Golden Fog

Location: USA NJ High Point State Park

In the early 2000’s i was hunting in high point state park NJ, I was hunting in the east facing side of the park on the north bound side of rt 23.

I decided to hunt this dried out swampy area where i saw this community deer scrape between 2 bushes,finding a spot to sit above it i sat and waited.

It was a partly cloudy afternoon,I turned my gaze to the scrape,and as I was looking at it,up from the ground came this roiling cloud looking mass of gold colored plasma with sparkles in it’s interior  3.5 ft long by about 2.5 ft wide

(it looked like an effect from the original star trek series)

As i watched it rose to about 4 ft above the ground,i was in total awe,and said out loud “golden fog?”,right after i spoke those words,the cloud shrunk quickly down to a pin point, then woosh….dense fog manifested all over the forest…thick harbor like fog, i could only see up to 5ft in front of me. one minute clear forest the next fog everywhere !!!

I felt like i had triggered some kind of trap,so I pulled out my gps,called up the waypoint for my truck and oriented my way right to it,packed away my gear and left !!!

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