Target acquired…

Location: Virginia, USA

Location: ground level deck of my friends house in the back, summer one night between 12-2am.  Virginia.

We had been inside most of the night while I watched him paint and listen to Coast2CoastAM, it was one of his favorite shows and he was a major believer in all things “paranormal”.  I thought I had seen some weird lights a few years ago but looking back it was probably just a plane… he had seen one or two “ufo/uap” before but wasn’t entirely sure if it was really what he saw.  This one however definitely would cement itself as THE official sighting/experience for both of us… and I doubt anything will ever top it for me.

So, it was getting late and I told him I gonna head home… I live a few streets over from him. He said cool, I’m gonna smoke a cigarette so we walked out back and sat in the chairs. We lived in a very populated neighborhood area so lots of houses with trees mixed in but he had a unique spot where you could see a wide open view of the sky with only one big pine tree kinda poking up nearby.

As he’s finishing his cigarette, I say alright see ya tomorrow hopefully something happens… I forget now tbh. I turn left start walking to the path out to road and he calls my name… I’m only maybe 10 away and I turn to him but before that I see why he called me… a orange/yellow orb ball sphere is floating about 30-40 feet away and 10-15 feet up.  I really can’t say specific lengths or heights because it’s been years and we were so mesmerized be it… after what felt like minutes but had to be 30 seconds I go What is that? He says idk but I getting my phone stay there… the thing was just floating no sound no change in color nothing. Before he gets to door I say Hey wait! When he turns back he sees what I see and the object is pulsing in and out about idk… it seemed to be the size of a yoga ball maybe and would get bigger and smaller on these pulses… it would also rise on every pulse maybe 10 feet… so after about 5-6 of them it just instantly took off, no noise or nothing and was gone in 1-2 seconds no sign on it in the sky above house.

Here’s the freaky part… We are staring at each other like WTF did we just see?! Idk was that a UFO?! Noooooo it couldn’t it was too small to fit anyone… but it was real right… yeah man I saw it… and as he says that we hear this sound behind us, faint but getting louder by the second, louder, LOUDER… and SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHUUUMMM. A military fight jet had come screaming over us at god only knows how fast and how low but if I had to guess they cracked the sound barrier on the descent or the altitude was so low the engine noise was just that loud.  I was born and raised here and have been to many airshows and seen the BAs in VA beach. I know exactly what these jets sound like… it was ONE, only one and it had not lights at all on it.

It came from a direction where it was only possible to see this object where it was the other angles would’ve been impossible with how low it was but that jet was looking for this thing… had to have been. It came screaming at a downward angle and I’m telling you the stick guy in that plane needs a promotion and new pair of pants, haha, cuz he got damn close to clipping that house. My guess is it’s like the tictac objects and can manuever in ways that are impossible to keep up with and he was determined to catch that thing. I’d love to talk w him about what we saw.

We both were speechless and I said Damn what a cigarette break haha!!! He’s like yeahhhhhhh alright well I’ll see you tomorrow. Get home go to bed wake up, just another day.  I always thought I or we were gonna get a visit from some ABC PPL about that because that object had to know we where there… but I doubt the pilot did and he was probably shocked to see 2 ppl standing out in yard watching him fly by.

Ive never told anyone that story just cause it’s something you wanna just put out there like  and my cousin passed away a few years ago so who knows maybe you can post it. I don’t even know if it was UAP/UFO/Aliens, who knows but this thing was no bigger then a yoga ball and had to sound emitinng from it and took off with no effort like cya gone… I will forever remember the feeling and hearing that jet come harder and faster and boooooooooooom… goosebumps just typing.


btw: that is not the correct time, date or year just a rough estimate.  If you can get in contact w anyone who flies or has access to flight logs that would be great to match some info. There had to be 1-2 ppl in that jet who also say this object. They should easily be able to relay the same information and timelines that we saw.

Date/Date Range: 08/14/2016