange or unexplained experiences of any kind?

      Thanks for sharing your experience. If you recall anything else please let me know, if you would.

      — John

  17. Hi John. Wow, your reply to me, regarding consciousness, blew me away. I knew from reading your first occurrence on missing time that you “knew” something. I am in total agreement regarding tribulation times. In the 90’s when I had my first awakening, which was the most difficult. I then realized that science and religion were one in the same. Each will prove the other out in the end. And, to touch on your thoughts on things “manifesting” themselves right now….thought creates the solid into being. For the last 5 years, I have a complete aversion to news, television shows, anything superficial because I am aware that we are like cows being led to the slaughter. Just walk quietly, nothing to worry about. I can’t even really talk about it too much because a lot of people cannot handle the truth as it is very disturbing. It seems that only the religious and spiritual communities are constantly aware and preparing and staying close, or as close as possible, to the truth. That’s why I now believe that the words given to me 43 years ago make sense now. Back then I had no understanding that words are very powerful, and thoughts are very powerful. I read in one of your readers posts how she would think of something she really wanted, and it would happen. That happens to me and my sister all the time. I have never thought about money, but anytime I have really wanted something and unawarely thought about it over and over, it just materialized for me. I am very interested in what you are putting together and will be looking forward to reading. Is it this site or another one?

  18. Hi Susan. It will be on this site. I’m also creating a forum so people can exchange ideas and participate in discussion. My article relates to an encounter with humanoid entities while in the woods of Oregon. It relates to an earlier series of encounters that I had with these same beings in my childhood. The article about these entites was written in July, 2010 — almost four years before seeing these same creature in the presence of two other adults. Here’s a link to the article about my childhood visitations: https://www.theparanomalist.com/categories/unexplained/aliens-gnomes-night-terrors/

  19. Several years ago I had a small incident and has always stood out in my mind as strange and explainable. After reading the comments, I feel I must share my incident. This happened a few years ago before my grandfather had passed. I was at his house with my mom, aunt, and uncle while watching them prepare dinner. My grandfather had placed some meat on the grill to cook and my aunt went inside to make a salad. I wanted to take a walk and asked my mom how long it would be until dinner. She told me about 30 minutes, and I got permission from her to walk to the park. The park that I visit at my grandfather’s is literally two minutes away. To get there, you have to walk through his yard, the neighbors yard, and the park is right there. The park has a playground, and behind the playground is a short walking trail to a lake. Once I got to the park (which was only two minutes) I decided to walk to the lake and just sit. At the time, I did not have a watch on me but I know I only sat for 5 minutes. I felt so peaceful sitting at the lake, and looking at the reflection of the sun. I knew I would have to walk back soon to help set the table, but I felt so at peace I did not want to leave. I finally got up, and walked back to my grandfather’s house. When I got back to the yard, this was the biggest shocker. Not only was the table set, the meat was cooked, the salad made, but everyone was sitting down to eat! In order for this all to have happened, at least 30 -40 minutes would have passed! My mom gave me the strangest look and asked where I was. I explained I walked down to the park, sat down for 5 minutes, and walked back! My mom was visibly annoyed at me, but just pointed for me to sit down. I still cannot account for what happened that afternoon. I took a quick walk to the park and sat for 5 minutes, and somehow I lost 30 minutes of time. I did not feel anything weird that day, but I felt strangely at peace.

    • It may be that some of these periods of missing time are positive experiences. It certainly sounds as if yours was. Many people report that they feel troubled and uneasy before and after these experiences, but occasionally people will say they felt at peace, just as you did. It’s encouraging to hear that once in a while because lately my attitude toward this phenomena has been fairly negative.

  20. Im not sure what to make of this, its the middle of the night and I am F%$#KING TERRIFIED!!!!! my husband told me to look online, see what I could find, looks like this site actually gets responses from comments. I went to sleep, my husband and two children upstairs playing video games. I remember looking at the clock, it was 12:25 when I turned over to close my eyes. I had a really scary dream, I was talking to my husband, laying in the bed, the room was laid out the same but was bright pink and our bed was different, different bedding, etc. I saw in my peripheral vision the outline of a woman in a slender white wedding type dress, but couldn’t make out any specific features. when I tried to look at her, she moved closer but to the side, kind of like when you see spots from looking near the sun, you see them but they always move when you try to look at them. by the time she was right, I mean RIGHT next to me, all I could see was her SKINNY arm in the lace sleeve, I could even make out the lines in the lace through my peripheral vision. im hiding under the covers screaming for my husband. I felt like I woke myself up from screaming, and upon waking the room was pitch black. not any kind of reflection from the computer, nothing. I had about two seconds of relief, when all of a sudden this indescribable pain stabbing me in the shin. it felt like a giant barbeque skewer stabbing straight through my shinbone and out the back of my leg!!! I scream for my husband, over and over but nothing comes out. my body is completely paralyzed, and whatever this “thing” is that’s stabbing me turns it, and it basically turns my whole body as if im completely stiff and by turning this skewer thing in my shin it turned my whole body. I scream and scream and finally wake up. for real this time. I scream for my husband, who leaps down the stairs to me, and I cant move. I cant move anything. not even my fingers. he tickles my feet, nothing. I still have horrific pain in my leg. ive never been so awake in my life, but couldn’t fking move!!! so he turns the light on, turns me on my back and tries calming me down. im telling him of what happened, and then I look at the clock. 11:53. what the hell…? I think ok, maybe I saw it wrong before I went to sleep. im so freaked out, maybe I just don’t remember it right. idk. so im telling him what happened, he runs up to check on the kids, both are passed out asleep. they were just laughing and playing while I was talking…but they are out cold. he comes back downstairs, 1:22 am. as im sitting right here talking to him, it went from almost midnight to 130 in the morning. how can time go back, and then fast forward? and what the hell was that dream? and waking up with sleep paralysis? please email me a response, anyone, if you have any clue what the hell just happened to me……..ebarlup@gmail.com……..ive done plenty of research, hubby and I have always been interested in the paranormal, aliens, demonic possession, stuff like that, ive had some crazy stuff happen to me, but this is un effing real. thanks for listening…

  21. This is small but here I go anyway. I was sitting down in my couch watching the T.V. show arrow when all of a sudden I had the “wake up” moment that all of you describe and the show was already over. I had only been like 10 minutes into the episode and suddenly it was over. Later i told my brother I was going to see it again and he told me I already had, since he was sitting next to me watching it. I ended up rewatching it. In this context I wouldn’t have moved so there would be no reason for me to end up somewhere else.

  22. I’m a rational and skeptical person, but this past Monday, April 11, 2016, something really odd happened. I sort of “woke up” in my home office, with about 7 hours of missing time. It’s difficult to explain exactly what happened, but I’ll try.
    My husband and I ran some errands together for 3 hours on Monday evening and brought home fast food. We got home around 8 pm, sat down to eat, and turned on the tv. My husband remembers that we arrived home at 8pm, and I remember commenting that the sunset looked especially pretty as we were pulling onto our street. To verify the time we got home, I checked online, and the sun set at 8:04 pm on Monday.
    We ate together and watched tv for 2 hours before I went into my office to read online. According to my internet browsing history, I opened my browser at 10:06pm.

    And then I “woke up” in front of my computer at 5:00 am, only I hadn’t been sleeping. I knew I had been reading for a couple of hours, but when I saw the time, I was shocked. I had expected it to be 2:00am, or maybe 3:00am, but 5:00???
    I also had no memory of what I had been reading, only a vague a memory of clicking “NEXT”, “NEXT”, “NEXT”…
    While I was surprised, unsettled, and frankly annoyed at myself for staying up so late, I dismissed it. I figured that I must have just lost track of time.
    However, when I woke up the next day, my husband made a passing comment that he had also lost about 2 hours of time the night before. He said that after I left the room, he had watched another 15 minutes of tv, then glanced up at the time, only to discover that it was midnight. If it had just been him, I would have thought he had fallen asleep, but I have never once in my life fallen asleep at my desk. Neither of us drinks or uses drugs, so that possibility is out as well.
    But that’s not the weirdest part.
    I checked my internet browser, and I was definitely sitting at my computer from 12:00am to 5:00am because I was in fact turning pages… The startling thing was that from 10:06pm – 11:27pm, I didn’t turn the page even once. I was sitting in front of my computer staring at the same page for 1 hour and 21 minutes, and once I started turning pages again at 11:27, I was turning the page once every 3-5 seconds.
    I read quickly but not that quickly.
    Normally, I have a pretty good memory, but I couldn’t for the life of me remember what I had been reading during those 5 foggy hours. I went back to some of the stories to check, and some of the names seemed vaguely familiar, but I couldn’t remember reading the stories.
    I don’t know what happened. There are no obvious gaps in my memory, just this unsettling vagueness, and the knowledge that for 1.5 hours, I wasn’t doing what I thought I had been doing…

    • It’s always interesting to me when these incidents involve more than one person. It becomes much more difficult to dismiss it with some sort of mundane explanation. Did your husband go to bed after his 2 hours of lost time? Did he check in on you at all? It sounds as if you were in some sort of fugue state, but again, the fact that your husband lost time adds to the strangeness of the situation. Have either (or both) of you ever had anything like this occur before, or have experienced any other odd or unexplained events?

  23. Hi I really enjoyed reading all of these comments. Now AS a quick background story I am 19 (quite young I know) but I have been lucky enough to go through an early spiritual awakening at a young age. I I’m a reiki master and had started my journey at around 13 of energy work and being a light worker. Though in doing so I have had multiple of odd experiences with time and this one well it isn’t extreme BUT (it just happened a few hours ago and has happened a couple times in the past.) I have four Guinea pigs and I woke up to one of them going crazy at his water bottle. I picked up my phone to look at the time and it said “3:22 am” I know this for a fact. I had pulled down my texts and had received one thanking me for help from someone and it read the same time “3:22” . Anyway I got up (this one Guinea pig in particular is very spoiled and likes to be held and will yell until I pick him up) so I got up, picked him up, and lied back down. He loves to lie on my stomach under the covers and I can’t go to sleep when I’m holding him afraid I’ll roll over on him or something of the sort. So I just lied there for a few moment (I did NOT fall asleep) anyway I started hearing birds and I thought to myself “that’s odd it’s dark… and way too early for birds to be chirpring this loud” then they stopped all at once and I noticed a blue glow from my window. I was curious but processed not to think about it. The next thing I know (within maybe three minutes ) the birds started chirping and the sky got quite light. I was thinking “what?” I picked up my phone and the time read “6:12 am.” There is NO way that I had been lying there awake for three hours nor had I fallen asleep. My Guinea pig was still on my stomach and I am not able to hold him that long especially after him drinking lots of water without him going potty. The odd thing is this hasn’t happened once but many times to me. And again it’s odd due to A. I don’t lose time, black out, or end up somewhere else. B. I recall everything. I know I have been awake now for maybe an hour i still have my guinea pig out at this moment and hes asleep and hasnt moved around yet (which is impossible if its been four hours) Yet the clock shows 4 hours now. All that physically happened was I got a headache maybe 5-10 minutes after picking up my Guinea pig. But I was awake and aware the whole time. Now I’m just lying here wondering what in the world happened. Due to I know I did not fall asleep, I have my Guinea pig still as another physical being on me and there is no way he would stay asleep for four hours on my stomach and no use the potty either, and I had checked my messages and phone. Now this isn’t the first time this has happened but it’s the first time that this has happened in this type of manner where it’s just too odd to write off. I’m not sure if anyone else has had this same experience but I would like to share it in case anyone else has. 🙂

  24. All these stories of people with the same exspirences really help me and realize I am not alone in these weird exspirences. My name is Emily in currently 19 years old. As a very young child I had a lot of exspirences, waking up in weird positions and sometimes my clothes pulled up or even half off my body, strange scars on the roof of my mouth. One exspirence is with missing time that I always questioned and which is why I came to your blog, I was about 5 years old it was late at night everyone was asleep I got up and stood in my doorway facing out twords the kitchen I remember looking at the clock and it read 11:55pm and I blinked once opened my eyes and was still facing the clock but the clock read about 4am. I always asked my friends and family if they had exspirences like this they all said no, until I gotten older and saw that this was a “symptom” of an abduction. I had some exspirences about a year or two ago where I was in sleep paralysis, couldn’t move or talk or openly eyes, felt like I was being lifted up and placed on a cold metal operating table I was in a panic and kept thinking please don’t hurt me or take me back. Its been about 2 years sense I had an exspirence like that but I’m having anxiety about it lately so I’m scared its going to flare up again.

  25. I have had a strange experience with time and was googling about it when I found this interesting blog with similar experiences and am glad its here at least maybe I can share and probably get an explanation. Well, it was at night April, 28th, 2016, if i can just state the date, i was working on a paper late into the night when i thought i should take a little break and check on my social media account, there was a picture i wanted to post. So i logged in and uploaded it at exactly 1:12a.m, i remember because i had checked the time. However, I realized there was a little problem with the picture, it did not fit well (cropping stuff) therefore I wanted to delete and post again. So at 1:14 a.m, i tried to delete the picture but it would not, my internet had just disconnected as my megabytes data bundles were over, I therefore had to buy another bundle package before i could be re-connected to the internet again. By the time I had made the data bundle purchase and was reconnected, it was 1:17a.m, i know because i was checking the time from the clock on the right corner of the mobile phone. So i went back to delete the photo, it was 1:17a.m when i was trying to make this deletion, but a strange thing happened, one minute it was 1:17a.m. and the next minute it immediately went back to 1:14a.m, i saw this switch and was so surprised. It was so strange, i just cannot believe I saw that. It is almost as if it time went back by 3 minutes in just a second. I honestly don’t understand, maybe i just saw my own stuff but i know I was fully awake not drowsy at all and in my right senses. Cannot even explain, it was just Crazy, maybe it was my mind playing me. But I know i will not forget this at all. Thanks.

    • These time phenomena are very odd and don’t fit neatly into any one particular pattern. I’ve had people lose hours and occasionally an entire day, and once a person reported losing several days. But other reports that I’ve gotten are much like yours; they are these little skips and jumps forwards and backwards. Some definitely seem to indicate some sort of intelligent manipulation and other appear to me more organic, like a kind of hiccup in space-time or a temporal disruption. I’ve received so many of these stories from people and I’m still unsure of what to make of it all.

      I’m rebooting this website soon and I’ll have an online questionnaire that you might want to take a look at. Maybe it will be helpful.

      Good luck and be well.

  26. I also had a day skip experience in my childhood. One morning when i awake,for everyone the day was right. But for me it was one day missing.
    I also can’t forget date as i was going to school and it’s merely impossible that i don’t remember the date.I was very confused, but looking at others i accept that may be i forget the dates. But i was not. Now when i come to know about time travel things, i remembered that day. However i don’t remember much of the details.I really want to know what happened at that time.

    • Ashok — Losing an entire day must be a very troubling experience. Has anything like that or anything unexplained or at all strange happened to you before? Often times these events are part of a lifelong pattern. Do any of your friends or family remember seeing you on that date? Good luck and feel free to keep in touch and tell me any other details that you remember. — John

  27. One morning a few years ago, my alarm clock woke me up at 7:30am for another work day. I showered, blow-dried and dressed then went into the living room to put on my make up while watching tv before heading out the door. I turned on the tv and the show I normally watched wasn’t on, a different show was on. Strange, I thought so I checked the time on the television and it said it was still 7:30am. I went and checked the time on my alarm clock and discovered it was running an hour behind. That can happen, right? I mean, I hadn’t touched it or unplugged it or moved it since the previous day but somehow it was exactly an hour behind. At first I thought that maybe I’d accidentally hit the “hour” button instead of the “snooze” like I’d done a time or two before but then I realized I’d have had to hit the “hour” button -accidentally- 23 times in order to set my clock back an hour. Unlikely. So this was a little weird but soon forgotten until that night. My friend and I went out on our regular walk around 9:30pm. We walked our normal route at our regular pace and were almost back to my place when we both noticed that it was very quiet. There weren’t many cars out and we hadn’t seen any people in a while. My friend checked the clock on her phone and it was 10:30pm which was when our walks usually ended except 5 minutes later when we got back to my place and checked the time on my kitchen clock, it was 11:30pm. wth??? I gained an hour and lost an hour in the same day according to 2 separate clocks. (It wasn’t a daylight savings time adjustment either. I checked.)

    • Very strange! I’ve received so many stories from people about these “time slips” that it seems like it’s almost a somewhat common occurrence. I’m rebooting the website very soon and I’ve developed a questionnaire that you might want to check out. It might help to shed some light on your experience.

  28. Well I really dont know where to begin i have many stories and please forgive me for bad grammar… I was a young boy living in Iowa still do I had experience as a child where I would have a bad dream and usually followed with being paralyzed in bed i would be fully awak but eyes shut body as in my arms legs and eyelids had no movment whatso ever but I knew i was awake and it always scared me because i would lay in bed with my eyes closed awake sweating alot out of fear due to not being able to move a single part of my body. part 2 my other strange experience i have has was when i was 14 15 i back in around 05 i think hard to remember but anyhoot I and my brother would be sleeping in the basement of a brand new house we just had built and there would be 2 more upperfloors from that basement the middle floor which was the main floor and the upstairs anyways at night at odd hours we would wake to hearing somthing runing around on the middle floor so fast it was terrifying because we knew our parents nor sisters who lived on the very top floor could run around in large circles so fast it was just unbelevable well one night we drawn the courage to walk up to the top steps of the basement when we heard it and as we made it to the top of the last step the sound of somthing running stoped right by the door we opened it and looked out and saw nothing then we heard it again right as we walked back down the steps i would be so afraind we had to keep a light on at all time after a year of this it finally stoped. part 3 As i became an adult roughly back in and around 2012 me my brother and mom saw somthing we to this day cant figure out it was about 15 objects shining red and they would move up down side to side even horizontaly and somtimes appear to bounce of eachother or combine with one another these lights in the sky moved so fast that if a human was flying at that rate of speed they would be dead it was just crazy and every since i drawn interest in aliens and found out that the lights i seen are in ufo movies of unexplained such as a movie called alien abduction also in the xfiles tvshow on season1 episode 2 mulder and scully observed lights like my famil has seen I also had experience where i ould hear static coming over my radio and it forced my to shut my car off and turn it back on to rid the noise from my car speakers I also had experienced a white light hover close to a van i was driving at 530 in mornig on a gravle road and then take off so fast i couldnt see it untill i looked up in the clouds and saw it way high up 1 last thing i wanna mention is I hear voices telling me things not bad things but it acts more of a guidance in helping me in life like telepathically but it sounds so faint that when i do hear i try to focus in on it but only come up with a few words i could make out from which i hear like check the kitchen stove timer to check on my food and as i walk out to kitchen the timer would go off exatly the same time i take a step in the kitchen and this happens all the time and thats just one thing for example i can name many more but dont wanna bore anyone anyways if you wanna hear more or talk to me anyone who reads this send me a email at rockymillard4@gmail.com and again sorry for bad grammar and hopfully somone else can understand what i am say also i wanna mention that the lights i talked about earlier the red ones will i found out they be first spotted during ww2 known as foo fighters where these objects would maneuver at great speeds flying underneath or above or in front of us ww2 pilots and enemy pilots and at this time and era both allie and enemy piolts both had thought that the lights belong to the other country beleiving it to be very highly advance technology.

    • Hey Rocky — Sorry for the slow reply. You might be one of those people who are prone to experiencing these weird phenomena. More often than not these reports turn out to be part of a lifelong pattern and not just singular happenings. The fact that you’ve had so many of these experiences leads me to think that you’re one of these folks. My advice would be to avoid any sort of occult or new age practices or you might make matters worse. Don’t mess around with mediums, psychics, seances, tarot cards, ouija boards, or any of that sort of thing. Sometimes these things seem pretty harmless and even interesting in the beginning, but they can escalate and turn into something a lot worse when people begin to try to engage and communicate with these entities. If the activity in your home continues I’d think about getting it blessed by your priest or pastor.

      Good luck, and let me know if the situation changes at all. — John

  29. John, I am very glad I found your website, and hope I am not too late to add to the subject.This has bothered me for a very long time.
    I used to work two weekends every August at a beautiful little renaissance faire. It had three sections; a back camping area for workers, a central wooded glen with a creek and a footbridge enclosing some small shops and a stage, and the front section which was the largest and contained the pub, shops, food stands and the front entry gate. Walking at a normal pace you could go from end to end in 10-15 minutes.
    In 2003 I was in change of a performing group that included three 18 year old women. They were thrilled to be a part of the group and had done everything required, including meetings, language workshops, acting classes, and costuming. So I was very surprised when they showed up an hour late for a front gate meeting before the faire opened. They came running up, almost in tears, very upset and shocked. They said that they had left their tent at 9 am to be early for the 9:30 meeting, had not stopped in their walk, but somehow it was now an hour later. I knew these young women were not drinkers, nor drug takers, and they all three had timepieces on them (hidden, because they were modern) which they said they had checked. It wasn’t that big of a deal, anyone can make a mistake, and we left it at that. But I did wonder about it.

    In 2005 I was with a different performing group, the gypsies. Our encampment (a staged display) was in the lovely glen, right across from the stage. At 10am the front gate cannon went off as usual, and I told my co-performer I was going to walk once around the glen to warm up and then return to prepare for our 12noon show. I did exactly that, didn’t stop anywhere, but when I got back to the encampment they were frantic- I had been gone nearly two hours and I had to costume up and perform in 2 minutes. I remember how bewildered I was- absolutely nothing odd had happened, I hadn’t stopped, I hadn’t been sick, my clothes and hair were exactly as they had been, and I had been surrounded by activity! Nearly two hours had disappeared and I had absolutely no explanation.

    Finally, two years later, I was with my friend who was the director of the faire. We were watching the joust (located below the camping area) and she was very concerned because extreme heat was causing problems for the animals. She decided to end it early for their safely- this is very important because we both checked our timepieces. It was exactly 4:35. We decided to walk through the glen to the pub for a well earned ale and then go to the front gate for closing ceremonies. She told me, “If anybody stops me to talk, just keep walking- we never get to have girl time during faire.” It happened once, and I kept walking; I heard her tell the person “Sorry, I have to talk to Mary right now!” and she caught up with me. We smiled at each other and walked over the footbridge, and that was when we heard the 6pm cannon go off. Naturally, we thought there had been a misfire- but when we looked at our watches, it really was 6pm.

    Neither of us had experienced anything odd- no fading sounds, no strange visuals, nothing outside the usual color and energy of the faire. There was absolutely no explanation, once again.

    I have had some paranormal experiences in my life which I attribute to a near death experience I had as a toddler. But those I have always recognized for what they are- Oh, that was a spirit passing through, or feeling the “leaving” of a loved one as they are passing on. But the time slips in the glen were baffling. It’s been over a decade and it still preys on my mind.

    If you have any questions, I would be delighted to answer them!

    • Mary Teresa — Thanks for sharing that very interesting account. My first thought is, considering that these missing time / time-slip episodes happened not only to you but to others, that it may be something to do with the area itself and not (necessarily) with the individual. Was this in the USA or elsewhere. Do you know anything about the geography of the region where this took place? Anything unusual? Were there a lot of rock formations or do you know if there is a much quartz in the area? Sometimes these disturbances are electromagnetic. Or, this might be some sort of portal or gateway area.

      I’m in the midst of updating my site and I apologize for how it looks. I’m going to have a forum on here soon that I hope will encourage a dialogue about these issues. Check back again soon. And yes, I’d love to hear any other details or thoughts that you have about these incidents. — John

      • Yes! It happened in Washington state. It was a farmland that was no longer being farmed, so it was mostly meadows with some tree clusters. There were no rock formations, no Quartz that I am aware of. The glen where these events occurred was nearly perfectly circular with a creek running along one side of it. You had to cross a small footbridge to get across the creek- I am thinking that it was definately the water and the circular shape that contributed to the portal nature of the place. It really was extrodinarily beautiful.

  30. Hi john , I’d like to share my experience . I’m from Windsor Ontario , Canada . I work in a nursing home and was going to the store like maybe 3mins away . It was 11.00 when I was leaving for my half hour lunch break . I parked my van and got out and entered the store. , as I walked in I saw a man with Sandy golden longer hair in the middle of the aisle way. I made eye contact with him and then remembering have a really weird feeling throughout my body . The next thing I know I’m sitting in my van and saying “what the hell just happened ” I don’t remember leaving the store and didn’t have my pop and pizza . I lost like 20 mins in time . I went back to work but didn’t say anything to people because they would think I’m crazy . I did tell my family when I got home . Till this day I have no idea what happened to me . Another thing that happened at work we had a resident pass away and another resident was I. Her room now . So a co worker and myself where making her bed and she a had a stuff animal red and while giggle doll , so if you shook it it would set off and just giggle . So I threw the doll on the counter and it set it off and it’s started giggling . So we continued to make the bed and all of a sudden in a little girls voice it said “happy Halloween ” . We both looked at each other and were like wth . I said did you hear that and she said ya did you ? We left the room pretty quick . It was freaky . And of course the other co workers are like you to are to superstitious . Now it was my my anniversary date that day when I started the nursing home March 22 and the resident the died it was her birthday that month and she died around Halloween . I do believe there are spirits in there because other people have heard lilltle girls galloping and giggling in the dining room . Thanks for listening . I find your blog very interesting .

    • Thanks for sharing your experiences, Arlene. Interesting to note how the missing time incident coincided with some of these other strange happenings. That’s something I’ll have to contemplate and look for in other reports.

      Thanks again,

  31. My missing time experience started on thanksgiving 2008 – I was driving my brother home and accompanied by my husband. It is an 89 mile trip that takes about an hour and a half. We left about 10 pm and dropped my brother off around 11:30. We went inside his house for about 1/2 hour and expected to get home before 1 am. As we drove into our driveway the sun was coming up. We looked at one another and laughed as we had no explanation to why it took us so long to get home. We have no memory of alien space ships, abduction, or anything else. From time to time we tell our children of our mysterious missing time. Two years ago, I awoke to see a classic gray sitting next to my bed holding my wrist as if he was taken my pulse. As I was looking at him he appeared to be dozing. Suddenly he woke up and as I was looking at him, he reached over and touched me. I awoke the next day and remembered the incident but I suspect it was a dream.

  32. I had an experiance like that at exact same age around 13 years old …
    I remember driving “yes we drive at early age here” 🙂 from a farm my father own to our house . The trip usually takes around 15 minutes, and i know every single turn, rock, sign, on that road.
    Just 5 mins after i left the farm i was looking at one of the signs when i noticed therez something weird standing next to it. I remeber i felt amazed and overwhilmed for no reason that all i could remember just right after that feeling i find my self standing just 1 feet inside our house just … standing, felt so wierd and went to see if the car is there and it was parked where i usually park it. Then i just went inside and play some playstation 1.

  33. I had a very strange experience about 20 years ago, driving in my little kit car (Mini Marcos) along a road from Crieff to Comrie, Scotland, when I saw a deer jump over a wire fence, cross the road and jump over the other fence. This was repeated a number of times and became so lucid that I could not even see the “real” road. The vision gradually subsided and I carried on, deeply puzzled, until I cam to a bridge over the river Earn, when a real deer jumped over a fence, crossed the road and jumped over a wire fence. Some ten minutes had elapsed and I returned home deeply puzzled. About a year later I was driving along that same road, and at that same spot I had a vision of a ginger pig with spikey hair looking at me. Again the picture was so lucid I had to stop, and after a minute or so carried on. At exactly the same spot before the bridge I was aghast to see about ten ginger pigs at their feeders. They were Tasmanian pigs, and I had never knowingly seen or heard about them. What is relevant to this blog is that I have been researching the ley line system here in Scotland for many decades and found that these ley lines (lines of ancient sites built between volcanic plugs, etc.) are powered by these Earth energies. When I went home I had a look at a geologist’s map of the area and found that the place where these incidents occurred WAS ABOVE THE POWERFUL HIGHLAND BOUNDARY FAULT, where much of Scotland and its islands are sliding past, or locked into the rest of the United Kingdom. I strongly suspect that many paranormal incidents are caused by geological faults, or the energy emitted when they are compressed or moving.

  34. Hi John- I recently had a chunk of time missing from my day. When I look back at things, it almost seems as if it were a “set up” of some sort. It started when I received a phone call from a friend that I had not heard from for years. During our conversation, the lights in my house were flickering and then started to go completely off and then on as if a child were playing with the lights (it was day time, but very overcast and my lights were on).The conversation ended and I had to run an errand. I left the house with a bag of garbage that I had to throw away in the garbage bin and my purse and a slip from the Post Office showing that my son had received a package. I dropped off the garbage, and arrived at the post office shortly after. The Post Master could not find any package for my son and could not understand why someone had written it. He said to come back when the clerks were there or to call the 1-800 number to the USPS and give them the number on the slip. Maybe they could find something. I then went to an old general store and purchased a newspaper and a bottle of water. I thought it was odd that the cashier picked up the paper as she was ringing it up and said “Oh, you got the last paper”. I went home. The newspaper is broken up into 2 parts. The front pages have the local news and the crossword puzzle and the back pages have classifieds, etc. I walked to the couch and put the classified section on the couch, I went back to the table with the crossword puzzle, and turned to call USPS. The recording on the phone said the wait would be 30 minutes, so I put the phone on hold and turned around to do the crossword puzzle. I decided to do it in ink (which is odd for me), so I got a pen and very, very carefully did the puzzle. After about 30 minutes, a customer service rep got my attention and I turned to talk to her about the package. She took the info and said (after checking), that there is no package. She also, could not understand why a slip was written up. I hung up, and turned to the completed crossword puzzle. I then do not remember anything. Hours later, I remember walking to the couch to read the 2nd half of the paper. As I sat down, I noticed the paper was covered by 2 books, which was odd, as I remember just placing the paper on the couch, not covering it up with 2 books. I picked up the paper and to my surprise, noticed that it was a brand new copy of that days paper. It was not the 2nd half, but the whole paper. I opened it up and saw the crossword puzzle- the same one I did- only it was blank. I scanned the puzzle to make sure it was the same puzzle, same paper and same date. It was. I quickly got up and looked in the empty garbage can to see if I threw the crossword away, and the garbage can was empty. I tore the house apart looking for that completed crossword puzzle and found nothing. Logically speaking, if the cashier did sell me two papers- where is the completed crossword on the first newspaper? I have yet to find it. The whole situation is very strange. Flickering lights in my house, a postal slip that is bogus. a cashier going out of her way to make sure I am aware that I have the last paper, then the crossword puzzle and the complete front of the paper missing and a new copy appearing on the couch. Any ideas? Missing time is very disturbing.

      • Hi Rhee- No, I did not do the puzzle again, but I did look at all the clues and knew the answers immediately, because I had just finished the crossword puzzle at the table. I even saw the clue that I messed up on. I checked the articles in the paper, saw that it was the exact, same paper I originally brought home. One year prior to this, (January 4, 2015), I walked down stairs from my loft area and said aloud…. “Wow, I haven’t had anything paranormal happen to me in a long time”. Three weeks later, sitting in the SAME seat at the kitchen table, a column of light grey smoke came shooting up into my face. I breathed it in and it tasted like cardboard. The smoke then circled the computer screen, and then evaporated. A woman friend of mine who owns a crystal shoppe said what probably happened was something known as “transmigration of souls”. She said some people are born with “old souls. When an old soul learns as much as it needs to, it then trades places with a younger soul, and that is what happened to me. She says this usually happens during sleep, but in this case, I was up to see the exchange. It’s interesting that both things happened in the same seat at my table. Possibly a portal?”

    • Hi Rhee- not sure if you got me first reply, but, I did not need to redo the crossword, as I looked at the puzzle and saw that I knew all the answers, including the mistake I made on one of the clues. I really think all of this has to do with a portal area in my house. I had another incident happen, sitting in that same seat, one year earlier. Smoke came shooting out from under the table where I sat. I breathed in the smoke, and then the remaining smoke circled the computer screen and then disappeared. Someone I know said it had something to do with “transmigration of souls”. It was very unnerving.

  35. Hey John, just want to add my story of missing time.

    Last night, I was backing out of a friends driveway at exactly 8.30 by the car clock. Pull out onto the street and I receive a text message, pulled over and read it. It was 8.32 on my phone. I’ve since checked the time difference between my car clock and phone clock and there is a 1 minute variance. I remember thinking that I’ll reply to the message when I get to home. The next thing I can recall is exactly the same thought, I’ll reply to the message when I get to home. I checked the clock on the car and it was 8.41 and I’d only traveled 1 kilometer. I thought that i must have misread the clock in the car, so I checked my phone and it read 8.42. There is no possible way that I could have driven only 1 kilometer in 9 minutes. It was at night and there was no one else on the road. I’ve driven that road 3 times a week for the last 16 years and I know it like the back of my hand. It’s a straight road and I normally drive that section in 1 to 2 minutes. I almost always time the trip, i’m a bit OCD. I know it’s only a short period to go missing compared to others, but none the less, those few minutes just disappeared and I have no recollection of what happened. I didn’t feel weird or strange, there was nothing unusual and it felt like there was no time missing. If I had checked the clock and the phone when I left my friends house, I’m sure I would have just dismissed it as miss-reading the car clock and thought no more of it, which I have done many times in the past. But now I’m beginning to wonder how many other times has this happened, because I know i’ve dismissed many other experiences as me misreading the clock. How would you even know what time you’ve lost if you don’t have a standard measure to compare it to, such as a distance traveled, or a well known time to do a particular task. Amazing, I’m going to be much more vigilant from now on.

    • Hi Rick — I’ve received a many reports of these small periods of missing time. It’s not something I’ve heard reported elsewhere, although the literature and research on this subject is very minimal.

  36. Thanks John, I know this has happened to me before, but, like I said I discounted as my mistake. I’m getting a camera to mount in the car so if it happens again I’ll have some video (maybe) to see what happened during my missing time. Have you ever heard of anyone doing this before?

  37. it’s very hard for me to talk about this he gives me a actually a physical reaction having it right now trying to describe my experience my eyes water uncontrollably Kama my skin gets the chills and crawls my voice and my throat gets very much of a feeling like I’m being choked and I just had this tremendous anxiety and fear that just comes over my whole body I’m going to tell you what happened to me.

    it was st. Patrick’s Day in 1995 and I was driving my car which was a manual 5-speed through the Brookhaven National Laboratories in Suffolk County Long Island New York. I was on my way home from a party in Greenpoint on the North Fork of Long Island heading back 2 Smithtown cutting through Brookhaven National Labs.

    I was driving and my girlfriend was in the car with me and I was 19 or 20 years old at the most. Yes so what I remember is driving down the road the highway which is very dark I was going about 90 miles an hour like I always did back then and just having a conversation with my girlfriend like normal. without any recollection of anything happening except for when I try to force myself to remember which is very hard because everytime I try to remember I start to choke can I start to feel sick but what I do remember is just feeling like somebody was tailgating me something was happening and that was no later than 12:30 a.m. The next thing that happened was my girlfriend was hitting me in the chest Reaching Across with her left arm from across the front seat and hitting me across my chest and screaming at me to go go go now she’s very upset she was very very upset and I was in a daze I remember this very clearly being in a daze and saying to her what happened? I asked her I said what happened to us what is going on one why are we sitting on the side of the road? and we were sitting on the side of the road with the car idling and the emergency brake was up in the car was in neutral and I asked her what happened and she told me that we were abducted by aliens and I didn’t believe her. Now I’m 40 years old and it’s been over 20 years since this happened and everytime I try to think about what happened that night I get over time a more and more profound reaction it’s just my thoughts. As I’m telling you this story talking to text that’s how I’m typing it my eyes are watering uncontrollably I feel nauseous I feel entirely stuffed up my head is stuffed up I feel sick like as if I can’t breathe very well especially when I try to remember what happened. when I got home that night my father told me never to tell anybody what happened but that is what happened.

    I cannot say whether what she told me is true or not. I don’t remember anything. I’ve been to a regressive hypnotists and was found to be unable to be hypnotized. I can tell you that after this time has passed and have thought about it to the point of almost being sick countless nights that I’ve come to one of several conclusions number one is the crazy remote possibility that she’s correct period number two is that while we were driving through Brookhaven National Laboratories we were pulled over by some sort of law enforcement or somebody dressed as law enforcement and we’re part of some kind of experiment and given some sort of drug to block the memory of what really happened and given the suggestion that we have been abducted by aliens. 1/3 somehow while going 70 or 80 miles an hour or faster Maybe because I was known to go a hundred miles an hour in my car and just Cruise is that somehow I passed out but the emergency brake was pulled up in the car was parked perfectly on the side of the road. Now if I had passed out at the wheel and that car going as fast as I normally did we would have flown off of the highway going down the embankment and shot up the other side into the trees and died because that’s what happens to people when they crash out there and many have before me that night. There’s no way that my car stopped on its own and there’s no way that anybody else was in the car besides us to stop it so for some reason I stopped that car that night. For some reason something happened and I pulled over and I stopped that car and when the interaction, whatever it was took place I was put back in that car and sent off as if nothing ever happened. But something happened something powerful happened that night something that I cannot explain something that I can’t remember it’s something that I’ve tried to remember but that everytime I get close to visualizing something from that night it’s like something grabbed me by my throat from inside and says don’t remember don’t remember and that’s why I experience and I can’t explain it.

    When we pulled away, it was 3am. 2 hours gone.

    • Your story is very much like many so-called “alien abduction” reports. Whether or not it was that is kind of impossible to answer, but obviously something traumatic happened to you during those two hours of unremembered time. It might very well have been just that, although my thoughts about these alien abductions has changed. I think the whole E.T. supposition is too simplistic a view. Have you experienced any other strange/unexplained phenomena?

      • Yes, actually several times and most recently I was with another girl friend of mine I live in a mid-rise in South Florida and there seem to have been an extra light hovering in between two radio antennas on the opposite side of the golf course where I live. That evening there was a very low cloudbank clouds were blowing in on a very heavy wind like 30 miles an hour yet this light was stationary and it moved in and out of the cloud a couple of times and I pointed it out to her I had shared my experience with her that I just described above and when she saw that light and I pointed out to her she gotten visually upset and just went inside and said she wanted nothing to do with being outside with me and she was freaked out and she does not do drugs she doesn’t drink too girl doesn’t smoke she said Orchestra musician and she was scared. In my life I have also seen 4 or 5 green Fireballs with spiraling kind of lightning coming out of them most of the time I was fishing with a family member or by myself. I have had another set of experience as a very young child wear things just happened they were certain objects that were animated around my room and movements of doors and windows. Also when I was a kid for a report I remember turning in a paper that described how you could travel faster than the speed of light by amplifying the gravitational frequency of planets and focusing it to a point between the two spaces that are occupied by the planets and passing through it seriously and I was a child when I drew that diagram. I believe that something was in my life my whole life and maybe perhaps girl friends that I had been sleeping with that I impregnated were part of an experience and I think that it probably happen with three or four girls and that’s why I have no children.

  38. Let me tell you what happed to me on November the 18th 2007 between 18:00 / 19:20

    Grandmother became 90 years old I arrived at 15:00 hours and left at 18:00 hours. She was celebrating her birthday. It was
    a 8 minutes walk from my home ia a north / west direction.
    At 19:20 I wake up 2 miles south / east…..Stumbling in my walk, thirsty and hungry, shoelaces are missing, mud on my face and clothes, scratces on my lower arms
    I felt like I had been wrestling a Grizzly bear it seems like I put up a fight but I am not sure.

    I was hungry and thirsty so I walked into what is known as a snackbar (like McDonalds) people staring at me because of the mud on my face and clothes

    I have not a clue about what happend….. Still Looking for answers.
    Do some of you tried hypnoses, is this reliable ?

    the Netherlands

  39. Hi, I remember when I was in 8th grade that I lost time. What bothers me and probably sets me apart from the others is that I lost a month.

    I will give you a quick back story:

    I was the only black person in my school so there was tension so much so that the school made my mother send me to a therapist. To make a long story short, I was okay mentally and was not put on any medication. Now around 8th grade I was going to be a teen so I was moved from my regular shrink to a group for teens. My shrink didn’t know the shrinks in charge very well, but figured I could stand to talk out my problems in the group and make some friends. The group was headed by a Dr. White (female) and a Dr. Smith (male). The teens in the group were highly troubled and some of them violent. I was actually normal; I was there only to talk and vent (think Chris in Everybody Hates Chris talking out his problems). The teens there were mostly runaways. And very troubled….

    Now this is where my story picks up, first week in February:

    When in school it was almost 3pm (dismissal) and I was packing up my books about to leave. Then the next thing I remember it is 2:45pm and the teacher is reviewing the homework with the class before she lets us go. At first I was a little confused and figured that I must have zoned out briefly and dreamed I was packing up. I packed up and went home. My friend was upset with me for some reason and didn’t want to talk with me when I called her.

    Her (my friend’s) birthday was in the latter part of February. I bought her bday gift and had it on my dresser. When I got home, I saw on the news that the date was March. I laughed because I figured it was a mistake and thought nothing of it.

    The next day I woke up and got dressed to go to school and the radio show I was listening to said the date for an event happening soon and it also said March. I didn’t think anything of it until I got downstairs and my parents were watching the Today show and it said March. That is when I believed it was indeed March. But I was going to be late for school and pushed out the door.

    I went to school and I was dating my work mostly February instead of March. The teacher wasn’t pleased. I almost broke down crying because it hit me at that moment that it wasn’t February and I don’t remember what happened to February. It was the first week. Also I didn’t remember going to my friend’s party (figured out why she wasn’t talking to me).

    At recess I went through my notebooks; my notes weren’t a full M-F. Let’s say in Math I had notes for Monday and Thursday for a whole week and no other work, but I Math was taught everyday. I realized I lost time. But for a whole month… that was a stretch. I don’t remember writing those notes although it is my handwriting. I figured someone would call home if I only showed up for school 2 days out of a week without any explanation (and this was for the whole month, a ton of skipped days).

    I gently asked my friend (after begging for forgiveness) what happened in February. From her reaction, nothing other than my slight. I asked my parents and got the same, nothing happened. I tried my hardest to remember to this day I don’t remember a thing. But I do have these strange nightmares every once and awhile where I have more “sensual” dreams.. not sexual, but more like my senses are triggered, like smell, sounds and even some ESP with thoughts and people talking to me in my head. In those dreams, I knew something horrible was happening and I was afraid I was going to be hurt. At the end of the odd nightmare, “dead baby birds”. That is all I can remember or make sense of. I asked a psychologist and he told me don’t try to remember I will find nothing good if I succeed in remembering.

    Well what I remember about that time are those strange meetings. The two doctors were odd, I don’t want to be politically incorrect, but they were super “white” Caucasian acting. When I looked back on it, it was like they were overacting a persona. I then thought about how everyone acted when I questioned them about February. If something had happened to me, no one would’ve noticed. If my body was home and nothing else or someone else was in my place then no one would’ve noticed.

    I also had periods of time where I woke up in bed at 3:14 am. It was always that time. There was a glow in the dark digital clock on my night stand so that was the first thing I would see when I opened my eyes. I found it odd that somehow 3:14 was always there when I woke up. I’d lie awake, trying to go back to sleep. I would end up sleeping in my mother’s room. I had this immediate urge to not be alone. This was odd for me. My mother one night switched rooms with me, but immediately switched back since she couldn’t get comfortable and didn’t know why.

    I don’t know if I lost time or was abducted for a month, but all this strange time stuff (the 3:14 am awakenings) stopped once I left the group. My mother didn’t like the shrinks in charge of it. They freaked her out and sent off odd vibes.

    I don’t know what happened to me. I want to say it was PTSD, but 3:14 thing can’t be explained away so easily or how it all just started and ended just like that.

    I haven’t ran into anyone who had such an experience.

  40. I would like to first state that I consider myself to be open-minded when it comes to these subjects (I have a good deal of weird experiences to back it up after all). Also, like most of the posters here, I wish to receive answer to my experience but I am fully aware that it may be more vague than I would like. So perhaps just retelling the events will have to do.

    The time skip I had experienced occurred yesterday. My wife had awoke me around 3:20 am and greeted me with a couple of cinnimon rolls and some coffee. My morning was off to a great start and I proceeded to head downstairs to log some game time on the computer until I had to get going to work at 5 am. Keep in mind that the game window was minimized so I can see the time at the bottom right of the screen. I was having a blast with my game and looked at the clock which read 4:37 am. I finished a few things within the game and saved around 4:45 am. I live rather close to work so I had plenty of time to get ready. I turned off the computer, told my wife I was heading up to get ready, and head back upstairs to get dressed. I stopped by our room to check our alarm clock to gauge how much time I had left. This where it got weird. The clock read 5:06 am. Baffled, I ran downstairs to ask my wife for the time. She confirmed it was indeed that time. I turned on the computer and the clock read 5:07 am. I could not believe I was late for work. Where did the 20 minutes go?

    As for my other stories, they vary throughout the paranormal. We have lived out here in the Southern California desert for about 3 years now. Within these 3 years, my wife and I have experience some weird sh!#. They never had to do with time skips before but worth mentioning.

    A few months ago, my wife was checking on me (I had fell asleep in our room). She had just opened our bedroom door when she saw and I quote “A shadow like figure whose body filled the entire doorway. It had an unsettling grin and narrow eyes. It disappeared like fog when she walked though it.” Just a few weeks prior, her brother and sister were visiting. Her sister, whom is bit spiritually aware, remarked that there was an entity of a similar description standing by the garage doorway. To make things even more freaky, my 3 year old daughter remarked about a “Mister Black” at the beginning of this year. It may be important to note that death has hit both of our families the past few years, especially this year. I have “cleansed” the house with sage since then.

    About two years ago, my wife was playing a video game as I slept next to her on the couch. It was around 2 am when she felt a presence behind her. She turned her head slightly and caught the glimpse of what looked like 3 foot Grey looking down at me as I slept. She claimed it appeared as if it was cloaked since she could see through it. She looked away briefly and did a double-take. It had disappeared within a few seconds.

    It was also round this time on a different night that I had an out-of-body experience. I had gotten up from the couch and went to the kitchen and spun around frantically a few times and jumped back on the couch. I awoke around 12:30am and told my wife of what I experience. She said I had been asleep the whole time so it had to be an out-of-body experience.

    I know these stories are off topic but I feel the need to share them. Please let me know what you all think.

    • I have seen the large, black figure with what I can only describe as crystal eyes, twice in my life. I personally know of 3 other people who’ve seen this terrifying figure. It literally stopped me in my tracks, frozen with fear. The first time, I was 14yrs old and the last time I was around 33-31yrs old…one of my coworkers also had seen it. I had been too afraid to tell anyone for fear of losing my job (we did 24hr home health care for a dying man, it had been a couple but the wife had passed just after starting the job). It was the 8am-4pm shift coworker who broke down and confided in me, inquiring if I too had seen it, she described it exactly. It seemed to be guarding the old part of the house, we worked in the new part where the addition had been built. I was physically assaulted there! Lights would flicker, sounds that weren’t the house settling, flames on the wall but no fire…the house seemed to come afterddition Lights everytime the patient got near death. Once his health would improve, the house would be calm. I worked the 4pm-8am shift. I saw a young man in olden time clothing, no other way to describe it but he made me feel safe. The homeowner had been a biomedical engineer, doctor and professor…had come to Virginia from Switzerland and had worked for the World Health Organization. He always said he was a crook and they were coming for him for his sins and crooked ways…I would tell him how wonderful he was but he said I didn’t know. Granted I met him at 96yrs old and stayed there for a year and half. Some days were too terrifying to go to work, other days I was completely at ease. 2 months before I stopped working at his home, I had gone to sleep on the sofa adjacent to his bedroom doorway/bed, per the families permission, I was no longer asleep but couldn’t open my eyes, I was gasping for air as I felt like someone was smothering me with a pillow. I was self talking, trying to reassure myself that I was only dreaming, but I knew I wasn’t, and I was internally screaming to open my eyes, over and over, I screamed to open my eyes. Finally I could breathe, my eyes closed but I was being blinded by the brightest light I have ever seen in my life. It was painful to open my eyes, I sat straight up, ran to the window and all I could see was light…it lite up the entire room! I was frantically trying to reason with what was happening and thought when did they get an outside pole light, they didn’t, and I knew it was too bright for a single light. I ran to the balcony to go outside to get a better look at the engulfing light but it was gone, nothing but the stars in the sky, not even a full moon. I composed myself, went to check on my patient…he was wide awake, the look in his eyes still haunts me…I asked him had he seen the light but he wouldn’t speak. That house still calls to me…I know better than to return, especially since he has passed away 2yrs ago but it’s an odd longing to return, as if I have no choice.

  41. Hi I’d like to share my story with all of you here. I’m currently 22 years old and am usually someone who would never belief stuff like this. I’m a science major and believe in rational and reasonable things but this did happen to me so I have no choice but to believe it. Also as a little back story, I have recently been diagnosed with aspergers that I’ve had my whole life and no one realized what it was( less awareness in the 90s than today) and have always viewed things much differently than others in ways that seem strange to others. For example I can do strange things with my mind, not telepathic things, but I can manipulate my mind very well. I can remain very calm in severe situations and can even overpower physical pain by thinking about it hard enough, among other things. I also pay intense attention to detail and am always told im am very skeptical and intense person. These things seem totally normal to me but to others I’m sure it sounds weird but it’s true. I’m also viewed as “highly intelligent” although I don’t believe you are born smart and that anyone can achieve equal levels of intelligence, but I’m one of those kids that doesn’t try and could care less but still gets 100s. I’m not trying to brag here I’m just trying to give you guys back story because I think all of these things make myself more credible. Also, you should know I have a history of sleepwalking and talking, but I have never had any recollection when those things happen, this incidence is different. One morning I woke up at a friend’s house from a sleepover and left at I’m assuming was about 6 am. I know this not because I recall it but because a friend of mine saw me leave. I was walking home which is about two miles away and I’ve lived in this town for my entire life (19 years, this occurred a couple years ago). My first concrete memory is being about a half mile from my friends I “woke up” and was dazed and almost thought I was dreaming everything felt so bizarre and quiet and unreal. This memory lasts about 30 seconds and then nothing again, until I woke up a few miles away, not in the direction of my house anymore. This time waking up I had a panic attack (totally not like me ) and knew I had been going the wrong way for a very long time, but couldn’t correct myself for unknown reasons. I knew exactly where I was and how to get home but I couldn’t do it for some reason, then my memory is gone again. This continued to happen numerous times each time with me waking up farther and farther from home and panicking harder every time. The weirdest part is that none of these times when I woke up was i lost, I always knew exactly where I was but couldn’t go the right way either because I would black out again before making a conscious decision or who knows. Somewhere in this haze I started using my phone to GPS me home (no recollection, when I next opened my GPS app days later it showed my home address and the route I had walked, with GAPS in distance that I still can’t explain and that correspond slightly with my memory gaps) and still couldn’t make it home. Eventually I had woken up very far from home and completely broke down, crying like I never had before, because I knew I had no control over myself and was so scared. I don’t scare easily and I don’t give up ever I’m as stubborn as a mule and have incredible determination, but this time I was done. I could not make myself walk the right way no matter how hard I tried and when I did try I blacked out and woke up further away. Eventually in this breakdown I called my mom who answered immediately (strange for a Saturday morning before 9, even stranger for a woman who never answers her phone). She said she knew something was wrong the instant she saw me calling and heard my voice. I told her where I was and told her she had to get me. Thankfully my mom is awesome and didn’t ask questions and just came and got me and I tried explaining later. All in all I walked about 7 miles (I hope, unless the gaps in my gps route are real) in ridiculous directions over the course of 2 and a half hours with recollection of about a total of maybe 10 minutes tops. I tried explaining to my mom and friends but not in this much detail but I don’t think it would help anyway, most people call it sleepwalking but I have sleep walked before and this was different I promise. While it may have started off as sleepwalking, I was awake and aware throughout many stages and was intentionally walking home. I know everyone probably feels this way when something weird happens to them but for this to happen to me it really opened my eyes about our consciousness and mentality because I am always in complete control except for that morning and idk who or what was in control but I couldn’t overpower it as hard as I tried. Also during all of these bits of memory I didn’t see one single car, and only saw two women speed walking during my first “wake up” (who looked at me very strangely) but after that no other people cars or anything even noise until my mom. I live in new jersey one of the most populated states in a well populated area. Also I was literally screaming and crying right outside of people homes early on a Saturday morning and nothing. The whole morning felt fake and almost like a projection and still to this day i have no idea what happened.

  42. I was on south Holston mountain with Roy Noel , Angela Tuttle ( now Angie Noel ) and Amy Tuttle 22 years ago and and experienced time loss mutually. Us four went to the top of the mountain to make out ( me and Amy and Roy and Angie ). Roy pulled his fathers station wagon off to the side of the mountain barely while me and Amy walked only “just beyond the others eye sights and in somewhat view of the vehicle for no other reason fifth myself than too scared to go too far.

    Myself and Amy have a seat in the grass still in perifial view of the vehicle. The motor is cut off and we could hear the intense sound of silence in the wilderness, the head lights cut off Aldo and me and Amy had just sat down when immediately the car instantaneously is not on the side of the road, not off , and the headlights came on in the same instance. We looked at each other like ” what the fuck! Did you see that too?!” Without words we both acknowledged that we hadn’t and both got up and went to the station wagon, inside was Angie and Roy crying, hysterical over our safety ( mainly the safety of Amy since she was family and they hadn’t known me that well. Their tears scared me as we got into the car both of us asking why they were upset. They ask us where we had gone?! They said they almost gave up looking for us , that they had been searching the mountains for hours. I knew this wasn’t a prank because of the different but mutual experience we all four had. Anyone know what happened? I don’t speak to the others much but as they all confirm this happened years ago no one likes to speak further. My name is Gregory Harper.

  43. I really would like some help, and an explanation for what just happened. It’s a bit different to most of the other stories, but I can’t find any good explanations anywhere else. I’m 12 years old, so I’m not as knowledgable or experienced as many others on here, but just this afternoon I had a really weird experience. Basically, it felt as if I’d suddenly awoke from something. I blinked and found myself sitting on a couch in my house, and I was looking at something on my computer. I felt really disoriented and I had no idea what I had been doing. There was a page up on my computer, and it was a website for:
    Quick, easy, painless ways to kill yourself.
    I did not remember googling that at all. I’ve been suicidal in the past, and I suffer depression, anxiety, OCD, ADHD, possible anorexia and possible schizophrenia. I currently take medication for ADHD, as well as several vitamins and other tablets, and melatonin and magnesium at night. But previously in that day, I did not recall feeling very anxious or depressed.
    I don’t remember what happened in that time on my computer. I do not remember much of what happened before, it was blurry, I only remember bits and pieces. It was kind of like I was sleeping or having a dream, and I was not really fully aware of what was happening during it or anything after.
    I’m actually really scared and worried about what I might do if this happens again. I’m worried that it could happen again at school or when I’m waiting for a bus or on the bus or somewhere else. If anyone has an explanation or a website that could help, please tell me, thanks 🙂

  44. Hi everyone. I’m sorry for getting behind in my follow ups to the questions and comments that I’ve received from you in response to this post. I’ve been fairly swamped with work lately and I’m also in the process of redesigning this web site. I will try to email or reply to everyone before the end of this week. Again, sorry for the delay in replying to you.

    — John

  45. It was in the early 90s. I was 17 and my school class made a three day educational journey from Germany to London. We spent our nights in a big, old, very basic hotel. There were dorm rooms for roundabout six persons, on every floor was just one toilet and shower cabin for all. This was the reason for the long queue in front of the shower door on the first morning.
    To avoid standing in the line on the next morning I set the alarm clock an hour earlier so I would be the first enjoying a fresh shower.
    My trick worked, the hotel was totally silent when I stood up on the second morning, there was nobody on the floor, I had my shower. It lasted approximately 15 minutes, I guess. But when I went back in the dorm room to my classmates, they got already dressed – and showered! „Georg, where have you been so long?“, they asked. „I took a shower. I especially set the alarm clock.“ „Where did you take your shower?“ „In this single bathroom on our floor“, I answered. „But we also took a shower there“, they said. „That’s just not possible!“, I shouted. But it was real.
    Until today I cannot explain what occured to me that morning in London. I have no memories about that and I even cannot remember any strange things that happened to me in the bathroom. Back then we analyzed every possibility, how that strange space-time shift could have happened. Nobody found a reasonable explanation. Because I was the only one in my class who occupied myself with the alien/ufo topic, I came with the missing time/abduction theory. There was nothing more than laughter.
    Till this day I am thinking about the incident from time to time, but I still have no solution and no redemptive key came to me.

    • That was an amazing thing that happened to you. I know the feeling with missing time. Was there any chance that they were teasing you and everyone was in on the joke? It does happen sometimes.

  46. 12 years ago I woke up one morning and started my day and everything seemed kinda hazy. I put on some cartoons for my son and went to the bathroom to shower. It felt like i was under water. I could see what looked like tiny hairs on the walls swaying. I got in the shower and water droplets appeared to be rolling up the wall. I was intrigued by this, i touched the walls and observed all that was happening but when i left my bathroom a panic feeling started to overcome me. I started walking down the hall to the living room where my son was still watching tv and in the distance i could see the clock on the wall. It felt like it was hard to move like i was trying ro run under water and the arms on the clock were moving so fast but the more i tried to hurry the further away the clock seemed to get and the hands kept spinning. This was just my hallway. I finally made it into my living room. I was freaking trying to get out but I felt like I couldnt grab that door knob. I tried so many times but i cant explain it. It felt like someone or something, an energy force powerful like a magnet was repellinf me from that door knob. When i was finally able to grasp the knob it took me 10 minutes to get the door open. Finally i opened the door and almost ran out the door with my son in tow. Once I was out everything felt normal. It felt like i was awake but i just woke up. I can’t really describe that either. I was at my friend’s house all that day and things felt normal but i was hesitant to return home. It got late enough and i drove home with my son. When i pulled in everything looked grey and dull. I got out of the car and there was no sound. It wasn’t horribly late, not even completely dark. I tree in the distance cause my attention. In the grey silence i stared at it. It looked unushual to me. Like it was almost to perfect of a tree but it looked dead. I was starting to get scared as i approached my screachy gate. I slowly made my way to my front door. I could almost hear my heart beating as i stood in front of my front door. When i opened that door i felt the most fear I have ever felt in my life to this day and i have been fearful life ending situations before but that kind of fear felt like it hit me like a freight train. I heard what sounded like a several voices whispering loudly like they were all saying something different at the same time. I wasn’t there long enough to know what was being said because i ran like ive never ran before. I sat in the car shaking and staring at my front door that I didnt shut. It had flung wide open. I was to afraid to go back. I went and got the manliest guy I knew to go back with me. I was never by myself there again and moved 2 weeks later.

    • Kris – Do you think this experience had something to do with the house itself or property, or with you? Did you have any other odd experiences at that locations or elsewhere? Sounds scary, and somewhat similar to my missing time experience.

  47. I experienced a time loss a few months ago. I had had words with my son’s fiance, whom was staying on our property at the time, so I decided to go to Lowes for no trespassing signs, to avoid another conflict. I just needed some space…I arrived at 10:23am, I had been talking to my husband on the way there via cellphone. I got the signs, looked at plants in the garden center…then I was randomly walking about the aisles, feeling lost and shaky. I quickly pay for the signs and get into my truck. I assumed I was shaking and disoriented due to my sugar dropping. I start the truck and it’s 1:20pm! How did I arrive at 10:23am and leave at 1:20pm? I can’t stop thinking about this.

    • Jennifer- I know this is an obvious answer, but couldn’t the low blood sugar have put you in such a catatonic like state, that you were not aware of the time slipping away.? While I understand that 3 hours slipped by, I would be more disturbed if it was 1:30 in the morning and 12 hours had passed. You have to remember, you not only had very low blood sugar (in order to be shaking,) but you were also very deeply fixated on the personal problems you were having. I have had something similar happen when I was very very deep in thought and noticed that a good 1 hour and 45 minutes had slipped by without me noticing it. I do not in anyway want to explain away your experience, I just want you to consider that it may not have a paranormal spin to it.

      • I initially thought exactly the same…it had to simply be my lack of food, the drama from earlier and the fact the I periodically suffer from low blood sugar. Yet that night at bedtime, we discovered an odd marking on my left thigh… I have the pictures on our camera but I am unsure how to upload the pictures to this post especially since I’m on my phone. It looked like a bunch of needle picks in the shape of a triangle! The indentation lasted a few days! And it’s out of character for me to be in Lowes more than 30min…now if I had been in an art store, book store or the mall, I could easily explain away walking aimlessly for nearly 3 hours but not in Lowes. My husband didn’t buy that I’d been in Lowes either for that length of time, he teased me until I cried out of frustration and that’s when he knew something was off-putting. He had joked that I had been shopping elsewhere…we checked my phones Google location and it confirmed I’d been there all that time. It’s not the first time that I’ve lost time for no apparent reason and luckily once I had my whole family with me. Thank you for responding back.

        • Jennifer- That REALLY is a puzzle. I was thinking alien abduction, but if you were in a parking lot with lots of people, then that wouldn’t fit. I wrote my experience on this site. Basically it was about how the whole day seemed to be a “set up” that would initially end up with me doing a crossword puzzle, walking across the floor to my couch, seeing the same newspaper that I purchased that day, unread, untouched, with the SAME crossword puzzle, undone…. walking back to the table (where I completed the crossword puzzle), only to find no paper, nothing in the garbage pail, nowhere in the house. It was like my life stopped from the time I walked from the table to the couch. A friend of mine, who is a Doctor specializing in near death experiences said that right now, we are experiencing “energy shifts”. Some people go through them and some of them don’t. She said she was walking down a street and as the woman approached her, she saw the woman disappear. She laughed to herself because she knew what was happening.

  48. Hi there, hopefully, this blog is still active as I write this message and you might share your opinion with me.
    I’m currently located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I was driving the bus this evening in a pretty tired state. I asked the bus driver if we passed my stop, and he said there’s still quite some time to go. I go to the back of the bus, and looking at an electric billboard, the time showed 6:12. We pass quite the distance. I’d say of at least 4-5 minutes? and then I look at the bus clock and it only shows 6:13. Were one of the clocks late? The feeling that I got from this was extremely scary.

    • It could have been a simple coincidence, but it’s difficult to say. If you had a fearful reaction to it then there might be more to it than may appear on a superficial level. Do you have a history of missing time incidents happening to you, or was this the first? Have you had any other unusual or unexplained experiences? Do any family members experience strange phenomena? If there’s a yes to any of these questions then there might be more to this than you realize.

  49. I found this site because something happened to me this morning too. I’m just really shaken about it. Ever since daylight savings time, I never changed this one clock I have hanging…so it was always an hour ahead. I woke up when I heard my mom leaving for work — which was 8 am. After about 15 minutes, I sat down at my computer which was still on and I looked at the time. It was 9:15. Then I looked at that clock I never changed, and it said 9:15! It is an analog clock, and there’s no anyone but myself could have changed it. I’m really weirded out right now. I figured oh, maybe it’s daylight savings time..but that’s not until March 12th!

    • A lot of the reports that I receive about missing time are these short duration “time slips” of a few minutes to an hour or two. I’m not sure of what that is, but keep an eye one it. If it happens again or you have any other strange experiences it might be something that you should look into. I don’t have any clear answers on any of this but I have some ideas. If it turns out to be an isolated incident I wouldn’t worry about it too much.


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