Location: Blackpool, England

I woke as normal at 6.15 am to get ready for work. I work at the school literally across the road from my house. I start work at 7.15am. I showered, had a cup of tea, got dressed and did my make up. All normal things. I have a wall clock in my bedroom, an alarm clock and an Alexa device. As I get ready I regularly check the time so I am never late to work. I asked Alexa the time and she said 7.05 am. I looked at the wall clock and my alarm clock and they both showed 7.05am. I got my coat and bag and left my house. As I crossed the road I noticed that it was lighter than it should have been and there were children in uniform outside the school gates. Too early for them to be there I thought. As i entered the building I noticed the office staff were there and again too soon. I looked at the office clock. It was 8.10 am. Where had a whole hour gone. I was an hour late for work and it was impossible. I was quite distraught not only as to what on earth had happened but as to how I was going to explain myself at work. My job is in breakfast club and I finish at 8.45am. My supervisor looked surprised to see me and said she had assumed I was ill and not coming in. She could see how confused I was and all I could keep repeating was that it had taken me an hour to cross the road. I hurriedly then came up with an excuse that my husband must have messed with the clocks as a joke but I knew this wasn’t the case. When I got home the clocks said the correct time all around my house. I had to work extra another time to make up the loss at work. Like you, I too have had other unusual things happen to me but time has only been a factor once.

Date/Date Range: 04/24/2022