UAP – Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

Location: Magnolia ave, Oxnard CA

In 1967 at the age of 10, my whole family had ufo experience. Love in Oxnard north of See Bee Naval Base, west of old Oxnard AFB. Northwest pt mugu naval weapons test base. All bases approx 15 mins from house. Got back from beach in Oxnard. Dad is doing dishes, I’m sitting at table. Dad stands ridgid. We have to go out back. Whole family goes out back. We watch red orbs? With black outline, approx 8-12. Come from nowhere from S west approx over sea bee naval base. Streak across sky leaving trails disappearing, vanished straight up reappear frickening everything you could think as in moving. The whole time heading  A east between oxnard AFB and Pt mugu. Shot straight up vanished.  I grew watching all modern jets of the mid 60s by where I lived. Never saw anything like before or since, not even while in military as helicopter door gunner. It really effected all our life’s in didn’t ways.

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