At Work, But Not Working

Location: Burlington, MA

On November 19,2020, at 7:35 A.M. I parked my car in the garage at work. I gathered my purse and work bag, got out of the car for the 7 minute walk through the garage, across the driveway, through the lobby, the maze of short hallways into my office. My next real memory is 2:30 pm, I’m sitting at my desk trying to remember how to turn on the phone, my brain was fuzzy, I couldn’t remember the codes.  My brain felt like a blanket that I am knitting back together.  I thought to myself I’ve been doing this job for years, why can’t I remember.  I voice in my ear said, ‘Well you are 80 years old.’

I was supposed to be at my desk at 8:00 AM. I found out from my colleague that I actually came into the office at 20 minutes after 8AM. I hung up my coat and sat down at the desk, turned on the computer to the base screen and sat silent until 2:30 in the afternoon.  That colleague said that at 11:30 she asked me if I was all right. I have a vague faraway memory of getting up from the chair walking a couple of steps toward her and saying, ‘I am not myself today, I will be fine tomorrow’.  Returned to my chair and sat down. That memory is like a faraway distant dream.

I left work at 4:30pm, and I was still trying to sort things out. I had to drive 12 miles in rush hour highway traffic.  So, I just stayed in the slow lane, making sure I was fully alert, radio on to help with that.  I arrived safely at home.

I am now 82 and retired. I have had paranormal experiences since I was a toddler that I remember and throughout my life. I am an evidential, physical and trance medium, a paranormal investigator, remote viewer, and a few times I have accidentally manipulated physical things at a distance. Each time witnessed.  I am a published author and poet and originally from New Jersey.


Date/Date Range: 11/19/2020