Missing Time and moved 20 miles

Location: Southwick MA

Ok, John….

Somewhere around September 2020, I was leaving a friend’s house in Southwick MA…I was returning home to the Holyoke area about 1/2 hr away.

A familiar route.

It’s almost a straight shot all way home.

I wasn’t drunk or high.

I did have 1 drink at a friend’s house.

I know I was on the correct road because saw the red Chevelle for sale on my left as I took a right onto Rt 10/202.

I actually live off of 202.

About 7 pm I left a friend’s house…just before dark.

I was maybe 8 minutes into the drive…just turning dark…I was on a stretch of road with large old tobacco barns and dotted with patches of woods on the roadside.

Suddenly a deer darted from the left to cross the road.

My lights from Caddy hit it…I broke, yanked wheel left then right I avoided the deer!

Wow! My eyes wide open…heart pounding as I continued down the road and never stopping.

A few minutes later I realized my regular landmarks weren’t showing up?

Confused as the road turned and I was unfamiliar with the surroundings!

I pulled into an unfamiliar strip mall, a couple of cars here and there.

I put the car in park…confused still..mand activated GPS on the car to see where I was in relation to home.

The info on GPS must be wrong since I never updated it ever…pay GMC for updates.

It’s a 2008 CTS…now 2020…

So I used my phone to GPS from home.

I was 2 hrs away from home!

No way!

I called wife and my friend I just left!

A laugh was responses.

I was 20 miles south in Avon CT  !!!

Confused…I stared at GPS and headed home.

After I got home…getting out of the car…I glanced at the clock… 11 pm!


I also had LOST 2 hrs of time !!

I lost 2 hrs of time and transported 20 miles south!

All occurred when swerving around and missed a deer.

Unexplained so far.

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